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Human Lubricant Selection Guide | From selection, use to precautions, answer all your questions about lubricants

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LMany people disdain the use of lubricants, thinking that this thing can be completely self-sufficient, this view is right or wrong. For most people, especially young people, it is true that there is no lubricant for normal exercise, but if you have used it, you will find that this thing can greatly improve the life happiness index.

For this point, it is not only the discovery of modern people. Historically, China and Japan have made yams into jelly-like things as lubricating fluids during intercourse, and some people even use fresh yam mucus to lubricate.

Why do you need a lubricant?

Not everyone is able to maintain sufficient water in life, and not everyone can maintain a high level of performance all the time. When encountering girls who have not fully aroused their desires, or are stressed and physically exhausted, girls may not be able to produce enough water. Friction at this time can cause pain or even damage to girls.

Putting aside the physical needs, if there is a lubricant, it can reduce the friction, make the interaction between the two people more durable, increase the pleasure, and renovate many new tricks. Moreover, many toys require the cooperation of lubricating fluid to exert a strong curative effect.

However, having enough lubricant does not mean that it will be easy to enter, especially when it is the first time for a girl. The muscles in the boulevard are also very strong. A sufficient amount of lubricant does not mean that the muscles are relaxed enough. At this time, it is necessary to do a good job of foreplay patiently and let the girls relax as much as possible before they can enter slowly.

What types of lubricants are there?

At present, lubricants are mainly divided into three categories: oil-based, water-based, and silicon-based. Generally, lubricants will mark which type they belong to on the packaging, which is convenient for everyone to choose. Let’s talk about these different types of lubricants one by one.

Oil-based lubricants, also known as oil-based lubricants, generally contain mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbons, animal and vegetable oils, and the like. At present, it is very rare in the market. Generally, it is used in digital rectal examination in hospitals. It is not used much in daily life. Lubricants can dissolve latex condoms, increasing the risk of the condom breaking and falling off, and oil-based lubricants can easily remain in the body, causing infection and inflammation. However, if the lubrication time is long, oil-based lubricants are better than the following water-based and silicon-based lubricants.

Water-based lubricants are water-soluble products, also known as water-soluble lubricants. The main components are water, glycerin, cellulose ether, etc., which are very close to water in shape, usually colorless and transparent, and are currently the most common on the market. lubricant. The acidity and viscosity are close to the liquid secreted by the human body, and it feels more real.

Water-based lubricants are very easy to clean up afterward, simply rinsing with water or even wiping with a paper towel. Water-based lubricants are non-greasy, do not leave color on clothes, are less likely to cause allergies, and are safe to use with condoms and small toys.

However, water-based lubricants are not without disadvantages. Although they are safe and convenient to use, they are very volatile, so the lubrication time is relatively short. Generally, the lubrication effect is lost in about 15 minutes, so sometimes it has to be reapplied halfway. While water-based lube looks like water, it’s definitely not water.

The main component of silicon-based lubricants is silicone resin. Compared with water-based lubricants, it has higher viscosity, strong waterproof ability, and is not easy to volatilize. Therefore, the lubricating effect of silicon-based lubricants is longer and will not dissolve. set. However, it is relatively troublesome to clean it afterward. Paper towels must be messy. You need to use soap, shower gel and other things to wash it off. Moreover, in terms of use experience, it is actually not as good as water-based lubricants.

Relatively speaking, silicon-based lubricants are far less popular than water-based lubricants in China because, as mentioned above, they are not easy to clean. However, in Europe and the United States, the sales of water-based lubricants are much larger. The main reason is that people can play. Because silicon-based lubricants are waterproof, they are especially suitable for underwater sports, such as bathrooms, bathtubs, and swimming pools. is where it charges. Plus, because of its long-lasting lubricity, intense friction doesn’t wear off easily, so if you’re developing certain areas of your body, it works better than water-based lubes.

However, there are also precautions when using silicon-based lubricants. Silicon-based lubricants must not be used with small toys made of pure silica gel, because pure silica gel will be dissolved by it, just like oil-based lubricants dissolve condoms. . Of course, under normal circumstances, there will be no problem, because small toys on the market are rarely made of pure silicone. Also, be aware that silicone-based lubricants can be difficult to clean if they get on clothing.

Lubricant price difference?

In terms of price, oil-based lubricants are generally the cheapest; water-based lubricants are slightly more expensive; silicon-based lubricants are generally much more expensive, and are mainly used by gay groups and some advanced players in China. Generally speaking, lubricants worth 20 or 30 yuan are only suitable for masturbation. If it is sex, at least 50 yuan or more. By the way, be sure to choose a legitimate brand.

In fact, in addition to the above classification according to its ingredients, some lubricants will add some special ingredients to create products with special feelings such as heat, cold, pepper, mint, and so on. Specifically, choose according to your own needs. Lubricants with a sense of heat and cold may not feel too much for most people, and a small number of people with sensitive constitutions may prefer this type of lubricant. On the contrary, the peppermint feeling will be much stronger. Of course, it is still not as good as Mofeng Youjing.

In addition to different touches, many lubricants also add different fragrances, such as common bananas, oranges, cherries, blueberries, and even jasmine and durian. In addition, there is also an edible lubricant, and some have added different flavors, but most of them don’t taste very good, but there are also high-end products that taste good, as mentioned below.

In addition, there is also a special lubricant for men to help the penis erect. Although it feels very powerful, don’t expect too much, it is just an auxiliary function, and more importantly, you need to massage yourself.

