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The “KableCARD” data cable can also be deformed, and one cable can handle all device charging needs

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LLiving in today’s cities, various digital products such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, power banks, etc. Digital products have directly affected our quality of life. However, no company has ever been able to unify various interfaces. The more digital products, the more and more charging interfaces of various types. Often, in order to facilitate the life of these devices, they have to carry a bunch of chargers and data cables on their backs.

The KableCARD we are going to talk about today is to launch the “Urban Survival Card” for this application scenario. It combines all the data cables you will use into a business card-sized card, and it only needs to be easily assembled when using it. KableCARD mainly consists of a Type-C data cable close to 30cm, with 3 kinds of conversion heads (USB Type-A, Micro USB, Lightning), through the combination, 6 different types of data cables can be changed to meet the charging of various commonly used devices need.

KableCARD is designed and launched by the well-known Advance Design team in Taiwan. The team that designed the donut extension line MOGICS Donut, their products have won awards such as German Red Dot Design and Taiwan Golden Dot Design. The launch of KableCARD continues the team’s important design concept – to solve the “electricity” problem in everyone’s life with a simple and lightweight design.

Although it is difficult to meet the need to take 6 kinds of data cables out at the same time in life, sometimes it is unavoidable to travel far, and often more or less will bring several kinds of electrical appliances and data cables. Using KableCARD is much easier. Moreover, in addition to the function of the data cable, KableCARD also has a built-in SIM card pin and 2 Nano SIM card storage locations. Although it is a very simple design, it can prevent users from needing to replace the SIM card when traveling abroad, but they can’t find it for a while. It can be said that it is very considerate to place this important little card.

Moreover, KableCARD still has a card reader function, as long as the memory card is inserted, the problem of data reading and transmission can be solved instantly. And there is no need to use other adapters, rich connection lines, whether it is a laptop or a mobile phone, it can be used smoothly.

ableCARD also supports wireless charging. If your mobile phone supports it, you can use it wired or wireless.

In addition, KableCARD also has the function of a mobile phone holder. Just gently open the KableCARD to convert it into a mobile phone holder, so that you can watch movies comfortably. At the same time, you can also use the wireless charging function to keep you entertained, Charging is correct.

In addition, considering that using a mobile phone in a low-brightness environment is harmful to the eyes, the design team also set up a 3000K LED light with a three-stage switch, a diffuser, and a reflector in the stand mode, which can be placed on the desktop when using the stand. Or the soft diffused light reflected on the wall makes the light of the mobile phone less intense and reduces the discomfort when using the mobile phone.

It can be seen from the above that KableCARD has many functions, and even you can’t fully remember all its functions after reading the full text, so let’s review what functions it has: data cable, SIM card pin, Nano SIM card storage, reading Card reader, wireless charging, stand, backlight. The small KableCARD has so many functions, it can be said to be very conscientious.

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