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“Sugru Universal Silicone” Ireland’s black technology, can stick to anything!

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LSugru All-Purpose Silicone (Go to buy), a very soft to the touch, can bond almost any material, super strong all-purpose plastic adhesive silicone. It looks like plasticine, and it actually works like plasticine. It can be glued to aluminum, iron, ceramics, plastic, fabric, wood and other materials to repair some small objects. Just wait for 24 hours, and after it solidifies, it will stick firmly to the repaired object as if it has become a part of the object, very strong.

The method of using Sugru is very simple: wash your hands first, then cut open the package, once Sugru comes into contact with the air, it will start to absorb the moisture in the air and become like plasticine. But you only have 30 minutes to operate, and you need to complete the shaping within 30 minutes. After that, it will start a solidification process and eventually become a hard lump. Remember not to move or come into contact with water during curing.

In the softened state, Sugru is viscous and can be used to repair various steel, plastic, ceramic, glass and other materials. After hardening, it is not only waterproof, but also insulating, and resistant to high and low temperatures. It can maintain good properties at -60°C ~ 180°C, but it is not resistant to open flames.

In fact, Sugru has been invented for many years, and was named “one of the world’s 50 best inventions in 2010” by Time Magazine. In another way of thinking, the meaning of this stuff is no less than the invention of 502 glue back then.

In the early days, Sugru was more like a geek’s toy, used to glue some weird things, but now due to the popularity of Sugru, it is more used in some ordinary objects, let’s see what everyone has done with Sugru what.

It should be noted that although many people use Sugru to repair the data cable and earphone cable of the mobile phone, the failure rate of this kind of repair with too small contact surface is actually quite high.

Sugru also has another property of plasticine – the ability to create new colors by mixing different colors. You can make the color you need according to the color mixing table below.

Generally speaking, Sugru has a wide range of applications, but just like universal glue, although it is called universal, it cannot stick to everything.

Also, Sugru has its downsides.

One is expensive, a small package is only about the size of a ketchup package, but it costs about 20 yuan.

The second is that after unpacking, whether it is used or not, it will solidify as soon as the time is up, so you must think about what needs to be repaired before starting.

The third is that the shelf life is only 1 year, so don’t be greedy when buying. If you buy too much, you can put it in the freezer of the refrigerator to extend the shelf life by 3 times.

In addition, when you use it, it will stain your hands, and the black color is particularly obvious. It can be removed with makeup remover, makeup remover oil or nail scraping.

If you are interested, you can buy it here.

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