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Latvia’s “honeycomb” 5 euros subvert your previous perception of coins

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LIn people’s minds, things like coins have always been round, and even game coins in game halls are made round. However, the 5 euro coin issued by Latvia not long ago broke away from the fixed template of the circle, but designed a honeycomb-shaped commemorative coin based on the honeycomb as the prototype. This commemorative coin was designed by designer Arthur Analts. Under its unconventional and interesting appearance, it implies the praise and cherishment of Latvia’s natural resources.

Latvia is an ill-fated country. It was established independently in 1918, but it was annexed by the Soviet Union in the ensuing World War II. It was not until the collapse of the Soviet Union that it became independent again in 1991. For this country with a population of only 2 million people, designer Arthur Analts, born in Latvia and active in the UK, created a special commemorative coin in the shape of a honeycomb.

The coin has a wavy outer edge that fits with other coins like a puzzle. A grid of honeycombs shone with a crystal luster, as if they were really full of honey, and the five filled grids symbolized the value of 5 euros. In addition, its front and back outlines also symbolize the land of Latvia and the Gulf of Riga, the capital, respectively. According to Analts, although each hive looks identical, in fact they have different angles and depths, making each cell unique.

When designing this commemorative coin, Analts started from Latvia’s rich natural resources, and at the same time was inspired by Einstein’s classic statement: If bees disappear from the earth, then human beings will perish within four years. Inspired by this, this commemorative coin takes the honeycomb as the visual subject, and adds a lot of ingenuity to the presentation of the material, making the coin’s luster and delicacy different from the past.

Currently in circulation in 19 European countries, the new commemorative Latvian 5-euro coin is sure to become a new target for collectors.

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