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Super detailed LELO SONA in-depth evaluation, 8 advantages, 3 disadvantages, tell you all

by nadlia
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LIt’s been a long time since I felt so comfortable, and I’m very touched. This is an in-depth review about LELO SONA™ Cruise. Apart from the introduction of the toy itself, of course there will be my very subjective feelings.

The toys to be introduced in this article come from the famous LELO (to buy). I believe everyone has heard of it. A high-end sex toy company located in Stockholm, Sweden, is committed to producing high-value sex toys that people can proudly display. The most expensive of all my toys.

Check out our new friend SONA right now.

Strictly speaking, her full name is SONA™ Cruise. Hereinafter we will refer to it as SONA for short. There is also a general version without Cruise. As for the difference between whether there is Cruise or not, we will talk about it later.

Come see how beautiful she is.

lelo sona cruise

lelo sona cruise

I’m sure SONA’s appearance has considered ergonomics, because it’s so easy to hold, the perfect curvature, the smooth pink touch of high-grade silicone, even if you don’t play, it’s easy to play on your hand Healing, it is not embarrassing to be bumped into by others, because SONA is so beautiful, I hope I can show her off everywhere (students, please respect yourself).

SONA, you must be a work of art, right?

lelo sona cruise

lelo sona cruise

Almost all of LELO’s products are named after people. I don’t quite understand. Do we want us to treat products as our friends? But playing with my friends is still a bit embarrassing, although it’s not like I haven’t fantasized about having sex with my friends.

LELO’s toys are very expensive. As for whether they are worth their price, I will analyze them in the article, which can be used as a reference, if you are still hesitant about LELO because of the price.

lelo sona cruise

lelo sona cruise

Come on, let’s get to the point.

LELO’s official website’s introduction to SONA emphasizes that it can really vibrate the “whole genitalia”, not just the “small ball” that is exposed outside the body. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, please check it out on Baidu Encyclopedia.

Combining the description in the manual and the text on the official website, I can conclude that the features that LELO wants to promote for SONA are:
① Deep and complete vibration
② waterproof
③ quiet
④ Various frequency conversion
⑤ lockable
⑥ Cruise

Let’s take it one by one slowly.

About deep and complete vibrations

Regarding this point, it can be said that what LELO said is true. The excellent vibration of SONA reaches deep in the body, and one can clearly feel a strange resonance in the abdominal cavity, and this feeling is very novel to me.

The bean vibrator I have used before is only limited to the surface of the bean, but the SONA stimulates the bean very comprehensively. When I first used it, I used the simplest long vibration with the smallest vibration (the frequency conversion will be explained below), and the result is better. It was gone within a minute of going up.

Anyway, I am also a person who regards playing as a daily routine. Logically speaking, it shouldn’t be so sensitive there. Damn it, it’s really not easy.

About waterproof

It’s easy to clean because it’s waterproof, it’s not that I don’t want to play in a warm bathtub, it’s great just to imagine, but I don’t have a bathtub… a pity.

But how to make the charging hole also waterproof, this is really a magical thing in another universe for me, what is the principle?

lelo sona cruise

lelo sona cruise

about quiet

On this point, please let me have a reservation. It is true that some simple vibration frequencies are almost silent, but when using more complex vibration frequencies, the volume is still… It is really not “quiet” as the official website calls it.

Of course, it’s not the kind of noise that can be heard through the partition wall. As long as you close the door, people outside the door cannot know that you are playing, but the dormitory I live in is shared with others, so the level of quietness I pursue is Covering the quilt as if nothing had happened (I can play without changing my face), I admit that this is demanding, but after all, SONA is so expensive, I will inevitably have more expectations.

About various frequency conversion

LELO pointed out that there are eight kinds of vibration frequencies in SONA, and each vibration frequency can adjust the vibration intensity, which means that the vibration intensity changes are very rich. Usually, I only prefer the simple long vibration without change, because some changes in vibration frequency will disturb my feeling. The rhythm of the tide. But it is worth mentioning that the frequency conversion of SONA’s size change will have a sucking feeling, and the sound sounds very similar to the prelude to the opening song of Doraemon cartoon. I couldn’t stop laughing when I found this, but this After putting the vibration frequency on the bean, I couldn’t laugh soon, because it was so comfortable.

It’s not easy, Doraemon.

This is the first electric sex toy with frequency conversion that I have used not just for decoration. It is not the kind of frequency conversion that is added to make up the number.

About lockable

This is a very important function. After all, you don’t want the toy to vibrate suddenly in the bag when you take it out. It’s very embarrassing. The function of being able to lock is a plus. But I don’t usually go out, it seems that I don’t need to worry about this.

