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“4D City Jigsaw Puzzle” challenges your jigsaw puzzle skills and allows you to feel the changes of city history

by nadlia
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LMany people have played jigsaw puzzles, but most people have played 3D at most, and few people have played 4D. Well, 4D, isn’t the three-dimensional space only three-dimensional, so where does the term 4D come from? If you have read books such as Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” and “The Universe in a Nutshell”, you should be able to understand that the extra dimension represents time, which is the so-called 4D.

This jigsaw puzzle is designed based on such a concept. The jigsaw puzzle includes many large cities in the world, spanning Europe, Asia and America, including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, London, Paris, Washington, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas Garth, Sydney, St. Petersburg, Rome, Barcelona, Tokyo, Osaka, etc. There is also a puzzle based on “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Different versions of jigsaw puzzles have different prices due to different sizes and number of parts.

The jigsaw puzzle itself is divided into upper and lower two-layer planar puzzles, plus a third-layer three-dimensional building model, forming a unique three-layer three-dimensional structure. The upper and lower layers of puzzles are ancient maps and modern maps respectively. After completing the upper and lower layers of flat maps, the “city timeline poster” is used to pile up proportionally reduced landmark buildings or skyscrapers in various parts of the city.

During the jigsaw puzzle process, in addition to experiencing the fun of regular jigsaw puzzles, you can also feel the changes in urban landscapes and streets, experience the evolution of urban history, and gradually reproduce the city skyline with your own hands, feeling the changes in architectural aesthetics across the ages. If you are worried that puzzles are too time-consuming, 4D three-dimensional puzzles also have a mini simplified version, and you can experience the fun of building a city with historical changes.

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