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“Little Rooster” can get you up on time without getting up, but only for women

by nadlia
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LEvery morning, I always have to set a lot of alarms. If I can’t wake up, or if I wake up, I will be pressed off. Do I have to cycle in the sleepy mode for several rounds before I leave the soft bed reluctantly? Now there is a new alarm clock with a big brain hole, so that you can get up “instantly” on time every day, and at the same time get physical pleasure and satisfaction.

This alarm clock called Little Rooster is different from any alarm clock you have ever seen in your life, whether it is its shape or the way it is used. When in use, it must be placed in the inner panties, and at the set time in the morning, it will wake you up in its own way. At the beginning, it is a gentle vibration, and gradually increase the frequency and intensity of the vibration, so that you have to get up in a burst of numbness.

Well, it is actually an improved sex toy, with a total of 7 vibration modes and 30 vibration intensities, so that you can match your favorite vibration method as you like. Lightweight and quiet, you can even take it with you when you travel, without worrying about being found out about your little secret.

By the way, it’s not just for waking you up, you know.

No more getting up irritability, wake up every day in a good mood.

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