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Parrot Bounce RC Car “A Toy for Adults”

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LParrot’s Parrot Minidrones series of smart jumping remote control cars can perform actions such as rolling, dashing, zigzagging, turning, and 90° turns, and can jump up to 80 cm in an instant. In addition, through a fixed program, it can also perform specified actions such as beating, rolling up and down, and route planning. Even Parrot has added an emotional function similar to an electronic pet to it, and it will express its feelings with different sound and light effects. , very lively. The built-in real-time transmission wide-angle camera also allows the operator to experience the thrill of being there, and the 550mAh battery lasts up to 20 minutes.

The disadvantage is that the body of the jumping car lacks a power switch key and the battery life is slightly short, which is difficult to satisfy the player’s cool play experience time; the product accessories do not have replaceable tire spare parts, which reduces the diversity of gameplay; the flexibility of turning control operation Poor, it is recommended to change to the steering wheel control mode.

What’s interesting is that there is a camera on this bouncing remote control car…

Although it is just a toy, if you like it, you can poke here to have a look.

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