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A lot of bottles of Kobayashi Cooling Spray, which was robbed by colleagues, let you cool down this summer

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LThe temperature suddenly started to rise the day before yesterday, and the jump in temperature was really unacceptable. Indoors, there are air conditioners and electric fans that can keep you alive, but when you go out, you have a feeling that you are about to melt away. Especially when squeezing the subway or bus, I can’t wait to bring an air conditioner with me to blow on myself.

What I want to tell you today is a portable “small air conditioner” that can be put into your pocket – the cooling spray of Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. Spray it, and immediately cool down by 10 degrees, and the effect lasts for 1 hour. Of course, saying this is a bit exaggerated, but the actual effect is quite domineering.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

Everyone should be familiar with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. nada2.com once introduced its one-drop deodorant, warm baby and sewer dredging agent.

Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a company with a history of 120 years and focuses on product development. It is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, daily necessities, and food. In Japan, it is famous for being “good at discovering needs that have not been productized in daily life, but if there is a need that will be particularly convenient”. The most amazing thing is that most of the favorite medicines of Japanese purchasing agents come from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, such as baby cooling paste, goose skin cream, eye wash, liquid band-aid, etc.

This clothing cooling spray is also very popular in Japan, especially in summer, with extremely high sales.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical


The method of using the clothes cooling spray is also very simple. Press down the nozzle and spray 3 or 5 times at a distance of 10cm from the clothes. I didn’t feel much at first, just a smell of mints that I had eaten when I was a child, fresh but not too strong. After about 1 minute, there was a slight coolness, and then it was chilly, and if you accidentally sprayed the skin, the skin would feel a little hot, similar to applying essential oil. If it is in a windy place, the feeling of coolness will be more obvious. In short, the cooling spray does make people feel much cooler, and the mint flavor can also make people feel very pleasant.

However, avoid spraying on skin, especially underarms, don’t ask me why, and don’t use it in confined spaces. In addition, if you buy it, it is recommended to buy a few more bottles. First, this thing is not durable, especially after you are addicted to its cooling effect. Second, it is easy to be snatched away by classmates and colleagues, because the effect is really great. , The experience of people who have been here. Click here to buy.

Is there only a cooling spray to choose?

In fact, apart from Kobayashi’s clothing cooling spray, there are other similar products on the market to choose from.

One is Liushen Jinliang refreshing toilet water, which is not bad made in China. This product is very popular on Weibo. Many people need to cover the quilt to keep warm after spraying it. Don’t think it is an advertisement or exaggeration. Click here to buy.

Don’t think that these experiences on the Internet are nonsense…and don’t think it’s exaggerated…I’m wrapped in a quilt now…

—— North entrance of Qianer Hutong

Different from Kobayashi Clothing Cooling Spray, Liushen Jinliang Refreshing Toiletry Water is sprayed directly on the skin, so the effect is more uncontrollable than Kobayashi Cooling Clothing Spray, causing some people to dare not use the second time after using it for the first time. Sometimes, some people fall in love with this feeling, and some people have allergies.

You can take a look at the specific effect of use. The following respondent “I have the urge to run” has a record of the effect after use:

The high temperature continued in Xi’an a few days ago, that is, those days of 38 and 39 degrees!
It was those days when our school students slept all over the playground!
It’s those days when I can’t wait to go to the bathhouse to take a bath five times a day!
I accidentally packed my things and saw a blue bottle of refreshing toilet water that I bought a long time ago and thought it had no refreshing effect.
I remembered that a few days ago I heard someone say that you can spray some water after taking a shower and then rinse it, so you don’t need an air conditioner
I happily picked up the toilet water and ran to the bathhouse
finished washing
dry off
The lightning speed sprayed all over the body
Thinking about rushing again according to the original plan
That’s when I started shaking…
The temperature is 40 degrees, I’m actually shivering in the bathroom
Goosebumps all over my body, I can’t take a step
Trembling and dressing at the fastest speed, I hope that the thin shorts and short sleeves can give me some warmth
Eggs are useless! ! !
I shuddered out of the bathhouse in an almost humiliating way
Just thinking about going to the 40-degree sun
At this time, the whole body is not just goose bumps, but pain
The pain that goes deep into every nerve and every cell!
Out of the bathhouse, embrace the sun
no feeling
It’s as cold as being in a bathhouse! ! !
I think the nerves have been killed! ! !
I don’t know how long it took, I went back to the dormitory on the sixth floor
cover the quilt
still useless…
I don’t know how long it took
Maybe it’s numb…
Watching the goosebumps slowly disappear, I feel reborn…
Advise everyone
Ten million
Ten million
Ten million
Do not use toilet water after bathing
It is too easy to seep into the pores (.•́︿•̀.)
Really scary (╥﹏╥)
Let’s shout together:
I! Do not! meeting! try! (the second time!)

The principle of Liushen Jinliang refreshing toilet water “cooling down”. Liushen Jinliang refreshing toilet water does not really cool down, but because it contains menthol, and menthol can paralyze the temperature receptors under the human skin, thereby affecting the body temperature regulation system, so that the human cerebral cortex does not feel heat.

So don’t spray too much, because it can paralyze the thermoregulatory system, but it can’t paralyze the hypothalamus. After spraying more, I felt cold and covered myself with a quilt, but I didn’t die of cold, but died of heat stroke. To give an inappropriate example, if you take chestnuts from the fire with an anesthetic hand, you won’t feel the heat, but your hand has been burned.

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