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The black technology toy that can make you tide in seconds, Womanizer experience report

by nadlia
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LWomanizer has been very popular recently. There are many discussions on the Internet, and many people ask how is Womanizer and is it easy to use. In fact, compared with the general products of this kind, the shape of the Womanizer (go to the flagship store) can be said to be very special. If you have not read the relevant reports, it is difficult to associate it with sex products, but it is somewhat like an ear thermometer. .

The operation of Womanizer is very simple, just a switch and left and right buttons to adjust the vibration intensity. But, here I have to be honest, I haven’t tuned to the strongest yet. As for why, let me slowly describe the situation that day, and you will know how overbearing it is.



This little monster has a total of 8 levels of strength and weakness. At first, I turned on the switch and put the silicone nozzle on the fleshy part of the arm and thigh, wondering if it would really suck. Fortunately, it’s just the vibration, so I’m relieved, at least it won’t really suck up Xiaodoudou. After reading the instructions carefully, I realized the design principle. The Womanizer uses the air pressure difference to stimulate the sensitive Doudou, which brings pleasure and does not cause harm to the body.

So I found a very comfortable position, put it outside the vulva, and turned on the switch. The first gear will only feel a little tingling; in the second gear, slightly adjust the downward direction, and test which part will be more sensitive; in the third gear, when I touch a very sensitive part of myself, my legs will be pinched unconsciously immediately. It’s tight, and after adjusting it, I just feel very comfortable. Then just put it there temporarily, because it won’t slip off when lying down, and it is naturally placed on the vagina.

I played with the phone casually, and after about two minutes, I thought about shifting to fourth gear. Adjusted to the fourth gear, adjusted the posture by the way, I suddenly broke down, and then a stream of heat slipped from between the legs, and the buttocks obviously felt liquid flowing.

I actually squirted.

This unattractive guy makes me dare not adjust it to more than six gears. I hardly need any sexual assistance. Just open it and touch the outside of my vulva, and it is better than every kiss I have had before…

Moreover, there is almost no lubricating fluid to help out, and the silicone nozzle, which feels a little hard to the touch, will not feel any discomfort when it is pressed against the vagina. It may be because it is too domineering, as long as it touches the body, it will completely take away control, making people unable to extricate themselves.



In addition, if you are worried that its appearance is not miniature enough, you can use a small bag for storage. It is still a bit big to use the box that comes with it.

Then, this guy is not only suitable for single girls, I think it is also quite suitable as a prop for sexual development. If you are difficult to be interested in sex, or your girlfriend is shy, I think Womanizer is easy to let Girls love the thrill of having sex.

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