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Playful Fetish | Buying Guide to Stress Relief Toys

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LModern society is fast-paced and most of them are under great pressure. Relax yourself at the right time, and it will be easier for you to concentrate. Some creative venting and decompression toys are recommended below. Proper use can release a certain amount of pressure, but don’t put the cart before the horse, and waste time because of playing.

Fidget Cube: Stress Relief Cube Dice

The European and American versions of Wenwan Walnut, a dice-like thing, are designed with buttons, switches, rotation, Wangyoushi, scroll wheel, rotary dial and other operation keys on the 6 sides. At first glance, this thing seems to be nothing, just hold it in your hand to play, but after getting it, many people can’t stop at all. Some people have crowd phobia, and feel uncomfortable and flustered in crowded places like stations or classrooms. It is said that using this gadget can relieve a certain sense of anxiety.

This decompression Rubik’s cube is divided into two types: the original version and the domestic version. Although the domestic version (to buy) is cheaper, it does not feel as good as the original version, and some parts will be loose and clean. If you buy the original version (to buy), it is a little expensive, so decide for yourself.

In addition, don’t buy white ones, as they are not resistant to dirt. No matter the original version or domestic ones, it is better to be dirt-resistant for things that you can play with at any time.

Table Billiards: Small Stress Relief Billiards

A mini version of billiards, allowing you to enjoy the fun of billiards at any time in the living room or office. Put down your mobile phone and computer after work, relieve eye fatigue, relieve work pressure, and fully release your body and mind. The whole table tennis has a high degree of simulation and feels comfortable. The billiard ball is made of resin material, colorfast and odorless. The disadvantage is that the net is made of staples, which may be slightly difficult for Virgos to accept.


Fidget spinner

This thing was quite popular some time ago, dominating the Amazon toy section, and became the hottest stress-relieving toy abroad for a while. This is a decompression toy that can be turned in the hand, which directly made the 608 bearing go from 0.15 yuan to 0.75 yuan. It seems that it first became popular in an EDC (Every Day Carry) forum abroad. It is said in many places that it can make people concentrate and calm their minds, but who knows. But it does relieve a certain amount of stress to a certain extent. As for concentration——you should focus on this thing, so children should stop playing, so as not to waste their studies. The one recommended below has one more way to play than ordinary fidget spinners. Click the link to learn more.

Screaming chicken

Everyone is very familiar with this chicken. It is still the original recipe, with the same appearance and the same sound. However, the most interesting way to play is to play with a big push – go to the store that sells this stuff. Favorite thing to do.

Simple stress squeeze toy: vent grape ball

A squishy stress-relief toy, colorful rubber balls wrapped in a net that resemble a bunch of grapes when squeezed in the hand. It is suitable for people of all ages to play, old, middle-aged and young, especially suitable for pregnant women to relieve stress and practice hand strength by the way.

Simple stress squeeze toy

Simple stress squeeze toy

face changing mushroom head

It’s a very ghostly face change. As for how to do it, just poke it and watch the video, hahahaha.

face changing mushroom head

face changing mushroom head

There is nothing more depressing in the world than a young man becoming a cynic. Because they have given up before they have pursued it, they have grown old before they have grown up, and they have not believed in anything before they understand anything.

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