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Geeks! Me Smart Watch | Sex Life Mentor

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LGeeks! The me smart watch is a very magical smart watch launched by the Spanish Geeksphone company. In addition to the standard function of tracking steps, calories and other related indexes, which are common smart watches, it also has the function of monitoring and recording users’ slapping behavior, and will provide guidance according to the recorded data! Yes, the smart watch will teach you how to do it. Ha ha ha, why do you think Ya tube is too wide!


geeksme watch

Geeks! There are four preset modes for me: exercise (g! Fitness), sleep (g! Sleep), environment (g! Ecological) and sex (g! Love). Not to mention sports, sleep and environment, most smart watches have functions. Just talk about the sexual mode, Geeks! Me can record the duration, intensity, calories and fat burning of the user’s bed exercise, and generate statistical charts by week, month and year. Sex life is under control.

In the sex mode, different animals will be used to mark the user’s performance in bed sports, such as turtles, hedgehogs, penguins, rabbits, dogs, octopuses, lions, elephants, tigers, unicorns, etc. Please make up your own performance


Geeksme slider APP animal

I really want to interview the feelings of users who are marked as tortoises……

It must be noted that this watch currently has only English, Spanish and French APPs, but no Chinese. However, you should be able to understand the basic English. You need to find your own way to download the Android APP from Google Play.

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