Although there are many lubricants, some people choose olive oil, petroleum jelly, baby oil, etc. instead of lubricants from an economic point of view. But in fact, lubricants are not necessarily much more expensive than these things, and they are also safer, because olive oil, petroleum jelly, and baby oil are all oil-based, which will dissolve latex condoms, and it is easy If it remains in the body, it will change the pH value of the private parts, disrupt the micro-ecological balance, and lead to the imbalance of the flora. The consequences are self-imagining, and the lubrication effect is really not good! There is another type of people who use saliva, which is really useless. You are not a water baby, you can’t spit out so much water, and you give girls a very bad impression.

How to use lubricant?

For two people, how to use it is up to you to figure it out. Let’s focus on how to use lubricants when using small toys.

Pour the lubricant into the palm of your hand first, rub it back and forth with your palm, and when you feel the temperature rise, apply them evenly on the small toy. If you use something like a massage stick, remember to apply it to the entire part that touches the body, and it should look smooth in the end, not watery. But don’t rub too much, because it will dry out after rubbing for a long time.

If it is to lubricate the masturbation cup, it is necessary to apply lubricant to the inlet edge and inside of the mascara cup, and it cannot be poured in directly. Otherwise, if it is a through-type masturbation cup, it will enter from the top and exit from the bottom. What’s more, you don’t need to use too much, and you can replenish it as you use it.

With so many lubricants, how do you choose the best one?

Choose big brands, although these things are for external use, but after all, if you want to use them on such sensitive parts, you still need to be more self-respecting. In addition, the quality of many small brands is not very good, whether it is touch or lubrication durability is not as good as big brand products.

Some Tips for Using Lubricants

When using water-based lubricant, you can pour a little water into it to make it more lubricated.

If you use lubricant in summer, you can put the lubricant in the refrigerator to freeze for a while, and then take it out for use. Don’t have a little fun.

Lubricant is easy to absorb dust in the air, so remember to seal it after use.

Using an edible lube while biting may sound like it will affect the taste, but in fact, the lube can provide enough moisture so that the girl’s jaw will not be so tired.

Frequently asked questions about lubricants

1. Can the lubricant be eaten?

Human body lubricants are different from mechanical lubricants. A small amount of accidental ingestion generally does not cause discomfort in the body, except for oil-based lubricants. If you really need a lubricant that your mouth touches during play, it is recommended to choose a food-grade lubricant. There are also different flavors to choose from, but the general taste is not delicious, and nothing will happen if you just eat it question. But there are premium versions of edible lubricants, too, and Shunga has a chocolate flavor that’s good.

2. Are lubricants harmful to the human body?

Water-based and silicone-based lubricating fluids are generally safe for external use, and there are almost no adverse reactions, but it is not ruled out that some people will be allergic to them. Although it is safe, there are still some points that need attention. Some lubricants will add antiseptic and disinfectant component N-9 (full name nonoxynol-9, Chinese name nonoxynol ether-9), an antibacterial agent, which is effective against 3 kinds of lactic acid bacteria It has a lethal effect and can destroy the epithelial cells of the avenue and rectum. So if you see this kind of substance in the composition of the lubricant, put it back on the shelf.

3. Can I use lubricants if I am trying to conceive?

Although many people recommend not to use lubricants when preparing for pregnancy, in fact, most lubricants on the market do not contain spermicides. Some manufacturers have tried adding spermicides to lubricants before, but the actual effect is worrying. Therefore, the general use of lubricating fluid does not affect pregnancy preparation. If you are still not at ease, try to choose a big-name, colorless and odorless water-based lubricant.

4. Can I use lubricants during breastfeeding?

During postpartum lactation, women have low estrogen levels, thin avenue walls, poor elasticity, less secretions, and are more prone to dryness; in addition, episiotomy during childbirth, the wound has not fully healed, if the first sexual life is more violent, it will Cause damage to the vagina, and some even cause the wound to dehisce, and even bleeding. Therefore, lubricants should be used as much as possible. In addition, pay attention to timing, and don’t lose control because you haven’t prescribed meat for a long time. Generally, it should be 42 days after delivery, and it is advisable to go to the hospital after the examination returns to normal.

5. What is the difference between massage oil and lubricant?

Generally, massage oil is used in places other than private parts and cannot be used as a lubricant. On the contrary, lubricants are only used in private parts. Although it can be applied to other places, it has no practical effect.

However, there is also a lubricant that integrates massage and lubrication functions. The viscosity is between massage oil and water-based lubricants, which can be used for both massage and private parts lubrication. The actual use effect is very good, but some people feel dry and sticky after use, in fact, just wash it off.

In addition, there are edible lubricants and edible massage oils.

6. Do girls need to wash the inside of the lubricant after using it?

Not only is it unnecessary, but try not to wash the inside, just wash the outside.

7. Is it true that some lubricants claim to add certain ingredients to prevent sexually transmitted diseases?

Fake, totally a scam.

8. Is long-term use of lubricants harmful to the body?

Under normal circumstances it will not, of course, the premise is not to use fake products.

9. Can lubricants be brought on board?

Airplane, subway, high-speed rail are all available

10. Can the lubricant not be washed?

If you are using a water-based lubricant, you can wipe it off. Generally speaking, most of the lubricants bought on the market are water-based lubricants.

11. Does the lubricant affect the contraceptive effect of the contraceptive suppository?

Won’t. Suppository is a kind of spermicide, which itself has a certain lubricating effect.

In fact, in terms of contraception, the use of condoms is more recommended. Because spermicide itself cannot prevent sexually transmitted diseases, at the same time, there will be discomfort such as burning sensation during use, and there is a certain probability of causing allergies or the risk of urinary system infection.

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