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A Smart Doll like you can’t hold it!

by nadlia
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LThe Smart Doll is simply the Japanese version of the Barbie doll that I played with when I was a child. It has a super cute, curvy figure.

Many articles have been written about the Smart Doll online, but most of them focus on its hub and power bank features, which I think are the icing on the cake rather than the real fun. Also, compared to the price, if it is just a hub, a power bank, even even a premium version, but still outrageously expensive.

smart doll

smart doll

Smart Doll の background

First, a little background on the Smart Doll. Although Smart Doll incorporates elements from Japanese anime and has a distinctly Japanese style, it was founded by Danny Choo, a British-born Malaysian-Chinese. Danny Choo is the son of Jimmy Choo founder Jimmy Choo, if you are interested, you can search Baidu), probably a homebody.

Danny Choo became interested in Japanese Culture in the early 1990s due to his exposure to Japanese games and anime. After learning Japanese by himself, he worked for the London branch of Japan Airlines in London. In order to promote Japanese culture, he quit his stable job and founded the brand Culture Japan. A company that promotes Japanese culture mainly through TV shows, character tie-ins, and Smart Doll, a fashion doll.

The original Smart Doll was based on a cute mother character named Mirai Suenaga. At first, “Miyonae” was Danny Choo’s simple design of a cute mother character for the beauty of the website (dannychoo.com). It was even a picture in the corner of the website. But it went on to become more than anyone could have imagined, first as an auspicious figure in Culture Japan and then as the main character of Mirai Millennium (an anime).

Since then, Danny Choo has worked with a number of animation and game companies, including Square Enix, Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Ascii Media Works, King Records, and Nitroplus. The character even became the official mascot of the Japan Tourism Board.

There are a lot of peripheral products, including hand-held dolls, SD dolls, mouse pads, T-shirts, food packaging, mobile phone hangings, full-size billboards, etc. The most famous one is the Smart Doll we are talking about now. The Smart Doll is 60 centimeters tall, or one-third the size of a doll on the market.

Smart Doll の process

“Smart” in “Smart Doll “doesn’t mean smart. “SM” means “Social Media” and “art” means art.

Smart Doll combines modern and traditional molding techniques to create a new form of doll art for the international market. The Smart Doll is manufactured using modern 3D prototyping techniques combined with traditional modeling techniques. The early use of the photocurable form1 printer was followed by the failure of ATOM 2.0, which uses 0.05mm layer height to produce the most detailed output.

With a skeleton inside, the Smart Doll strikes a balance between beauty and mobility. While traditional dolls have parting lines around the waist, the Smart Doll’s parting lines are hidden behind the bust, giving it a more natural look overall.

Before the Smart Doll, the typical doll bracket used either a “C” position to hold the doll’s waist or ankles, or a saddle-like bracket to hold the doll’s crotch — either way, it didn’t look good in photos. The Smart Doll, on the other hand, has a Smart Support Socket in the upper part of the back between the two sockets, so as to minimize the impact of the support on the doll’s overall beauty.

And the Smart Doll can actually Stand on its own without the help of a Telescopic Stand, but it brings more styling and peace of mind to the customer. In addition, the Air Stand is designed to allow the Smart Doll to pose in various dynamic positions.

Smart Doll の style

Currently, there are many Smart Doll models on the market, such as Miyong Future, Bai Ze Chitose, Dream is a road, Ebony Double leaf, and so on. There is also a male doll named Yun Yun Shi.

The Smart Doll itself can be used in different skin tones, hair colors, hair lengths, pupil colors, abs, chest size and RU etc., which can be freely combined, so that you can create the doll shape that you want most.

There are also many different styles of clothes, trousers and even underwear designed so that you can change them at any time, and these clothes are both exquisitely designed and made, and of course they are not cheap.

In addition, a special backpack is designed to carry the Smart Doll around the house.

The Smart Doll has created a closed market surrounding that allows you to design your own Smart Doll, at a cost of course.

Smart Doll の extended functionality

The extension features of the Smart Doll are those of the hub and power bank mentioned in many places. The torso of the Smart Doll can fit into a variety of electronic devices, turning it into a power bank, hub, or portable hard drive.

To start with, a 92mm x 43mm x 23mm CHEERO POWER PLUS 3 MINI is inserted into the doll’s torso, which can then be powered up by touching the doll’s chest.

The HUB function is to use a special USB HUB. ELECOM USB HUB is used in the official website, which can be placed in the doll’s torso to provide a USB slot on the doll’s abdomen.

But the number of slots varies between the two genders of the Smart Doll, with two USB slots for the girl model and three for the teen model… Think for yourself why? Hey, hey.

In addition, the Smart Doll can be inserted into a computer stick and turned into a small mainframe computer, or a windows version is available, but requires more Smart Support sockets and vents, and a plain one may require a different design.

Of course, adding these extensions doesn’t make the Smart Doll look too bad. Usually put on clothes is a delicate doll decoration, and need to use, lift the clothes after the slight exposure of the southern hemisphere and slender waist, is also quite sexy.

Smart Doll の purchase

The price of the Smart Doll is not cheap, from 3,000 yuan for a plain doll (a nude doll S chest, wig, eyes, underwear, and simple bracket) to just over 3,600 yuan for a basic outfit (top, pants, socks, and shoes).

That’s why I said above that positioning the Smart Doll as a hub or a power bank felt ridiculously expensive. Of course, the price will fluctuate because of changes in exchange rate, activities, styles and so on. If you buy it, you need to calculate it by yourself, and include freight, taxes and so on.

To buy it, I suggest poking it here. It’s hard to find a second place that offers so much choice because the choices are so wide.

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