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WEMO Ⅱ silicone memo, more convenient and reliable than post-it notes

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LAlthough almost everyone has a mobile phone now, everything can be recorded on the mobile phone, either by taking pictures or by voice. But there is a group of people who are still obsessed with the romance of “handwriting”, and they must write down the thoughts in their minds to be at ease. We have introduced the WEMO silicone memo wristband used in extreme environments before, a wristband that can write on it, not only waterproof but also infinitely scribble. Now, the manufacturer has launched the second-generation product WEMO Ⅱ registered in WEMO. The redesigned WEMO allows it to have more diversified applications.

Compared with the first-generation wristband-style WEMO, WEMO Ⅱ adopts a flat design, and the back of the WEMO can be pasted on the surface of any object, making it easy to graffiti or write at any time. The material is the same as the first generation of silica gel, and then sprayed with a special coating, you can use an oily ballpoint pen to scribble and write on it. If you want to remove it, you only need to wipe it off with your fingers or an eraser. Moreover, the waterproof silicone design will not wash off the writing on it even if it is splashed with water.

If you want the effect like a sticky note, you can use a small-sized WEMO Ⅱ and stick it on the display without worrying about being blown away by the wind like a post-it note.

No matter what size WEMO Ⅱ is, it can be conveniently placed on a laptop, and it is also very convenient to carry around.

WEMO Ⅱ In addition to the flat type with a design similar to sticky notes, there are also styles that are made into mobile phone cases and tablet cases. If you don’t want to type on the mobile phone, you can turn it over and record it on the mobile phone case at any time.

For many people with poor memory, WEMO Ⅱ is another choice besides paper post-it notes. Compared with post-it notes that tend to lose their stickiness, WEMO Ⅱ has a better sticking effect and can be used repeatedly.

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