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“LifeStraw” life straw allows you to drink pure water in extreme environments

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LAlthough 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, it is not difficult to obtain water, but not all water is suitable for drinking. Known as the “man standing at the top of the food chain”, Mr. Pei pays great attention to the safety of water quality in the wild. Safe drinking water plays a very important role in survival in the wild.

Usually at home, either bottled water or filtered water, even if there are no such conditions, it is still boiled hot water. But we don’t have access to safe drinking water all the time and everywhere. For example, when encountering natural disasters such as earthquakes, or hiking in the wild, it is very necessary to drink a sip of safe water.

LifeStraw is translated as “Life Straw” in Chinese. It is a high-performance portable water purifier originally designed for areas where drinking water is difficult to provide. Although it is only the size of a palm, it can filter 1000L of water, which is enough for an adult to drink for a year. Later, it was more loved by wild survival enthusiasts. It has been rated as the life-saving water purifier by the New York Times and one of the ten items that will change people’s lifestyles by Forbes.



There are a variety of filter materials installed in LifeStraw, including filter cotton, ultrafiltration membrane, activated carbon, ion resin, iodine resin, etc. Filter cotton removes large particles, sediment and other substances, ultrafiltration membrane filters out bacteria and some viruses, activated carbon removes odors in water and improves taste, ion resin softens water quality and removes heavy metal ions, and iodine resin can kill viruses. Although LifeStraw cannot achieve 100% complete filtration, it can already filter out 99.9% of bacteria and parasites, and even viruses such as SARS, bird flu, and Ebola.



The principle of LifeStraw is similar to the filter element of a kettle, except that it feeds water from the bottom. Place straw in water before use, wait 20 seconds, and take five quick sips. The taste of the water is similar to that of boiled water, but it takes a little effort to inhale, and the cheeks are a little sour after a few more sips.

In addition to the life straw (click here to buy), LifeStraw also has a life water bottle called LifeStraw GO (click here to buy), which consists of a water bottle and a life straw. There is not much difference in function, but the kettle is more convenient. In addition, the LifeStraw water bottle also provides filter replacement, which is very convenient.

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