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“Parasole sock shoes” are more like shoes, but they can also be used as socks in shoes

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LIn recent years, after crowdfunding became popular, all kinds of brain-opening products have gradually entered everyone’s life. For things like socks and shoes, traditional manufacturers seldom try them, but at least two of them have appeared on various crowdfunding websites. One is the Skinners we introduced some time ago, and the other is the Parasole that we will talk about today.


In terms of appearance alone, Skinners are more like socks, while Parasole is more like a combination of socks and shoes. But no matter which one, it can be said to be very eye-catching when worn on the feet and running on the road.

Parasole can be said to be a mixture of shoes and socks. While covering the soles of the feet to the instep, it also provides sufficient support, cushioning, protection and breathing space for the feet. The difference from Skinners is that Skinners are a sock shoe, a shoe, not a sock, while a Parasole can play the role of a sock and also the role of a shoe. Moreover, there are small functions of foot massage and fatigue relief.

According to statistics, about 51% of Americans suffer from foot fatigue every year, which affects their day’s activities. Therefore, Parasole pays special attention to the function of relieving fatigue of the feet when designing, and has the function of rehabilitation socks and sports socks. At the same time, moisture-wicking fabrics are used, and anti-microbial and odor-resistant substances are used in the coating, coupled with its all-round breathability, it can ensure that the feet will not sweat and athlete’s foot.

In terms of soles, it is designed using 3D derivatives. Even if you wear it as a sock inside your shoes, you won’t feel stuffy; if you wear it as a shoe, you won’t hurt the soles of your feet. Because the sole is made of polymer material, it is not only wear-resistant, but also very light. Whether it is shopping or exercising in the gym, it will not cause additional burden on the feet.

In terms of cleaning, Parasole is not much different from ordinary socks, and it can be washed by hand or thrown into the washing machine.

Parasole is currently pre-ordered on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, and the price is $35, which is not cheap. If you are interested, you can check it out.

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