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Musicavas paper speakers, live seriously with a playful attitude, live seriously with a playful attitude

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LIf you have been struggling in the noisy and impetuous city for too long, do you often think of your mother’s nagging in the lampblack when you were a child, the recliner under the starry sky in summer vacation, the iced watermelon in the hot afternoon, and the radio that always plays Teresa Teng’s songs and news broadcast.


Time flies like an arrow, taking away the 1980s and 1990s that can never be returned.

Musicavas (go to buy it), designed a small Bluetooth speaker designed by David Shiyu, whose shape is just like the old radio in the memory of the post-80s generation. In the era when TV was rare, almost every family had one of the “three big pieces” on their desks and windowsills.

Musicavas audio system is made of corrugated paper, and the surface is printed with white kraft paper, with fine texture and comfortable touch. The design of simplifying complexity seems to have just been pulled out of animation.

Musicavas paper speakers

Musicavas paper speakers

The reason why corrugated paper is used as the raw material is to make it more portable. It is only 2.1 kg, so that you can stay with your friends at home, drive for a trip, or simply shoot. Although it is a paper body, the endurance is not weak at all. The endurance can reach about 8 hours, which can be easily handled for daily use.

Musicans are literally translated as “music canvases”. As its name implies, Musicavas provides users with a variety of body patterns, involving Mondrian, retro posters, modern industry and other styles. In the words of David Yu, “Everyone has a different understanding of music. Musicanvas are a canvas on which everyone can find or create their own style and enjoy beautiful music in the process.”

Musicavas paper speakers

Musicavas paper speakers

This is exactly the design philosophy of Musicavas. Music is flowing and emotional, and the carrier for playing music also needs to be colorful and alive. If you have enough DIY ability, you can buy the basic Black model of his family and describe his own unique Musicavas.

Musicavas paper speakers

Musicavas paper speakers

In terms of sound quality, it is inferior to professional audio, but the built-in solid wood sound cavity can meet the needs of most ordinary people.

When we were young, we learned about the outside world with the help of the radio. When we grow up, we forget the happy and simple times together with the radio. Musicavas hopes that with the carrier of radio, we can have more happy and simple days. We can carry the radio with our friends, just like people in the past, and simply enjoy the happiness brought by music.

I hope you can also find your own beauty and memories in this design.

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