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“Qoobo Pillow” With it, you can pretend that you have a cat

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LMany people who like cats and dogs want to raise a cat or dog because of pet allergies, economic conditions, or housing restrictions, but they have no choice but to rely on the Internet’s “cloud raising dogs” and “cloud sucking cats” to get them. Spiritual comfort.

Today, the product we are going to talk about, Qoobo, can solve the problems of some friends who have cats and dogs but cannot do so to a certain extent. Qoobo is an interactive pillow with a tail from Japan. If you don’t look carefully, you may think it is a small furry animal.

Qoobo’s tail design is very thoughtful and interesting. When you pat its body, the tail will respond to you by wagging slightly; when you pet it back and forth, the tail will wag back and forth excitedly. Even if you ignore it on weekdays, occasionally it will wag its tail to greet you, show off its cuteness, and ask for love. Just like communicating with small animals, it makes people feel relaxed and comfortable.

The seemingly simple interaction follows a set of principles called “tail therapy”. Through this skeuomorphic communication and interaction, the user is given a sense of comfort, which is used to warm and heal the user’s heart.

Qoobo Hold pillow

Qoobo Hold pillow

This product is designed and manufactured by Yukai Engineering, a Japanese design team. It started crowdfunding in the middle of last year and is expected to be launched in August this year. Many people wonder where to buy Qoobo, and it can only be ordered for the time being. You can buy a Qoobo here. Oh only. At that time, there will be two colors to choose from, matte gray and tan, and it will also provide the texture and color of custom Qoobo’s “fur” to restore the animal’s touch as much as possible.

In addition, the size, weight and texture of Qoobo, as well as the response to petting, follow and imitate real pets as much as possible. The design team is also considering gradually releasing Qoobo’s appearance templates, so that users can give full play to their imagination and DIY spirit, and print their favorite appearance.

Petit Qoobo

Petit Qoobo

Using Qoobo can eliminate all the troubles of keeping real pets: cleaning of pet hair; risk of sofa being destroyed by pets; no time to walk dogs; sick vaccines and neutering, etc. Of course, strictly speaking, the interaction and experience obtained are also discounted compared to real pets. It is not so much a substitute as a compromise choice.

Finally, I would like to remind you who read this article that if you really like pets and decide to take care of them for the rest of your life, then you can buy your favorite pet after doing enough homework. But if you are just impulsive, or because of the entanglement of children at home, then you must think about whether you really need to buy a pet.

To you, a pet may be just a living toy on a whim; but to your pet, you are all it has.

Don’t overestimate your love and patience. Also, please keep your dog on a leash when walking.

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