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51 of the most popular sex plays to satisfy all your conjugal fantasies

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LA bed of two people’s lovingly, there will always be a day by time to smooth, passion no longer. But keeping it fresh isn’t as difficult as you might think if you put in the thought and take the plunge. Take a look at these 17 private sex games that are popular with couples to get back to that youthful hormones.

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A lot of games, but the same game, the degree of stimulation is because of people, after all, each person to the bottom line of this matter is different, you can accept does not mean that TA can accept, in advance more communication, more negotiation, only at the same time two people are recognized by the game is a good play.

Remember, straight guys, you can be considered a pervert if you don’t have sex, if you drive without your partner’s consent. But if you’re a girl, forget it…

fun games

fun games

1.Calendar of Action

It’s easy to get bored with everything after a long relationship. At this time, you can choose different days as theme days, such as bra Day, pajamas Day, toys Day, going out day, etc., or even what kind of moves day. Play your imagination and add them to the memo in advance.

If your imagination is lacking and you don’t like to study new moves and tricks, buy a $10 playbook and go home.

2.Fitness for Love

If you’ve been home for too long and you need to exercise, you can always do kissing push-ups, kissing sit-ups, etc. You know what I mean? It’s like a person lying flat on his back, a person lying on his stomach doing push-ups, and kissing the person underneath when he gets down.

There are many different ways. If two people are working out, they can exercise at the same time, such as one person sit-ups, one person push-ups. When you get up and when you get up, you can kiss him or her.

3.Have a big adventure

Each of you take ten little pieces of paper and write down some big shy adventures you can take, such as:
● Having sex on the balcony
● Groping each other outdoors
● Having sex in a car
● Feel yourself in the car
● Egg-hopping rides shared bikes
● Trapped games (check the guide in advance before starting)
● Go shopping without underwear
● Taking secret photos of each other outdoors
● Pull out the nose hair, Mi hair, the hair hair below
● Let guys wear pads for a day
The rest of it is up to your imagination to draw your partner’s card and do it within a week.

4.Answer questions

It’s similar to the game above, but it’s not mandatory. Find a few small pieces of paper. Each of you will write down the shy things you secretly desire or wonder about and put them in the box. Then pick out a random sheet and discuss the topic above. The rest will follow suit.

5.Playing cards

Clubs represent kisses, spades represent mouths, hearts represent massages, diamonds represent hands, and the number of cards drawn represents the duration of the activity.

6.Adam and Eve

After both of you have taken off your clothes, designate something that isn’t clothing for each other to hide under, and let your imagination run wild. Simple things like toilet paper, jewelry, tape, bottles, pens, fruit, and so on. The other side should be obediently according to their own requirements as a model and take photos, as a souvenir.

When one party is left at the mercy of all sorts of strange objects strewn across the rugged terrain, it is possible to laugh before the work is finished.

7.Taking pictures

One of them acts as a photographer, the other as a model, and the latter must be pushed around by the former to perform any number of provocative and bizarre poses designated by the other to display their own sexual charm. Remember to decorate your home with a simple, natural look.

If you really don’t know how to shoot? You can collect a few beautiful pictures on the Internet and start by imitating them. Once you’re in the zone, you’re free to play. It is suggested to start with everyday clothes, then take off one by one, until the sexy underwear or wear each other’s clothes and underwear, or just prepare some sexy underwear, shoot a group of relaxed and funny films, and then challenge the large-scale intimate photos.

sexy panties shops

sexy panties shops

8.Dou figure

When you’re slumping on the couch with nothing to do, grab your phone and fire off a barrage of dirty memes, waiting for your partner to respond knowingly. Emojis are naturally cute, so the bigger the scale, the better, the more dirty, the cuter. If you can’t think of emojis, search the emojis on the Internet to learn. When your shy memes get hot, sneak up on them and invite them to practice.

9.Identify sensitive areas

Use fingers, tongue, feathers to explore every corner of TA’s body, observe TA’s reaction and timely communication, you can systematically discover the sensitive parts of TA, such as palms, behind the ears, inner thighs, back and so on. The object of the game is to find his or her sensitive zones, which can be used in the next scene.

