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Sleepy overtime! Koyo kasei paper towel returns blood in a second, sober as if the sky is opened

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LWeary in spring, tired in autumn, napping in summer, and in the hard summer, even if we sweat a lot, we will always feel sleepy when we stay indoors. In schools and companies, it is extremely sleepy to lie on your stomach, sit, or stand, and it is even more sleepy to stay up late and work overtime.

If you have similar “symptoms”, hurry up and try this artifact mentioned today – Japan Koyo-kasei Refreshing Wipes , which can make you sober as if you lifted the lid of the sky in a few seconds. Gently rubbing, it seems that chicken blood is injected instantly, refreshing and getting rid of sleepiness. Everyone commented on its effect as “10 times that of washing your face with water, 20 times that of drinking coffee and strong tea, comparable to the ice bucket challenge”.

Although this kind of evaluation is slightly exaggerated, the effect is indeed very obvious after actual use, and it is a good way to refresh your mind.

As soon as the wet wipes were taken out, there was a coolness accompanied by the smell of mint. Spreading it on the face, there was a feeling of icy cold, which instantly made people wake up a lot. After wiping, I felt a slight burning sensation on my face, and when I put my hand on it, it felt like I had applied a piece of ice, which was so refreshing.

After all, the ingredients of this kind of thing used on the face are very important. According to the formula, Koyo-kasei mainly adds mint, caffeine, glycerin, glycine, ethanol and other substances to the wet wipes. Peppermint and caffeine are common refreshing substances. Glycerin and glycine relieve the irritation caused by mint to a certain extent. Adding ethanol not only enhances the cooling effect, but also has a bactericidal function. The base liquid of wet wipes also uses purified water. Regardless of the formula or other people’s experience, it is very safe to use.

78Koyo-kasei wet wipes are available in three portable bags, 10 pumps, 15 pumps, and 15 pumps (super strong), in addition to the common bucket of 80 pumps. It is very convenient to carry it in schools, companies or out .

But after all, it is just a refreshing paper towel. The effect is not as good as hanging beams on the head and stabbing the buttocks. However, it still has a certain effect on general sleepiness. If it does not work at all, it must be that you are too sleepy and you should rest. Also, when using, keep out of contact with eyes and wounds.

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