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You Can’t Go Wrong With These Brands of Kitchen Cleaner

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LThere are many kitchen cleaners on the market, and most of them are quite effective, if you haven’t used them before. In the detergent business, I’m afraid of comparing goods, because the effect of the detergent is visible, and it’s really clear at a glance who is good and who is not. There is no harm if there is no comparison.

Some people teach on the Internet to use salt, baking soda, vinegar or ethanol plus concentrated alkali to remove stubborn oil stains. It can be said with certainty that the effect of these is not good, and it takes time and effort. Transform those people.

There are many brands of kitchen cleaners, and the products introduced in this article only cover a small part.

 | How to use kitchen cleaner correctly

First, let’s talk about the proper use of kitchen cleaner. If you don’t bother to read the instructions on the bottle, follow these tips.

01. When using cleaning agent, after spraying cleaning agent, use wipes to wipe the cleaning agent evenly on the clean thing, and then stand for about 2 minutes, to be cleaned after the full reaction of cleaning agent and dirt.

02. If it is persistent dirt over a long period of time, it needs to stand for at least 10 minutes before wiping.

03. General cleaners are able to work in humid environments, even with water added. But like stainless steel cleaner, polish these are needed to work in a dry environment, taboo to add water.



 | Tips for using kitchen cleaner

The use of cleaning agents do not careless, generally this kind of products more or less have a certain alkalinity, hurt hands, hurt the surface of the instrument, and even contain volatile organic solvents, need to pay special attention to the use of.

01. Use cleaner when Windows are open for ventilation. It’s hard to tell if the cleaner you’re using has volatile organic solvents in it, so it’s safest to use a cleaner with open Windows.

02 must take a set on the job, especially the sister, Qianyu hand can not withstand the destruction of cleaning agent. Kitchen cleaners can be neutral or alkaline. Alkaline cleaners may irritate and cause a burning sensation when left on the skin for a long time, which will last a long time. Although dishwashing liquid is neutral, it will also remove grease from your hands during use, and your hands will be dry after washing.

03. If the smell of cleaning agent is too strong, wearing a mask works best. Someone once accidentally yawned while spraying cleaning agent, alas.

04. Do not use alkaline kitchen cleaners for non-stick coatings, aluminum alloys, or appliances that are indicated in the instructions to be cleaned with a neutral detergent.

05. The corrosion of detergent may cause different degrees of damage to some kitchen utensils. If you care about the gloss of kitchen utensils, you can try it in a small area in an inconspicuous place before use.

06. When not in use, the kitchen cleaner must be placed on high, to avoid children contact, ingestion.

 | Some tips for using kitchen cleaner

Range hood: Spray kitchen cleaner on the body and blade of the range hood when the power is off. Turn on the range hood a few minutes later and use the centrifugal force of the fan to remove the dissolved dirty oil and remaining cleaner. Wipe it with a wet paper towel or kitchen paper. In addition, let the range hood run for two more minutes after each stir-fry, it will make the lampblack less attached to the body, and it is easier to clean the range hood when it is hot.

Kitchen tile: Spray a certain amount of kitchen cleaner on the tile, then paste kitchen paper, about 10 minutes after the paper towel off, then wipe with a damp cloth.

Cabinet surfaces: Clean regularly with kitchen cleaner, preferably using kitchen paper rather than dirty rags and sponges.

If the home is commonly used to clean with cloth and sponge, it is best to regularly use the microwave oven high fire “ding” for about 30 seconds to sterilize, because most dirty sponges exist E. coli groups, salmonella, etc., need regular disinfection.



 | Kitchen cleaner of choice

The following brands if the removal of oil pollution in a short period of time, most brands are similar, including the products I do not recommend in this respect we are passable. But when it comes to stubborn oil stains, the difference is there, which is why some products are not recommended.

Kitchen cleaning products, the higher the alkalinity, the stronger the corrosion of metal, long-term use will make the metal surface erosion, and then tarnish, but this law is invalid for 304 stainless steel, this degree of alkaline will not cause any damage to it, so when choosing cleaning products can be cleaned according to the need to choose the material.

For the range hood, if the instruction manual emphasizes the use of neutral detergent to clean, then its material may not be the traditional stainless steel material, as far as possible to choose a neutral cleaner for cleaning.

The pungent taste is a double-edged sword. Although it can be a little uncomfortable when used, the pungent taste can remind children not to touch it, let alone eat it.

 | Common brand of kitchen cleaner

  • Calgary kitchen cleaner

The old brand of Kao products, cleaning effect is quite good, to deal with stubborn oil is the strongest I know, the taste is very small, corrosive general. It’s recommended and cheap.

  • Amway Lifestyle kitchen stain remover

Cleaning effect is also good, especially to remove stubborn oil, the effect is very powerful. The disadvantage is that it contains volatile organic solvent propylene glycol n-butyl ether. It is necessary to open the window for ventilation when using. The smell is more pungent than Mr. Wham! And the alkalinity is not low. It hurts your hands.