10.Ask for shyness preferences

Have your partner stand by the door, pose flirtatiously, and ask intimate questions like “What’s your favorite sex pose?” If you get it right, you can take a step forward, if you get it wrong, you can take a step back, and wait until you’re near the bed to get into bed and eat you.

11.Game of guessing

Prepare daily things such as comb teeth, toothbrush bristles, plastic toys, high heels, metal spoons and so on, in short, can make TA skin feel a little stimulating supplies, if not sure of the effect, in their sensitive parts to try. In addition to everyday things, it can also be not so everyday things.

Cover TA’s eyes after taking off clothes, touch TA’s skin with the above tools, let TA rely on the feeling to guess what tools you use, good halfway can’t move! If you guess wrong, you must drink, or accept the punishment of the whip; You’re right. Feed them a strawberry from mouth to mouth. If they win three times in a row, they’ll be rewarded with a higher grade.

12.Feel things with your mouth

Get an array of props such as fruits, vegetables, pens, your fingers, individual parts, etc. The girl closes her eyes and the boy puts something in the girl’s mouth. The girl judges what is in her mouth by the touch of her tongue and lips. The boy is punished for the right answer and the girl is punished for the wrong answer. The point of this game is not to punish, you don’t know what you’re going to put in your mouth at any time, so winning or losing is completely irrelevant.

13.The Sticker Game

Get label stickers, a tightly covered eye mask, string, and the round, small polka-dot sealer recommended for stickers (go buy it). You take off your clothes while they put on a blindfold and tie their hands. Then you place the stickers on yourself (five to ten at a time is recommended), anywhere you want to be served, and finally guide the other person, using your face, mouth, and other tactile senses to find the stickers on you. When you’re done, change your identity and keep looking.

14.Guessing hand game

Get a thin blanket, some candles or hazy moonlight, turn off the lights, and then go to another room and wrap your bare body in a blanket or any thin covering, not too tightly, and preferably with free hands. Come out wrapped up and ask your partner to guess which part of your body you are touching based on your movements.

Not only does this game show off your sexy body, but it also allows your partner to visualize your body in their mind. If he or she guesses wrong, he or she must sit further away and drink some penalty alcohol. If you’re right, they can get closer to you

15.Game of finding things

Surprise them with a complete set of clothes, from bras, underwear, outerwear, underwear, accessories and small toys that can be attached to your body. Everything can be existing or new. In order to avoid being separated from other ordinary items in the house, it is necessary to mark the items, such as label paper, and then hide them. Then ask them to get naked, find the items within a certain amount of time, and put them on or use them. Looking at TA is full of temptation, anxious appearance, still can not move?

16.Ice cream

When both partners are undressed, one person feeds the other ice cream, but the other person is blindfolded, and the other person spreads the ice cream all over the body and licks it wherever it goes.

17.Ice Cream Upgrade

Get them to take off their clothes and lie down. Put small spices on their collarbones, front chest, abdomen and private parts. Everyday honey, yogurt, cream, and small fruits can be your props.

Blindfold them, gently move your tongue in circles, and slowly move down their body to taste. Ask them to guess what you’re playing. There’s a penalty for guessing wrong.

The best choice of small props liquidity is not so strong, the amount is not too much, or pick up some trouble. You can also refrigerate the props in advance for a while, and then put them on the body to feel the excitement of the “double sky of ice and fire”.

18.Undress with your mouth

Fix your hands, and then use your mouth and tongue to slowly strip and roll off the clothes on your TA. At the same time, you may wish to placate your TA’s sensitive area by shoplifting. If there is music, it is icing on the cake. They should wear clothes of moderate thickness, otherwise it will not take them five or six hours to undress.

19.Shave each other’s hair

While it may sound strange to shave each other’s hair, the process can be very intense and exciting, and the tension and shame of handing over your most important and sensitive parts to your partner will make your blood boil. It’s more about new visuals, new experiences.

20.Tease to death

Pick a dark night, wear sexy underwear, tease each other, but do not touch each other’s underside (you can touch), refrain from doing it. Who can’t stand the initiative first, give each other a big red envelope. This is a very cheap game, you can use everything you can think of, soft, hard, dry, wet to pick each other up.

