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“WickedBone” is a smart pet toy that plays with dogs, making dogs no longer lonely crazy bones

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LIn modern society, with the faster and faster pace of work and life, coupled with housing loans and childcare, the psychological pressure faced is also increasing. Many people relieve stress by keeping pets, especially dogs whose IQ is close to that of children. When they stick together, they can make many people forget about the troubles in life and work.

But, have you ever thought about how dogs feel when we are not at home? I remember seeing a surveillance video before. When the owner left home, the dog stayed on the doormat for almost a whole day, waiting for the owner to return. Although we all hope that we can give our dogs the best care, but work and life are always too busy. Sometimes we finally drag our tired bodies back home, but we are as tired as a dog. I often want to play with them every day, but I often have more than enough energy and have to neglect to take care of them.

In order to make up for our lack, we often prepare a lot of toys for dogs, hoping that toys can make dogs happier. But almost all dog toys on the market are just passively waiting for the dog to “play”. Once the dog gets tired of playing, it is difficult to arouse the dog’s interest. In response to this embarrassing phenomenon, Cheerable has designed and developed a smart pet toy – WickedBone (to buy), a small toy that can interact with dogs. It is convenient when we are not at home, or when we have no energy or time to play with the dog, we can play the game of running and chasing with the dog for us.

Because it is made for dogs, the shape is the dog’s favorite bone shape. Because it has built-in motors, electronic components, etc., it is larger in size than ordinary dog bones. The shell is mainly made of polycarbonate, and it has passed the certification of the US Food and Drug Administration. It is safe for dogs to bite with their mouths and touch with their paws.

On both sides of the bone, there are actually two wheels. Because it is often rolled around on the ground, the tires on the wheels can be removed for easy cleaning, but the sleeves are a bit tight, and it will take some effort to pull them out. In addition, in addition to the most common white tires, there are also yellow, pink green, blue and pink tires to choose from.

It only takes one hour to fully charge WickedBone. In terms of battery life, it can last for 40 minutes in driving mode, 4 hours in interactive mode, and 3 months in sleep mode. For daily use, it is quite sufficient.

WickedBone itself does not have any switches, and settings and controls need to be connected to WickedBone through APP Bluetooth to operate. The driving mode is somewhat similar to controlling a remote-controlled car, but compared to a straight-forward remote-controlled car, WickedBone has nine kinds of commotion actions in order to attract the dog’s attention, each of which can arouse the dog’s interest.

When we have something to do and worry that the dog is too boring, we can turn on the interactive mode. WickedBone will automatically detect whether the dog is around. Once the dog enters the monitoring area, WickedBone will make a commotion by itself to attract the dog’s attention and play with the dog. The whole process does not require human intervention at all, no matter how busy we are, the dogs can still have a good time.

The most interesting thing is that WickedBone has a built-in system called “emotional control”, which can react differently according to the dog’s emotions, and switch between different modes when the dog is bored, crazy, satisfied, manic, etc., a total of There are 16 emotional modes, making it more humane to accompany the dog. Moreover, these emotions will also be reflected on the indicator lights of WickedBone, which are represented by blue, orange, green, etc.

With WickedBone, you don’t have to worry about not having time to play with your dog, or letting your dog be bored alone. In addition to playing at home, outdoors is also a good choice. The spacious space can make both WickedBone and the dog play more crazy. However, it should be noted that the Bluetooth connection distance is limited, and it must be used within the line of sight.

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