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Build a papa carry-on bag, and be prepared to avoid embarrassment

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With the growth of age and experience, it is no longer the restlessness of hormones that can jump out of the body at any time when I was in my early twenties. Now I can control my life and start to pursue the quality of life. In the matter of sex, I am no longer satisfied with pretending to watch a movie in the cinema but using my hands and feet below, and I am no longer anxious to slap mosquitoes while having sex in public toilets or in the wild.

The requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, and sex is something that cannot be let go: the set temperature, soft quilt, gentle and seductive smell… etc., but not every time There is enough time or environment to prepare, such as a sudden invitation from a girlfriend when you are about to get off work, or a hint from a chance encounter with a high school girlfriend just after socializing.

The real masters are those who can maintain the greatest calmness in the face of such emergencies. The reason why they are calm is that they will prepare a “Papa Bag” with them in case of emergencies, even if they do not pack it at any time. , there is at least one case in the wallet.

Today I would like to share with you, what are the things that are worth putting in your “Papa Bag”, which are not only useful but also easy to use, and can be used in emergencies without losing taste.

1. The first is the “package” itself

This bag doesn’t need to be too delicate or too big, it’s best to be simple, low-key, and pragmatic. In daily life, even if it is turned over or taken out, it won’t attract attention, but it must be waterproof and pressure-resistant. I personally use the “overnight bag” given when I fly, a reduced version of the RIMOWA suitcase

papapa carry bagIn addition to being simple and beautiful, the hard shell design can also protect the contents inside well.

2. Lubricant

Different people have different constitutions and different degrees of secretion of lubrication, and they are also easily affected by the venue and atmosphere. And now the air conditioner is turned on indoors in summer and winter, whether it is hot wind or cold wind, it is easy to cause dryness and affect sex. During foreplay, proper use of a little lubricating fluid can improve a lot of sexual happiness index.

Although there are many lubricating fluids on the market, I have mentioned lubricating fluids in detail in other articles before, but in order to reduce the possibility of discomfort, I recommend choosing the most basic, water-based lubricating fluid with good texture and simple ingredients. Of course, it would be even better if it was portable. You don’t have to worry about getting on the high-speed rail or the plane. Cucumber has made special arrangements for these issues before. Click here “Can lubricating fluid be brought on the plane?” 20 Questions You Can’t Ask About Lubricants”.

I personally use wet stuff in a portable package. The outer package is about the same size as the condom package. One bag at a time is enough, but the price is slightly more expensive.


Another popular option is the silicone-based lubricant from überlube. Compared with water-based lubricants, silicon-based lubricants are not used by many people in China. The advantage is long-lasting lubrication, which does not require frequent reapplying like water-based lubricants. Another feature is that it is waterproof, even if you take a bath in the bathtub, it will not be diluted or washed away.

papapa carry bagThe bottle design of überlube is also very textured, and there is also a portable bottle, so that you can put it in your carry-on bag without being afraid of being crushed or squeezed.

For daily use, it is better to use a large bottle, which is more cost-effective. For brands, you can refer to the 15 lubricating fluid brands summarized by Cucumber, all of which are well-known and professional lubricating fluid brands.

3. Underpants

As far as sex is concerned, underwear is definitely a first-class battlefield. If you usually only wear wide-mouth boxers in the store, then you must prepare a shirt for yourself in your carry-on bag. Whether it is Zhihu or various WeChat public accounts, they all earnestly guide male friends not to underestimate this “inner beauty”. Once the pants are taken off, it will definitely affect the sex of the other party, not to mention wearing them all day long. The smelly smell needs the other party to be considerate, there is no such thing, do you see this kind of “first impression” next time!

In recent years, there are more and more men’s underwear brands in China, which can produce confusing magic effects just like girls’ underwear. The special tailoring design can make your “weapon” look more majestic. For example, Australia’s aussiebum has a series of underwear that can be raised forward.

For myself, I prefer Andrew Christian’s tight-fitting short corners. Not only are the materials comfortable, the shape is generous, and it is also the most error-prone style. Not only can it avoid the old-school impression of tight briefs, but it can also highlight the lines of the thighs while wrapping the buttocks.

papapa carry bagSpain’s Addicted is also very good, with more emphasis on sexual characteristics and thigh muscles, rich colors, and more enthusiasm.

Marco Marco, who is good at using colors and fluorescent lights, is another very interesting option. The tight and strict suit shirts on the outside usually look wild and playful after taking them off. This strong contrast effect helps to enhance the Girls’ sexual arousal index.

4. Breath fresheners

The quality of breath is a key factor affecting the sexual happiness index. Now who doesn’t work overtime and stay up all night, and the turbidity accumulated in the body is often difficult to detect by oneself. Although chewing gum has a certain removal effect, I think it is not enough if used alone. Fortunately, there are many portable mouthwashes. It is more intimate when showing tongue kung fu.

If the bad breath is serious, you can try something like BREATH PEARLS to get rid of bad breath. If you want to know more about it, click here “What to do about bad breath?” Why not try these 3 sharp weapons from abroad”.

papapa carry bag5. Condoms

I don’t need to say much about the importance of condoms, but how to show taste and texture on the basis of suiting oneself is not something everyone can notice. I always keep Okamoto 004, which is very comfortable, but the roots are a bit tight, and 004 is more friendly to women, and I can feel the existence of each other more truly, and the internal communication is closer. But when using it, be careful not to put air in it, or it will really break for you to see! If you don’t like it, you can take a look here. I have talked about condoms before. (Extended reading: After an afterthought, let’s talk about the interesting history of condoms)

wet stuff PortableIn addition, like lubricating fluid, simple ones are good, not too complicated, especially those with large particles and hot irritation, I really don’t recommend them.

6. Delay solution

Although it is said that high-quality sex does not necessarily have to be long-lasting, it would be a pity if the end came too soon and many skills have not had time to be used. Dr. Love from Germany is a brand I like. It has a history of more than 30 years and has maintained super high quality. In addition to the lubricating fluid that has been winning international awards, their delay spray is also quite famous, and It is a herbal formula that is not numbing. The special formula will not make you numb, but continue to enjoy the pleasure, but can not surrender so quickly. The 20ml portable packaging is small and secret, but the disadvantage is that it is not easy to buy in China.

papapa carry bagIn everything, opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, and those who are prepared are more likely to create opportunities. Sex, even if it is temporary, can achieve the best experience because of your plan. Seeing this, don’t you start preparing your papa carry-on bag?

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