The first time to wear sexy underwear is her boyfriend’s birthday, to prepare for this birthday for a long time, bought a pile of roses on the bed, a pile of balloons under the bed, a few strings of lights in the corner of the flashing, and then I put on the maid costume standing in the middle. When my boyfriend came home, his expression was very calm, but I could feel his surging little heart beating faster, and then he asked me to pose for a long time to take photos, and then after three o ‘clock in the morning, I slept until noon the next day, and washed the sheets and quilts all afternoon……

spicy underware shops

spicy underware shops

21.Pause in time

One side does not move, the other side desperately seduces, the seduced person will be like time suspended, not move at all! (blinks at most). For example, if the guy doesn’t move, the girl does her best to seduce him, such as doing a strip dance, kissing and eating him. Believe that time has stopped and he has no idea what you’re doing, so let go of all shyness. Or the girls lie down, the boys lick all over the body, the girls can not make a sound oh, move even if lost, to accept the punishment.

22.Scene of the crime

The gameplay is similar to the “Time pause” game above, where one side is a cop and one side is a corpse. The body lay on the ground and could not move, otherwise the body would be fraudulent. The police first drew white lines around the body, then took photos for evidence, and finally the autopsy… Hey, hey, hey.

23.Endurance challenge

Help each other hand or mouth, the first to reach the top is the loser. While the winner gets to ask for a reward, watch the other person laugh, or take a small adventure, the loser has to do what the other person says.

24.Egg-hopping reading

A little game that became popular a few years ago. Let her read a book with a bouncing egg under her arm. On the surface, she sits and reads carefully, while what happens under the table is more interesting. Choose what books to read and what clothes to wear. According to statistics, people who have tried egg-jumping reading at present insist on three or four minutes, the longest can insist on 11 minutes. In addition, the game can also be reversed to play boys…

25.Delayed gratification

The two have an emotional sex first, but as long as the man feels he is about to disarm, stop the sex, to cool down, then start a new round of sex. You can even use binding to increase the impatience of discontent, and do this for at least an hour or more, and then let the cake tide build up for the last time.

26.Latin dance

Latin dance, that is, the girl pulls the boy a special part to do a variety of technical movements, Latin “Din” dance has a lot of ways to play, here are three popular science.

● Girls control the “steering wheel”, boys when the coach shouted commands, such as first gear, second gear, brake, girls according to the password copy the corresponding action. Hang the hand gear is very suitable for the friends who are learning to drive, but do not too hard, after all, the “steering wheel” is fragile, to cherish.

● The girls hold a certain position while the boys do various gymnastic moves with the girls, such as the low back, handstand, splits, Thomas roundabout and so on.

● Prepare a small script in which the boy plays the teacher and is responsible for telling the story and the girl is responsible for “acting out” the story. When it comes to the wind, the girls slowly provoke, when it comes to the raindrops, the girls begin to move at a constant speed, the light rain becomes a drizzle, the girls begin to accelerate, it rains heavily, the girls move at full speed, the heavy rain comes, the boys launch a counter-attack……

27.Scene from the Movie

Each of you choose a movie you like, enjoy it together, and then start your imitation show, the action, the sound, and even the scene can be copied.

Or simply choose a movie for adults and play the role in the movie. Try a new posture, groan more boldly, and change the location of shyness, such as the sofa, carpet, bathroom, etc., to bring a different sense of novelty and excitement than the usual shy.

In addition to the poses, you can also level up the challenge, try out the gameplay, and use new items. It doesn’t matter if you’re a little rusty, but if you explore together, you may discover a new style of cake. Remember to experiment slowly and be safe.

28.The Animal World

Find a documentary about animals and imitate animal play, roughhouse, mating together, or take turns to imitate each other, not only to adjust the atmosphere, but also fun.

29.The mirror game

Set a time period during which you will do whatever they do. The game is simple, but the mix of anticipation, fear, and shame is easy to get excited about.

