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“Nava watch” Exclusive for niche cancer patients, good-looking and inexpensive peculiar watch

by nadlia
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LAlthough everyone has a mobile phone now, you only need to take out your mobile phone to check the time, as if watches are no longer so important, and fewer and fewer people wear watches. This is the progress of the times, just like WeChat and Alipay will eventually eliminate paper money.

But I always have an obsession with watches. I always feel that the continuous beating of the second hand can remind me of the passage of time and make me cherish time. When I was in my twenties, I always felt that everything had just begun, and life was still so long. When I accidentally reached my thirties, I suddenly started to get nervous. If I go to bed before two o’clock every day, I feel guilty about being sorry for myself and the time.

So, if you are young, you must cherish the time, you know? Time and days are not as much as you think. Time flies, we accidentally miss a lot, miss time, miss…

Today we are going to talk about a concept watch brand, NAVA. Compared with ordinary watches, NAVA watches are more avant-garde and unique in design, and more youthful in style, so they are more suitable for younger friends. If you are older, it is more suitable to wear a more mature watch.

| NAVA Ora Lattea

On the pure white dial, there are no hour, minute, and second hands with distinct lengths, only three small dots floating on it that seem illogical. In fact, the three small dots of different sizes represent the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand. At first glance, they seem to be three small planets floating in the empty white universe. In fact, the larger dots represent the hour hand and the smaller dots represent the minute hand.

The entire watch of Ora Lattea is only black and white, with a strong Bauhaus style. This minimalist design not only makes the watch itself look more personalized, but also makes it easier to match different clothing.


Ora Lattea uses a quartz movement, the case is made of stainless steel, the watch mirror is made of tempered glass, and the strap is made of genuine leather. Overall, Ora Lattea is positioned as a fashion watch with general configuration. In terms of size, the diameter of the male model is about 3.8cm, and the female model is about 3.6cm. The weight of 45g is very light to wear.

Nava watch

Nava watch

Ora Lattea From the side, the thickness of the dial is about 1cm. The engraved LOGO and the slightly obvious hairline make the whole watch quite textured.

Nava watch

Nava watch

Judging from the engraved text on the back of the watch, this watch was actually produced in China and designed by designer Denis Guidone.

Nava watch

Nava watch

The whole watch is black except for the dial part, and the rest of the watch is black, whether you usually dress fancy or elegant, it is quite suitable. If you like this watch, you can click here to buy it.

| NAVA Tempo Libero

If you usually pursue personalization and like to be different when choosing clothes and daily necessities, then you can consider the Tempo Libero watch below. The entire watch is black except for the pointer and NAVA’s LOGO logo.

The overall watch presents a calm, introverted, minimalist and neat style. If Ora Lattea is more suitable for students, Tempo Libero has a wider range of applicable people, and it is also suitable for people who have just left the society to work. Wear a plain T-shirt with a Tempo Libero watch for effortless style.

However, none of the above mentioned is the most unique feature of Tempo Libero. What is really interesting is that the two hands of the same length are quite knowledgeable and subvert the fixed mode of traditional watches. The hour and minute hands of equal length can only be distinguished by color. The steady hour hand stays obediently in the center of the circle, while the free and unrestrained red hand is the minute hand.

Although the design of the pointer is unique, the way of reading time is exactly the same as that of traditional watches. Where the hour and minute hands point, the time is what it is. For example, the time shown in the picture above is 5:24.

The hands of the Tempo Libero watch can not only be parallel, but also cross each other. If you suddenly ask a friend to read the time, most people will be confused and even think that the watch is broken.

In order to make the watch more concise, there is no digital scale on the dial, but the dents on the metal case replace the twelve numbers. Although it seems difficult to tell the time, it is actually very simple. The pointer of the Tempo Libero will always point directly to the frame, and the time is very convenient to tell.

Nava watch

Nava watch


The back of the dial and strap are the same as Ora Lattea, so I won’t repeat them here. In terms of size, the male model is a little larger than the Ora Lattea at 4.2cm, and the female model is still 3.6cm. I like this watch and click here to buy it.

| Nava Ora Unica nero

I don’t know if you have heard the term “knotting events with knots”, which refers to a method of recording events used by ancient humans before the invention of writing, that is, tie a knot on a rope to record events. In fact, in modern times, there are still some non-literate nations that use this method to record information.

Nava watch

Nava watch

The first time I saw Ora Unica nero, I thought of this word. There is no pointer in the dial, only a center point and a circle of rope, which makes people wonder how this thing can tell the time. But if you look at the Ora Lattea and Tempo Libero above, you can probably understand the routine of the Nava watch. The two ends of the rope represent the hour and minute hands respectively. The one near the center is the hour hand, and the one near the edge of the dial is the minute hand. Isn’t it interesting? Other details are similar to the two watches introduced above, so I won’t say more.

| About Design Lion

Finally, let me introduce the design lion of the Nava series watches: Denis Guidone. He himself is a talented and famous Italian designer who majored in architectural visual communication design in Milan and Portugal. His creation covers architectural design, industrial design, graphic visual design and other fields. Denis Guidone once said: “I like to design watches more precisely than I like to design watches.” In his design works, creativity, function and aesthetics are three inseparable elements.

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