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“iroha stick” is a pretender in the lipstick world, but it is actually an undercover agent sent by Tiaodan

by nadlia
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LA few days ago, for Strawberry Not Sweet, I introduced the little toy with internal and external attack. I don’t know if you have already been surging, but after all, that toy is not small. Awkward. It’s the one below.

What I want to introduce to you today is relatively more restrained, even if someone finds out, it will not be embarrassing – unless the other party is an old driver. This iroha stick lipstick from TENGA (go to buy) has a very high camouflage, whether it is thrown at home or in a bag, it is generally not easy to attract the attention of others, especially suitable for unmarried girls. In addition, Womanizer is also especially for unmarried girls, and the experience is more domineering.

Before introducing iroha stick, let’s first understand the brand TENGA. TENGA is a masturbation cup-based adult product manufacturer established in Tokyo in 2005. It is well-known internationally, and its products have appeared in many film and television works. Although TENGA is a manufacturer of XX products for men, it has launched iroha series of XX products for women. At present, there are several products such as iroha, iroha+, iroha stick, iroha zen, iroha FIT and iroha mini. Although the number of products is small, But the designs of the products are very unique, and even the first time it is difficult for people to connect them with XX products.



Thanks to its unique shape and TENGA’s reputation, iroha was very popular with girls as soon as it was launched. In the first year of iroha’s launch, there was even a special apology letter issued due to insufficient preparation of TENGA and out of stock. . It can be said that this TENGA who understands men completely underestimated the needs of girls!

Then let’s talk about the iroha stick again. Although there are many places where it is introduced, all kinds of rhetoric are used to praise it, but after all, it is just a XX product and it is not perfect. Especially girls have different physiques and different needs, so it is inevitable that there will be oranges in Huainan and oranges in Huaibei.



In order to conform to the shape of the lipstick, iroha stick has enhanced camouflage and is more portable, but it has made compromises in size and function. Compared with ordinary vibrating eggs, the size of iroha stick is shorter, the straight shape is not ergonomic, there is no heating function, the G-spot cannot be stimulated, the noise is louder, there is only one vibration mode, etc., all are iroha sticks Shortcomings.

But it’s not all bad. Judging from the design of the iroha stick cherry blossom petals, it should be used and only used for in vitro stimulation. This design can more directly stimulate girls’ small peas, especially girls whose skin is too long and the peas are not exposed. The design of the cherry blossom petals can be said to be very clever.

The front of the iroha stick is designed with a relatively soft silicone, but the texture is still a little hard. For especially sensitive girls, it may be more painful if you are not careful. It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant. If you don’t know much about lubricating fluid, you can poke the following article to make up for the relevant knowledge.

The lower half of the battery is made of PC plastic. In terms of power and battery life, the iroha stick only needs one AAA dry battery, which can keep vibrating at the maximum intensity for 5 hours, which is enough for ordinary girls.



In terms of intensity adjustment, the iroha stick uses a stepless adjustment switch. Generally speaking, the vibration strength can be adjusted smoothly instead of jumping. The advantage is that girls can find the intensity that suits them best, but the disadvantage is that it takes a little effort to adjust. However, since it is driven by only 1 dry battery, the vibration intensity is definitely not in the same order of magnitude as compared to similar products that have to be charged with 4 batteries at every turn.

In terms of waterproofing, the iroha stick is waterproof for life and can be used in water as deep as 0.5 meters. Girls who like to take a bath can also have fun in the water. Of course, this level of waterproofing is completely free from the impact of the girl’s waves.

Overall, iroha stick is still a good choice for in vitro use. It directly stimulates the most sensitive adzuki beans and the surrounding circle, and it is relatively easy to achieve in vitro tide. But if you want to quickly reach the tide, you need certain skills. The method is to use the opening of the cherry blossom petals to just clamp Xiaodoudou after turning on the strongest vibration, and then cooperate with a certain manual.

In fact, the iroha stick is more suitable for playing in a sitting position. Sitting on the toilet seat will stimulate desire in minutes. The tingling feeling of the small beans after the tide can last for 30 minutes, but public toilets are still unnecessary, because the noise is still not small, estimated at 40 decibels about.

Seeing this, why don’t you get yourself one? After all, it only costs a few dozen dollars, and you can’t lose money or be fooled, so click here to buy it!

If you still have questions about whether such toys will affect your sensitivity, you can click the following article to find out.

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