30.Timed game

For example, set five minutes, then start the game, one party serves the other party, but once three minutes is up, they have to stop and switch roles. This cycle is repeated three or four times, and at the end of each time, the person being served becomes more excited and more interested.

31.The Kiss Challenge

Send out an invitation for a back-to-back kiss challenge. Tease and tangle with your partner’s mouth with your tongue, and hold the watch for at least an hour. Believe that neither of you will give up first. If you don’t give in, you can kiss for longer.

32.Rock-paper-scissors on the tongue

In a normal kissing position, both kiss with their mouths closed and hum “rock, paper, scissors” together. Rock is to shut up, scissors is to stick your tongue out, paper is to gently open your mouth. Play this game and the atmosphere will slowly heat up, so be sure to play it in your private space.

33.Tit for tat

Have you ever bitten someone when you were so excited that you couldn’t help it? Actually, pain can cause excitement to a certain extent. You can try making rows of small marks on each other’s shoulders, waist, and side, but try not to hurt each other too much and see who leaves the marks longer. Never bite your partner, or it will backfire.

34.Change the space

You can choose a secret, small space, such as the wardrobe, the car, under the table, under the pressure of space, if coupled with the rules of the face time game, absolutely more than the usual passion one hundred times, the narrow space will also let each other have a sense of stimulation of cheating.

35.Go somewhere else

Want to be more exciting, change a place shy, such as the car, locker room, public toilet, balcony, roof, park, river and other places, shame full ah, recommended around the morning, pay attention to whether there is a camera around. It was exciting. It was awesome.

36.Change the inside of the bar

Pick an ordinary working day, each other for each other to choose one of their own underwear to let TA wear out for a whole day, if willing, can quietly in the company’s toilet to take photos of TA, the kind of impatient and helpless little mood hold on a day, after going home must have a different play.

37.Brush your teeth Play

Concerned about the quadratic should all know that there is such a brushing Play, in fact, is a person to brush another person’s teeth, it is said that this can stimulate TA’s sense of helplessness, shame, personally feel blindfolded more feeling. Plus, it’s all about posture…

● Front position: two people sit or stand, the upper body are upright. This is the most common pose. The advantage is to be able to look directly at the TA, because the brush can avoid and resist, is conducive to reducing their fear of helplessness, suitable for beginners.

● Back position: the person who brushes is located behind the person who is brushed, the front can be placed in the mirror. The advantage is that it can force the brushing person to observe his/her state of being brushed, and the brushing person can also observe the state of the brushing person through the mirror.

● The person brushed supine in suppressive position, and the person brushed was OTL-shaped above it. It’s easy to transition from normal position to this position. The advantage is that the brushing person can completely clamp the scope of activity of the brushing person, enhance the sense of pressure, but pay attention to the kicking crotch of the brushing person counterattack.

38.Exchange of sex

The game is very simple, it is the man pretend to be the woman, she pretend to be the man. You can play each other as you like, and then switch roles when you’re done playing.

39.Role playing

Choose a special outfit in advance, depending on your partner’s preferences. Maid, teacher, flight attendant, nurse, etc. Men are visual animals, visual seduction is the most intuitive and exciting, put on a sexy or cute uniform, role play is more than half of the success.

Contribute some of the easiest role-playing themes: cold nurse vs. submissive patient, domineering president vs. arrogant peppa secretary, arrogant master vs. cute maid (handsome deacon)……

Can choose and daily personality contrast larger set, play up more exciting. If the girl is usually royal sister type, can change into maid dress, in the morning at the head of the bed soft wake him up “master, breakfast is ready, hurry up and enjoy it”. If you are usually a gentle soft girl type of girls, you can put on his shirt, suit (vacuum and lower body disappear suit effect is better yo), wall dong he staged the story of domine female president.

The point of role-playing is to immerse yourself in the character and the atmosphere you are playing. Don’t rush to the next step, only to be tempted and not eat, because he or she will be braver.

And then there’s a new idea for role-playing, which is a little bit shameful, but still fun to play with, called “Having sex with an alien,” and instead of dressing up as a weird alien, you pretend you’re an alien who has entered a human body, and you don’t know how to use a human body, and you don’t know how to have sex. He or she is an expert and will slowly teach you how to do foreplay and sex.

