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Suspenders | Instantly make men lose immunity

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LThe history of suspenders can be traced back to the thirteenth century, but women’s suspenders in the modern sense appeared in the 1920s.

After women’s skirts became shorter, more people wore stockings. But at this time, modern materials such as silicone, plastic, nylon, and spandex had not yet appeared, and stockings without elastic cuffs had to be held in place by something to keep them from slipping off the thighs. Suspenders emerged as the times require, using ribbons or elastic bands to tie on the opening of stockings, and the upper end is tied to the edge of the belt or the buckle-shaped hem of the girdle to avoid the embarrassment of slipping off the stockings.



It was originally a very practical design, but after it was launched, it completely deviated from the original intention of the designer. People found that men are naturally immune to suspenders, and forcibly injected fun into the suspenders. This point is very obvious in various literary and artistic works.

Li Ao said bluntly in “Li Ao’s Happy Enmity Records”, “Women in the era of suspenders, between their underwear and stockings, is the section where the suspenders work, and their thighs are exposed. In winter nights, night travel with beautiful women, sit In the car, I stretched out my hand to touch that thigh, and even though John was resurrected, he will also tell those who come with the gospel. “The affection is stronger than the old days”, it is not as good as it used to be, I saw it in stockings.”

In the 1977 French New Wave director Truffaut’s film “Crazy Men and Women”, the hero has such a line: “A woman’s legs are like a pair of compasses, which rotate the earth in various senses to ensure its harmony and balance.” Using compasses to describe women’s legs is slightly stiff, but if you wear stockings and suspenders, it will be much softer. This man finally died because of such thighs.

Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore directed “The Beautiful Legend of Sicily” in 2000. Malèna Scordia walked in the old city without squinting in chunky heels, her round thighs pressed against her skirt when she stepped forward, and she wore suspenders The silhouette is looming. In the subsequent episodes, the scene where Malèna Scordia unbuttons her suspenders is even less haunting for countless men. The plump figure of the sexy heroine coupled with the movement of untiing her suspenders makes every frame extremely sultry.



But the development of suspenders was not smooth sailing, and even disappeared from people’s lives for a time.

In the 1970s, suspenders began to decline because of the emergence of high-elastic one-piece stockings woven from nylon fibers, which were not only light and thin, but also covered up skin imperfections, and could perfectly reveal the curves of women’s buttocks and legs.

By the 1980s, many lingerie companies were no longer making suspenders at all.

Pulling the time back to the 1990s, suspenders became popular again. The reason is that Madonna wore several sets of costumes with suspenders in her world tour concert. With Madonna’s appeal and the sexy temptation of suspenders, they immediately set off a wave of nostalgia and underwear. A new trend in outerwear.

Looking back at China, suspenders have never been really popular because everyone is so secretive about “sex”. But in recent years, due to the development of the Internet, firstly, people know more about suspenders, and secondly, online shopping is more convenient and more private, so suspenders quietly appear in everyone’s bedrooms.

European and American brands include Gerbe, Wolford, Fogal, Falke, and La Perla, which are also known as the top five aces in the global silk hosiery industry. They are very particular about materials and fine workmanship, but the price is not cheap.

For Japan and South Korea, the Korean brand has EBLIN, which is relatively small and fresh in style, and the price is also cheaper. For Japanese brands, you can consider PIEDO, which is a famous Japanese stockings brand. Domestically, you can try some new brands, such as the temptation of Eve and so on.

But silk stockings are fragile items. If they are too expensive, they will inevitably feel distressed. If you pick up cheap ones and buy them if they are broken, you will not feel distressed.

Finally, let’s talk about how to wear suspenders. If sexiness is paramount, then wear garter stockings on the outside of underwear; if you are looking for practicality, then wear them in reverse, which is more convenient for everyone, isn’t it?

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