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Make good use of these brands of vagina reduction balls, as tight as you were eighteen years old

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LVaginal reduction balls, also called vaginal dumbbells, vaginal yoga balls, smart balls, the exact name is Kegel balls, generally recommended by postpartum doctors for rehabilitation, mainly to solve the problem of postpartum vaginal relaxation, but vaginal reduction balls It does not have the function of shrinking the vagina, it is just a kind of fitness equipment. There are still some topical medicines on the market that are said to have the effect of shrinking yin. In this case, it is just a matter of opinion.

The original intention of the invention of the vagina shrinking ball is to strengthen the contraction ability of the vagina and prevent urinary incontinence in the elderly by training the pelvic floor muscles in the female vagina. But the unexpected harvest is that if women have strong pelvic floor muscles, they can increase the experience of sex to a certain extent. Because the pelvic floor muscles are the same as the muscles in other parts of the body, through exercise, people can feel the feeling of exertion and gain a sense of control. When making love, they can consciously control the muscles to tighten and relax. In other words, Can make your private parts more compact.

If you have practiced to the extreme in this aspect, you can breathe out small balls at a light level, and you can break cucumbers in seconds at a high level. There was once a girl abroad who was able to lift dumbbells after exercising… If you are interested, you can search for videos to watch.

| How the vagina shrink ball works

In terms of working principle, the vaginal reduction balls on the market can be roughly divided into three categories: passive vaginal reduction balls, electric vaginal reduction balls, and active vaginal reduction balls.

passive penis reduction ball
Passive vaginal reduction balls are the most traditional vaginal reduction balls, usually a set of two balls, each with a small metal ball wrapped in rubber. When using it, put the yin shrinking ball into the female body. When people walk, run or do other activities, the ball will bounce and hit the ball, and the ball will vibrate through the impact to stimulate muscle contraction, so as to achieve the effect of exercise.

This is the working principle of the most traditional yin shrinking ball. Its power comes from the user itself, so to use this kind of yin shrinking ball, you must “move”. Lying flat or sitting is useless.

kegel exercise

kegel exercise

Electric pussy reduction ball

It can be seen from the literal that the power of the electric vagina shrinking ball comes from “electricity”, and the battery drives the motor to generate vibration and cause muscle contraction. Compared with the passive yin shrinking ball, the electric yin shrinking ball can also complete exercise when people are “not moving”, such as sitting quietly, reading a book, or watching TV. Electric vaginal shrinking balls generally have a built-in sensor to sense the strength of the muscles clamping the vaginal shrinking ball, and then automatically adjust the vibration amplitude.

On the surface, the electric penis shrinking ball looks like a vibrating egg, but the general vibration is very weak, which will not cause discomfort or arouse animal desires. By the way, the vibrating ball does not have the function of shrinking the genitals, but now some dynamic shrinking balls have the function of vibrating eggs.

active penis reduction
Generally, the volume is small, but the weight is not light, and it is solid and will not vibrate. It needs to rely on women to actively control the muscles of the private parts to achieve the purpose of exercise. It is a bit similar to the “Jade Egg Skill” in ancient legends. Women put jade stones of appropriate size into their bodies, adjust and control the position of jade stones in the body through muscle contraction, and then achieve the effect of exercising the pelvic floor muscles. There is no brand recommendation below, you can directly search for “Jade Egg Gong” from Papa Ma.

| Recommended brands of vagina shrink balls

At present, the most famous ball on the market is Luna ball, also known as Luna ball, which is a series of brands under the Swedish LELO company. The reason why it is so famous is that Taobao happened to be on the rise when it entered the country, and on the other hand, it has a lot of brand image and advertising promotion. There are two styles of Luna balls, one is the passive shrinking ball, Luna Beads; the other is the electric shrinking ball, Luna Smart Bead.

Luna Beads
Luna Beads has a total of 4 small balls, which can be combined into 6 combinations, suitable for different stages and step-by-step exercises. Start exercising with a single ball first, and then gradually increase the weight according to the progress. Generally, the entire exercise process takes about 4 months.

luna beads

luna beads

The combination of two different quality balls reduces the difficulty of getting started, makes the whole process easier to control, and is convenient for users. But the downside is that it is a little troublesome to clean, and the combined ball is relatively fragile. If the ball falls to the ground and breaks, there is no separate ball for sale.