40.Creative Passion

If you’re a little creative, or want to start role-playing and don’t know how. Start by writing your own role-playing script. Write something you’re excited about, put simple dialogue in it, show it to your partner, discuss the possibilities, decide on a version you can try, and act it out.

It’s best to start with as complete a character set as possible, but with fewer scenes and dialogue, so it’s easier to get started. Or play play, one person to write a paragraph for the other person to follow, also very interesting, don’t write too complicated! Not really creating! Just living the X life for a while!

If you really lack literary flair, find a novel, take a plot…

41.Stimulus call

This is exciting, but play it discreetly. You can ask them to make a call to someone else, and then you can flirt with them or even have sex with them. Thrilling and shameful. Be careful not to make strange noises.

But don’t call your parents, colleagues, etc… If you don’t control it, it will be too embarrassing. Don’t make harassing phone calls. The suggestion is to make a reservation number and then slowly announce your order.

42.Vacuum shopping

The most common intro to the Expose collection is to choose from a vacuum upper, lower or upper and lower body, and to choose a dress or skirt, preferably in a city where you don’t know anyone. If you have to be in your own city, then choose a slightly later time, less crowded place.

43.Stimulate the kitchen

Both get naked, put on aprons, and cook together. It is recommended to make something quick and easy and high in protein. Lots of protein can make people more energetic and motivated. Buy a steak, marinate it yourself, and fry it. Salad desserts are optional. Of course, red wine is a must, the curtains are drawn, only the table light is on, take the trouble to light the candles. Then, you can feed each other steaks, exchange wine mouth to mouth, or spread wine on shy places.

44.Pretend to peep

You know, the kind of movies that two or three people do. They hide under the bed, in the closet, they pretend not to know, do what makes them happy, no problem to stimulate their desire to peep and TA’s desire for exposure.

45.Video call

Although under the same roof, but also can play a long-distance relationship, to make a particularly interesting video call, the content of the video can be simply cooking, taking a bath, going to the bathroom, or can be a comfort to yourself, have a unique taste.

46.Primitive life

If it’s just the two of you and the house is warm, try going naked for a day or simply covering your private parts and going about your normal life, like cooking or working. It was shameful at first, but it was amazing. Hang in there a little longer and see what happens. Maybe some of you have a sudden love affair with streaking.

47.Unbox toys

Both sides agreed to hide from each other, to each other to pick a will let each other can’t wait to use toys, may be egg, airplane cup and so on, express after the first do not open, and so on to the agreed time after play together “unbox”, the kind of mood can’t wait to use will be absolutely exciting ah! In addition to buying toys, you can also let your partner choose a sexy underwear they want to see you wear, and occasionally let their eyes eat ice cream, is also very important fun ah.

Erotic Toys Shops

Erotic Toys Shops

48.Guess address book

Open the address book friends and cover the profile picture, each other guess the gender of friends, male guess right in, guess wrong out, until the end. In and out, the woman is thirsty, the man is uncomfortable, two people want more, hanging each other’s appetite, if can’t stand it, don’t play the game, go in don’t come out, start moving.

49.Drip wax

Light SM is actually a traditional form of play that is quite common in life, not as rare as you might think. Prepare special candles, wet towels, sheets, and fire emergency plan to play. It is recommended to start at a height of 30cm and gradually shorten the distance. The location of the drops, first in the low sensitive area, then in the highly sensitive area, be careful not to drop on the hair, it is very troublesome to clean.

50.Love egg twister

Most of the games above can be directly added to the novelty, but after all, they are only at home to play small games. If you love your partner very much, in addition to the sex, you should also add a little fun in your daily life, so that the inside and outside can be consistent. Recommend a love egg twist machine, is very simple, very lovely, very interesting a little bauble, very suitable for use in love.

capsule machine

capsule machine

51.Share in advance

Be sure to share this to TA, everyone together to choose the most suitable for their games, after all, some things don’t ask, you don’t know where the bottom line of TA, don’t originally in order to enhance feelings, but was TA as a pervert.


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