About Cruise

I checked, and the Cruise mentioned by LELO refers to Cruise Control, so what is Cruise Control? Here’s the narrative on the wiki page.

Cruise control (English: Cruise Control) is a device installed in a car that can automatically control the speed of the vehicle. Cruise control is sometimes referred to by manufacturers as cruise control, speed control (English: Speed Control) or automatic cruise (English: Autocruise).

Help, I really don’t understand, this is Chinese, right?

After reading the instructions on the official website, my understanding is that when you use the toy, you may press the toy hard because of the pleasure, but when you press hard, the average force will be smaller and the vibration will be smaller because of the increase in the surface area. It’s disappointing, Cruise is that when you press hard, the shock level is still maintained at your favorite size, and you can go on happily all the way until you surrender.

(This is the conclusion I came to using middle school physics. I would be very grateful if someone could explain what Cruise Control is and why the vibration level changes when the toy is pressed hard.)

Supplementary thoughts

The main functions mentioned by LELO are all finished, and the following is my supplementary impression after using it. Because I am a motorcycle guy who can pick out the shortcomings no matter how good it is, I would like to talk about the shortcomings of SONA™ Cruise.

First, it’s very easy to press the wrong button.

According to the description on LELO’s official website, the buttons are designed to be used in the dark. Yes, the buttons are illuminated, which is great, and does work in the dark.

However, the posture of use is like this, and I usually use it lying down.

lelo sona cruise

lelo sona cruise

When you are happily looking up to the sky and screaming, you don’t want to look up at your lower body with difficulty, which is a disappointment. The patterns on the buttons can only tell the position of the three buttons when you don’t look at SONA, but you can’t know the “individual positions” of the buttons. It is very easy to press the wrong button. According to my own experience, it is true. I don’t know where the boundaries between different buttons are. Maybe you want to increase the vibration, but press it to change the vibration frequency. Believe me, that feeling is really bad.

Then, I mentioned earlier that SONA can not completely mute every vibration frequency, but I also want to add here, because it feels really good when using SONA, so it doesn’t matter whether SONA can be well muted, Controlling your moaning is the more important thing. I can use other toys without losing face, but with SONA I can cry so comfortably, LELO is really expensive for a reason.

By the way, this kind of toy with a strong vibration, please be sure to use it with lubricating fluid. When I first received SONA, I was so happy that I didn’t even bother to buy lubricating fluid. I played with SONA for a long time, and my fragile bean She was a bit skinny… During those few days, she felt very uncomfortable, both physically and mentally, and felt ashamed. This is entirely my own fault, and it is embarrassing to say it, but I will share it with you as a person who has experienced it. The selection of lubricants must refer to the following:

As I said earlier, using SONA is to point her sunken head at your or your girlfriend’s bean. But I don’t know why I have to find out where my beans are before I use them. This thing is very strange. Usually, I can touch my dear beans and she is there, but every time I use SONA You have to lift the quilt to find the exact location of the beans before you can start playing. This is not a criticism of shortcomings, but a statement of facts, and everyone can just listen to it as urban ghost talk.

It is really convenient to use this kind of toy specially for beans when menstruation comes. Although menstruation is very distressing, at least SONA can accompany me through this uncomfortable period. Sure enough, she is still my good friend, right?

In other words, LELO’s massagers usually have a one-year warranty and a ten-year warranty. The one-year warranty means that if there is any problem with the product within one year, you can return it and get a brand new product. The ten-year warranty starts after the one-year warranty expires. If there is a problem with the product during the ten-year period, you can buy other products at half price.

Although LELO’s products are so expensive, it’s the first time I’ve seen a company that dares to offer a ten-year warranty. It must be because they are very confident in their products. I like good things that last a long time, because I have feelings for items, so I would expect to live a lifetime surrounded by the items I like. LELO’s high unit price is divided by the number of days of use, and it is not expensive.

But ah, the sucking feeling of SONA reminds me of my boyfriend, he will help me bite seriously, lick or suck gently, let me surrender, and then raise his head and smile at me after I regain my senses, And I haven’t seen him for a long time.

After using SONA for the first time, I was depressed for a while because of the scene injury, but this is another digression.

Summer is here, how are you all? Did you have a good meal? I have been suffering from insomnia for a long time due to the summer depression. Recently, I can’t even eat anymore, and I feel sick after eating.

While the presence of SONA doesn’t completely get me out of my low mood, it at least makes it a little more fun. The moment I play to disarm, I usually briefly forget about the things that make me anxious.

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