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Addictive design | CIEPLIK candle warm hand warmer

by nadlia
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LMany people have complained about the IKEA Lotra candle holder, because the heat that comes up after lighting the candle is so hot that some people even feel that it is too hot to carry it.


This idea from the Polish designer Katarzyna Giedroyć uses the heat of the lit candles, using the candles as a heat source for warming hands, and it feels warm when you look at it.

The furnace body is made of ceramics. After lighting the candles, the heat will rise slowly, and finally gather on the top of the furnace top with heat dissipation design. At this time, you can feel the warm temperature when you put your hand on the top of the stove.

The principle is very simple, but the practical application is limited. After all, the thing is probably not light, and it is not as convenient as Nuan Baobao. I think this kind of creativity is more important as a concept, which provides an idea for other products. What do you say?



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