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Matador Towel | A must-have for business trips and travel

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LFor people who travel for a long time, the towels in the hotel always feel unclean, and if they bring their own, they are always wet. If you forget to take them out if you are not careful, there will be a sour smell after a long time. What a blessing it is to have a towel that dries quickly and is easy to store in this situation.

The American company Matador has a product that is originally aimed at outdoor sports enthusiasts, but it is also a good choice for people on long-term business trips, “Matador Pocket Outdoor Travel Towel” (go to buy), including two types of towels and bath towels product.

matador nanodry trek towel

matador nanodry trek towel

Matador towels are about the size of soap when packed away, and so are bath towels. Let’s not talk about the functions, but the mini size has already attracted many business travelers, right?

Matador towels feel ultra-thin and are instantly absorbent, absorbing approximately 2.3 times their weight in water. After use, you can wring out most of the water with a light twist.

In addition to the towel itself, the storage box made of silicone is also a highlight. It looks like a portable “small kettle”. You can usually fold towels and stuff them in. It is very small in size, takes up little space, and has a great storage effect. A lot of small holes are designed on the storage box to ensure the breathability of the usual towels.

There is also a hook on the storage box, which can be hung on the backpack, which does not take up space in the bag and is very portable. There is a long trademark strip on the towel, which seems to be in the way, but in fact, this design has some intentions. The main function is to facilitate hanging to dry after use.

But it does not mean that this towel is perfect. Since it is mainly for outdoor use, the comfort of the towel has given way to functionality to a certain extent. The towel is very thin. Although the water absorption capacity is 2.3 times its own weight, its weight is very limited, so the water absorption capacity is also limited, and it is not as comfortable as the usual towels when used.

However, as an emergency towel for outdoors and business trips, Matador towels are still a good choice.

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