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GOC IN C Hand Warmer “Responsible for the beauty of the hand warmer world”

by nadlia
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LThe hand warmer has been more or less carefully designed by various manufacturers in recent years, and it is no longer the boring shape of a water bag or a round cake (electric hand warmer). But at present, there are mainly puppies, turtles and other shapes on the market. There are not many GOC IN C’s creativity in hand warmers. GOC IN C’s hand warmers have worked hard on the shape, although the technical content is not High, but a hand warmer with such a cute design is really rare.

GOC IN C Hand Warmer

GOC IN C Hand Warmer

The first point that needs to be explained is that GOC IN C officially claims to be a fashion brand in Hong Kong, and the store and official website also try to show a “tide” feeling when making it. But… in Hong Kong, where one piece of clothing is worn all year round… do you use hand warmers?

In fact, GOC IN C is a product of a manufacturer in Cixi. It is just a promotional strategy of the manufacturer to say that it is a Hong Kong trendy brand, but there is no need to think that this thing will not work because of this kind of “bluff” promotion. After all, the price is there, and the quality of GOC INC products is still passable, and the workmanship and materials are quite kind.

Then, many of its hand warmers (and other products) are related to smart phones. This point is still adhering to my consistent concept of current smart devices, which are basically nonsense, at most they are “interconnected products”. As for hand warmers, I personally think there is no need to buy so-called smart models.

GOC IN C’s products are all about appearance and decent quality. But the price is not cheap, you make your own choice.


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