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Remember the red and white machine when you were a child? Now stuffed into this palm-sized game console

by nadlia
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Those childhoods with outstanding martial arts skills! ! ! ! Later, when he grew up, he abolished his martial arts, plugged Ren Duer’s pulse, integrated into society, made money, married a wife, gave birth to a baby, and made money for the baby to marry a wife…

— who said

Years pass by, time flies, and the past disappears like smoke in the invisible years. I don’t know if you still miss those old times occasionally. I am always easily touched by a song, a scene, an object… and miss the time stolen by the years.

I accidentally saw the game console below, and I immediately remembered that the learning machine that my parents bought under the guise of learning at that time turned into a game console for me and my friends. Tank Wars, Contra, Mushroom Picking (Super Mario), Red Fortress, Green Corps, Legend of Shadows, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… These games are still rare until now, and everything seems to be just yesterday. Even if there are more well-made games now, they still cannot shake the status of these old games in my heart. Thinking about it, it is not so much missing the game as it is missing the time behind the game.



This game console is a classic FC game console launched by domestic cool kids (go to buy it). It looks like a Tetris game handheld when you were a child. Built-in 129 high-definition and non-repetitive games, basically including the classic games we played when we were young, full of retro feelings.

kuhai famicom

kuhai famicom

The screen is 2.5 inches, which is slightly smaller, but provides an AV interface, which can be connected to the TV to play. There is a charging indicator light on the left side of the screen, and there are only 11 buttons on the front, R is the reset button, the left side is the direction key, the right side is the function key, the left side below is the selection button, the right side is the start button, the far right The lower corner is an external speaker. There is a switch key and a volume adjustment wheel on both sides. This traditional design is much more convenient than the volume adjustment of current mobile phones.

Although the game is still in the previous pixel style, it is much better to play when the picture quality is smaller. The battery is a detachable lithium battery, which is very convenient to install and disassemble, and it can play for about two or three hours once fully charged. Although the duration is similar to that of playing games on a mobile phone, it will not be as serious as the heating of a mobile phone.

This kind of sentimental thing is very good whether it is a gift or a play for yourself. If you give it to others, I don’t know if the children today will like it, but if you give it to the post-80s and 90s, I think they will like it very much, because what you give is not only a game console, but also an indelible part of his memory. years.

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