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TENGA Men’s Loupe tests sperm motility and density at home

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LIn other words, I don’t know if it’s ironic or caring. Tenga, a Japanese fun brand that has won the IF Design Award many times, is worried about the health of its users, fearing that they will be wiped out by masturbation, and specially launched a simple version of sperm density. , Vitality testing kits, allowing users to conduct simple self-checks through mobile phones at home.

The inspection kit called TENGA Men’s Loupe consists of four parts: a plastic dropper, a simple measuring cup, a transparent inspection sheet, and a lens magnifying sheet. There are 4 test slices. If you are a person who is keen on popular science research and curious, you can also try to observe the vitality of sperm in different states such as eating raw seafood, quitting smoking and drinking for a week.

tenga mens loupe

tenga mens loupe

If you use it, you should first find a way to put the semen into the measuring cup, then use a plastic dropper to absorb a small amount of semen onto the testing tablet, and then put a large piece of lens on the phone lens, and finally put the testing tablet on the lens. When you turn on the camera mode of your phone, you can watch the density and vitality of your offspring.

tenga mens loupe

tenga mens loupe

On the screen, the sperm swimming around, really swimming like tadpoles, and even though most of them die on toilet paper, it’s exciting to see them in full bloom.

Of course, Tenga has stated that Men’s Loupe is a simple observation tool, the accuracy of test results cannot be compared with professional medical equipment, and it has no medical or diagnostic function. If you have any doubts about reproductive function, you should go to regular medical institutions for further treatment and examination.

Although this kit can not be used as a proof of infertility, but at least it allows you to determine whether the tadpoles are swimming seriously before deciding whether to go to the hospital for further examination, which is also the first level of edutainment.

After writing this article, I feel something strange. While this is a big imagination, the one below is even bigger.

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