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“Matrix PowerWatch” No longer worry about short battery life, smart watch that can be charged by body temperature

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LThere are many smart watches on the market, but compared to quartz watches or mechanical watches, it is quite troublesome to often need to charge the watch. So, are there any smartwatches that don’t require charging? In addition to Tianyang Energy Watch, there is also a more powerful smart watch——Matrix PowerWatch smart watch (to buy), which subverts the traditional electric smart watch. It does not need charging at all, and does not rely on solar energy or wind power. It uses Our body temperature charges the watch, and with it, it instantly transforms itself into a giant power bank, which can power the watch at any time.

The reason why the PowerWatch is so awesome is that it uses a state-of-the-art thermoelectric power generation technology based on the Seebeck effect published in 1821 (Baidu Encyclopedia). In the absence of an applied voltage gradient V, a current J can still be generated if there is a temperature gradient T: J=σ(-∇V – S∇T). This technology is also used by NASA on the Voyager spacecraft and the Curiosity Mars rover. Does it feel very advanced?

The aluminum plate on the underside of the PowerWatch fits the wrist and is warmed by body heat (the hot side), while the watch face, which is exposed to the air, is relatively cool (the cold side). The temperature difference causes electrons to flow from the hot surface to the cold surface, forming a voltage difference to generate current, which continuously supplies power to the watch.

However, if the watch is taken off, will the watch stop running? In fact, no, when the watch is taken off, it will enter a low power consumption mode, which can automatically save data and keep the clock running, and will automatically resume normal operation after wearing it. The built-in small battery can maintain data and time for up to 1 year on a full charge.

56Currently, there are three versions of the PowerWatch, the basic model, the black version, and the PowerWatch X. Although the PowerWatch has much fewer functions than the average smartwatch, it does not support motion tracking, voice commands, and more. But the basic functions are still there, monitoring activity and sleep, 50 meters waterproof, etc. PowerWatch X also supports incoming calls, receiving messages, activity reminders, alarm clocks and other functions.

Although PowerWatch is mediocre in function, it has created another world of quartz watches, mechanical watches, and smart watches. Rather than liking it, it is more like a pursuit of technology.

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