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The Uplift can be rotated with only sunlight, for you who love to be in a daze

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LRemax is a brand of Shenzhen Ruihe Technology Co., Ltd. Remax has launched a lot of electronic peripheral products in the past two years, including mobile phone cases, audio, power packs and bracelets. On the whole, most of Remax’s products are very high and the price is relatively friendly.

Usually there are too many chores, and even before going to bed, you are still thinking about what to do tomorrow? Think too much and be careful of accumulating too much pressure! Occasionally let your head go empty, purely feel the moment, sometimes more inspiration will emerge instead. On Kickstarter, a glass-covered rotating helix “Uplift” appeared. The non-stop rotating helix seems to have a healing effect. Staring at it in a daze seems to improve the mood!

Uplift was jointly designed by British artist Tom Lawton, who is committed to environmental issues, and Ben Jandrell, an engineer friend who has extensive experience in machinery and energy. An Uplift with healing visual effects.

This healing spiral decoration not only has an elegant appearance, but its biggest feature is the use of a “solar engine”, which can make the spiral in the center rotate with the help of sunlight, without direct sunlight, and in dark weather, It also works under city lights, revving up to 60 rpm in bright sunlight and slowing down to 30 rpm in dimmer light.

Through magnets at the top of the glass dome, the central spiral spirals vertically above the base as it turns. The direction of rotation can be controlled by using the magnetic rod close to the bottom, and the clockwise or counterclockwise rotation can be adjusted at any time. According to the viewer’s viewing method, it can be rotated upward or downward, occasionally rising like smoke or a whirlwind, and occasionally rising like a The lava flows down like a whirlpool, and if you are not careful, you will be fascinated, and once you get back to the sky, it will be dark XD.

Uplift Satisfying Loop

Uplift Satisfying Loop

All the parts of Uplift are made of recyclable materials, and then artificially made. From design to finished product manufacturing, they are in line with the designer’s concept of caring for the environment. The wooden spiral rotates silently and gracefully, which is what we call The living environment played a gentle accompaniment.

The endless spiral is like the visualization of the positive energy of the sun, calming our hearts, just like being hypnotized, allowing us to relax in a natural state.

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