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Wish List | Doiy Lifetime Series Posters

by nadlia
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LWhen I was studying, more than once I made up my mind to cherish every day in my life and not waste my life. Although it is very difficult to spend a lifetime in a wasteland, there are factors of whether we are diligent or not, and there is also an element of luck. Sometimes we even feel that fate is difficult to beat, but there are always things we can grasp.

In this life, whether it is long or not, whether it is short or not. If the fate is happy, I feel that my life span is limited, and I always want to find a way to live forever; if the fate is rough, I feel that it is an endless suffering. Regardless of happy life or miserable life, since you have lived, you must leave some marks on yourself or the world.

In this life, we have done so many things, the homework assigned by the teacher, the work arranged by the boss, but there are not many things we really do for ourselves.

It’s time to do something for yourself.

What I want to talk about today is a very interesting thing – 100 things you must do before you die, the “100 things you must do in your lifetime” series of posters is something that inspires you to leave a mark on your life, grab a little Something we can grab.

The “100 Things You Must Do in Your Life” series of posters is more like a wish list, listing many things you must do in life: 100 things, 100 movies, 100 places, 100 kinds of food. These carefully selected things are placed on a large-scale poster. The text part is revealed, and a related interjection is hidden underneath, which is very interesting. You click here to enter the store and search for “Lifetime” to buy it.

But after all, it is a commercial product, and the factory assembly line product is difficult to really fit our living environment and life situation. Therefore, if you are a hardworking person, you can take a beautiful, high-quality notebook by yourself and spend a month. Time to list 100 things to do in this life, 100 movies to watch, 100 places to go, 100 kinds of food to taste.

Another disadvantage is that there are only English and French versions, but fortunately, the words are relatively simple, not difficult to read, and the store has already translated and provided an electronic version.

However, this object still has an advantage, because it is a poster that can be hung on the wall. Compared with a self-made life wish list, it can remind us more prominently at any time: “Your life still has unfinished business. Come on, Sao Nian”. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to make a wish list of things that you must do in your life, isn’t it?

If you buy it, I don’t recommend the 100 delicacies that you must eat in your lifetime. The fit between the taste of foreigners and ours is too low. You probably don’t like most of the listed ones. It’s better to find some domestic food on some food programs, such as “A Bite of China” as a wish list in life.

Doiy: Do it yourself is a company founded in Barcelona, Spain in 2009. It is committed to discovering and creating fresh and interesting products and is also keen to let consumers participate in it, and they can also make their own ideas

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