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” Cuddly Bird” Cuddly Bird with full-level camouflage skills, let me talk about my experience of using it for several months

by nadlia
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The thing is, we don’t have the habit of closing the door at home, and we usually don’t close the door if people are not around, but family members are not very good at entering the room.

But when I got home last night, my dad told me: “Turn off the light in your room when you go out during the day, don’t waste electricity.”

I was startled: “Night lights? I don’t have any night lights, aren’t you talking about Doudou?”

After entering the room, I found that the Doudou bird on the dressing table was picked up and placed on the table, and then my father continued to say: “Your one should be placed in the corridor, so that grandpa won’t lose sight of the way when he gets up to go to the bathroom at night.”

God, Dad, that’s not a night light, it’s a toy for your daughter to play at night. Fortunately, Dad didn’t continue to talk about putting it in the corridor, and I don’t plan to tell him what it is? hehe.

Because I live with my family, I looked through a lot of review articles to find a quieter toy, especially after my ex-boyfriend turned on my sex switch, I basically want it once every night. It’s not easy for me to be trendy, so my goal is to find a sex toy that is quiet but not easy to be found. I bought it and the usage rate is about 90%. It’s strong that this night light on the surface makes me bloody. Doudou.

Cuddly Bird brilliantly combines egg-vibrating and sucking functions, pulsating sucking without losing the gentleness of the tongue and lips, frequency conversion vibration, changing the position to have a different experience. Its motor is in the center of the whole body, so the vibration is not limited to a certain place, that is to say, each block can get an average vibration. Although the vibration is loud, the sound is not loud. Reasons for home use.

The method of use is intuitive and simple. There are only two buttons at the bottom, which control the vibration and suction of the machine respectively. There are three stages in the suction mode. At the beginning, I only dare to use the weakest stage. It is super numbing, and the whole body is shaking. At that time, I used it very frequently, and sometimes I even had to come twice a night. As a result, after playing for about a month, I didn’t feel much about a section. Although it was still bad, I would get the scrap first. I have been using the second stage for a few months now, and I don’t know if I will only be satisfied with the strongest mode if I continue to play.

The whole body of the body is waterproof, and the base is magnetically charged. After cleaning, you only need to put the bird on it and it will automatically charge. During the charging process, there will be a light like a breathing rate, just like a bedside lamp.

The window of my room can see the stadium, and the passionate boys who like to watch the stadium at night, leaning against the window and holding the Doudou bird vigorously vibrated their lips and pussy, and finally sucked the Doudou, God, it was so cool.

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