Luna Smart Bead
The appearance of Luna Smart Bead is slightly flat, a bit like a small banana. Its vibration is very weak and will not arouse desire at all. The feature is that there is a very intelligent automatic evaluation system. The system has built-in 5 levels of vibration modes. Each exercise lasts for 5 minutes. After the end, it will evaluate the current usage and automatically set the vibration after the next boot. model. During a workout, the more pressure the Luna Smart Bead feels, the stronger the vibration the next time it is turned on.

luna smart bead

luna smart bead

The advantage is that it does not need to be used with activities like Luna Beads, and you can enjoy the process of slowly tightening while lying in bed. The disadvantage is that the vibration intensity is uncontrollable, and the exercise intensity cannot be adjusted freely. The exercise time is also rigid and only 5 minutes. If you want to increase the exercise, it is not convenient to take it in and out.

FUN Factory
SmartBall Duo is a product of FUNFactory in Germany. The market positioning of FUNFactory is comparable to that of LELO, and all products are produced in Germany. SmartBall Duo is a passive vagina reduction ball, available in three colors, red and white, purple and white, and black and red. The sphere and the drawstring are integrally formed. The upper sphere is slightly smaller and the head is slightly pointed. Compared with Luna’s perfectly round design, it is easier to put into the body and easier to clean.

martBall duo

martBall duo

SVAKOM is a fun brand in the United States. It entered China in 2012. Although it has only been a few years, its popularity in China is quite high. SVAKOM’s Nova vagina reduction ball is similar to the SmartBall Duo. It is also a passive vaginal reduction ball and is also formed in one piece, but the difference is that a set of Nova products has 3 or 4 vaginal reduction balls of different shapes, sizes, and weights , used for different stages.



A brand whose copywriting is very fraudulent, don’t introduce it, everyone knows it. Its vagina shrinking ball  is also passive, and it is also integrally formed and easy to clean. The product is similar to SVAKOM, a set of products contains two shrink balls, with different sizes and weights, suitable for different exercise stages.



IMTOY is also from the United States. It is a brand established in 2012. It is estimated that many people have seen its big banana. Its Candy shrink ball is the same as Luna Smart Bead, which is an electric shrink ball and has a force-sensitive function. Although the yin shrinking ball itself is a little shrunk and only has a single ball, it is the most high-end product among the products introduced in this article, and of course the price is also the most expensive.

IMTOY candy

IMTOY candy

IMTOY Candy not only has a corresponding APP that can collect body data synchronously, but also is the only penis shrinking ball with its own ultraviolet disinfection cabin on the market. Although it is an electric shrinking ball, the whole ball adopts the windless coupling technology, and the charging is magnetic (wireless) charging, without opening the battery, which is relatively more hygienic. On the other hand, IMTOY Candy’s exercise courses are completely customized according to the user’s situation, which is more reasonable and considerate.

It is highly recommended for girls whose vaginal wall is still recovering after childbirth. After all, it has its own disinfection cabin, and hygiene is more important than anything else. Moreover, the ultraviolet disinfection cabin makes storage more convenient and concealed.

| Suggestions for using the vaginal reduction ball

It is recommended to put it in for no more than 1 hour a day, and do some static exercise to help promote muscle contraction. Static exercise refers to small movements, such as doing housework, such as small yoga movements. For detailed usage methods, click “How to use the shrink ball? Explain in detail how to place the vaginal reduction ball, exercise tutorial, and the dangers of wrong use”.

If you are buying a set of shrinking balls with different weight combinations, remember to choose the most suitable weight for you. It is better to feel the weight when you put it in. If you don’t feel it at all when you put it in, build a replacement with a pressure sensor, which will be more clear. .

1. It may feel dry and uncomfortable for the first time, it is recommended to use it with lubricating fluid. If you are not familiar with lubricating fluid, make up for the following article.

2. When you feel that you can’t hold the ball and will fall down, you can exercise by standing still and contracting your genitals and buttocks.

3. Due to the characteristics of Asian women’s vagina, it is recommended not to do large-scale exercise such as running and jumping.

4. Do not exceed four hours each time, otherwise it will affect the health of the vaginal environment.

5. Lazy girls, you should buy the smart app’s penis reduction ball, because after all, this is a long-term exercise exercise

6. For those who are academically successful, Xiaocheng picks up bananas, and Dacheng breaks cucumbers, but you must persevere every day! ! ! ! ! The effect of ten days and a half months is not obvious.

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