  • Blue Moon Oil Busters

It’s an old domestic brand. It’s a household name. The cleaning effect is good, the ability to stubborn oil is slightly inferior to Wanjie Ling and Amway, but the corrosion is quite strong, the corrosion of metal is strong, with gloves operation. It’s as pungent as Mr. Wham! It’s hard on the nose.

  • Bright clean fast to heavy oil

The products of Valuzzi have a passable cleaning effect, but they are particularly corrosive. Long-term use will cause the metal surface to be eroded and lose its luster. The taste is not far from the pungent Mr. Wham!

 | Other targeted cleaners commonly used in kitchens

British old decontamination products, mainly for tea scale, coffee scale and other stains, the effect is very powerful. How to describe its power, so to speak, the scale that dissolves after using it is terrifying to many people, and the clean teacup feels as good as new, go here to buy.

The method of use is: put the right amount of decontaminating powder into the boiling water, the general dirt about ten minutes can be completely dissolved; If it is stubborn dirt, it is necessary to add appropriate amount of use, and extend the soaking time to about 20 minutes to 30 minutes. It should be noted that some sellers recommend using it to clean the washing machine slot, and buyers use it to pass the sewer. This kind of arbitrary usage is very not recommended. There is a specialty in the industry.

Germany Henkel’s brand, due to the inclusion of polish, so on the surface of stainless steel cleaning ability to reach an outrageous point, the effect is that the debris flow in the cleaner. It is mainly used for POTS and pans with serious oil stains, burnt cooktops, range hoods, yellow tiles and glass products. Slightly pungent, but within acceptable limits. go here to buy.

But the cleaning process is different from the usual cleaning agent. The use process is as follows: Before cleaning the POTS and pans, you can put the POTS and pans on the stove to heat for a few seconds. The temperature depends on the fact that the cleaners are poured into the POTS and pans without evaporation. Then shake the cleaner more evenly spread in the need to clean the surface of the pot, remember not to add water, and then use a sponge or clean cloth (do not use steel wire ball) on the pot with yellow and black places to wipe hard, not easy to wipe the place can use a toothbrush, do not begrudge the effort, do not begrudge the time, wipe tired rest and then wipe, until polished. When finished, let it sit for about ten minutes before rinsing and drying. Repeat this step several times if you are not satisfied with the results. The whole process is a bit time-consuming and laborious, but the results are remarkable and in the end you’ll feel that the effort was well worth it.

Finally, remind me, if it is iron cast pot, stove bracket and other iron class, do not wash too clean, but easy to rust, this is also the reason why the dishwasher can not wash iron cast pot in the article about buying the wrong net.

  • Domol stainless steel brightener

With Sidol is also a German brand, mainly for stainless steel surface dirt and stains, has a strong cleaning, polishing role. It is the ideal cleaning supplies for stainless steel cabinets, tableware, dishwasher, microwave oven, electric iron, induction cooker countertop, glass ceramic cookware and sink, etc. It can also be used for bathroom accessories, faucets, sprinkler heads and surface cleaning of copper and chrome, remove rust, do not use for gold-plated surface.

The use method is the same as that of Sidol stainless steel pot cleaner. Pay attention to the different way that the cleaner is used. If the cleaning process is too clean and dry, you can add a few drops of water, but you must not add more.

It is the same brand as Astonish Multipurpose decontamination powder and has the same functions as the above two products. It is mainly for decontamination and polishing of stainless steel products. This product is paste, if the room temperature is too high will deform, but does not affect the efficacy. The reviews on Amazon are very good, go here to buy.

Apply the Astonish stainless steel cleaning paste on a clean cloth. Wipe the spot repeatedly with the clean cloth and rinse with clean water.

| Other less recommended products

  • Mr. Fierce’s kitchen is very greasy

It’s a familiar brand, and I didn’t even think twice when I bought detergent. Why? Because it’s the most familiar, because it’s advertised a lot. It was fine after use, but the smell was so damn choking that it would have been a good choice if I hadn’t used another cleaner. After using other brands of cleansers, it turns out that a lot of the dirt that Mr. Wham can’t get rid of actually gets rid of, and the world view is suddenly refreshed.

In a comparison test by Consumer Reports earlier this year, Mr. Wilmer 5 in 1 Kitchen had the weakest decontamination ability, and the volatile organic solvent propylene glycol n-butyl ether was detected, which can cause dizziness and vomiting when inhaled in a certain amount. Of course, small amounts are not harmful, so when using Mr. Wham, try to open the window ventilation. So, I don’t really recommend Mr. Wham. He’s not as wham as he should be.

  • Mistolin Kitchen Grease cleaner

The smell is good, not too strong pungent taste, but the alkalinity is quite high, hurt hands, be sure to wear gloves when using. The effect is good to deal with light oil pollution, but the effect is general in the face of heavy oil pollution.

  • Green umbrella oil smoke clean

Not too big pungent smell, there is a light fragrance. High alkalinity, strong corrosion, the effect is similar to Mistolin kitchen grease cleaner.

  • Infinity grease cleaner

It’s a very generic product. It smells bad and doesn’t clean well.

  • The Hatchet kitchen is clean of oil

In fact, the reputation of this brand is really quite good, but the actual use of the ability and Mr. Mighty similar, the effect is relatively poor.

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