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“Skinners socks and shoes” are both shoes and socks, black technology that is waterproof and not tight

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LPeople who have fitness habits usually bring an extra pair of sneakers when they go out, so as not to turn the breathable sneakers into water seepage hole shoes due to rain. But if you want to bring your shoes with you, you will inevitably struggle with where to put them. The office bag can’t fit them in, and putting them in a backpack takes up too much space. It’s somewhat inconvenient to carry them in your hands.

Today, the Skinners socks shoes we are going to talk about can perfectly solve the above problems.

Skinners sock shoes have a shape similar to ordinary black socks, but have a rubber sole like a shoe sole. It is said to be a shoe, but it is as thin and soft as a sock. Not only can it be rolled into a bundle and easily put into the pocket, but it also weighs only 80 grams, so it is easy to carry without burden; in addition, it can even be worn with other clothes Toss in the washing machine for cleaning! It is called a sock, but it can prevent slipping and protect like a shoe, and the bottom even has a waterproof function. What’s even better is that it is not like ordinary soles that have the risk of falling off and separating!

The Skinners development team claims that they have tested the performance and durability of Skinners socks and shoes in various environments around the world. Whether it is sports, fitness, mountaineering, office, or travel, it can be your must-have companion.

The reason why Skinners sock shoes are so durable is that the sole is made of Lycra fiber, which has a high degree of wear resistance, and the uneven surface can provide enough grip and have a non-slip effect, allowing you to complete activities safely and easily . In terms of comfort alone, Skinners can win over ordinary shoes.

In addition to the above functions, Skinners sports socks have “heat dissipation, deodorization and antibacterial effects”. The effect, and the more it is cleaned, the more the silver fibers can be exposed to the air to release silver ions, the stronger the effect! Even if you are from Hong Kong, you don’t have to worry about the smell.

But it is not to say that Skinners socks shoes can cope with all daily use scenarios, such as playing football, or more formal occasions. You can’t play football because it doesn’t protect your toes like ordinary shoes, but you can’t participate in formal activities because, after all, wearing this thing on your feet will give people the illusion of “you forgot to wear shoes”.

But there are also occasions when Skinners sock shoes are more comfortable to use than normal shoes or socks, such as wearing them on a flight is perfect. When working out, Skinners sock shoes can also provide more grip than ordinary shoes, especially when lifting weights, making it easier to maintain a natural posture.


Purchase link: https://amzn.to/3QrZklN

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