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WEMO Silicone Memo Wristband, you can quickly record anytime, anywhere even in harsh environments

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LUsually in life, there are always things that need to be recorded. Although most of the time, various mobile APPs can be used to record. If it is not convenient to use a mobile phone, you can also use paper and pen to record. But there are always some emergencies or harsh environments where mobile phones, paper and pens are not useful. The WEMO Silicone Memo Wristband (shop here) designed by Japanese company Kenma might just help you deal with this situation.



The WEMO wristband is inspired by nurses working in hospitals. Because their daily affairs are too complicated and they cannot make mistakes, they often need to “write cheat sheets” on their hands. This discovery made the design team think why not keep an aboveboard place to write a cheat sheet. WEMO is a wristband made of silicone. You can use a marker to scribble on it unlimited times. If you need to modify it, you can use your finger or eraser to erase it. Moreover, the most amazing thing is that the handwriting written on it will not be washed off by water, because even if you wear WEMO to work in the water, it is not a problem at all, and it is truly “anytime, anywhere, writable and memorable”.

The WEMO wristband comes in four colors: army green, white, light yellow, and blue. In terms of shape, it is still passable, after all, it is the pursuit of functionality. In addition to the scribbling function, the wristband also has the function of a ruler.

While this kind of stuff doesn’t make much sense to most people, it’s useful to some workers in the medical field, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, legal professions, disaster sites, and even the elderly People with Alzheimer’s disease, etc., may need such a thing. If there is such a person around you, give him a WEMO wristband, which is not only practical, but also full of creativity.


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