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The “Sistalk Weekly Project” is a flood of secrets

by nadlia
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LMen always want girls to be like house cats, occasionally estranged, occasionally spoiled, but girls, also want to occasionally wild. Life is short, make sex fun! We’ve got a little Monster program for the girls, to start your hormones, to release your heart’s desire.

Monday: Long foreplay, creating a flood of love

Monday girls are not depressed, waiting for him to devour you before making a little bit of sex yourself. SISTALK The little monster Dr. Whale gives his lover the most intimate touch, which is the softest way you love each other. Dr. Whale’s dolphin jumps to the crescent light tail beat to stimulate point C, like the ripple of a school of fish running waves, when the partner with wechat control, the tide close to the inner curve of the girl’s body, rise and fall.

Monster sistalk

Monster sistalk

Love needs gentle care, a girl’s head can only be more gentle than her palm stroked. Love is a willingness to give control to someone who appreciates it. Even at a distance, he can be gentle and careful to tease. His hand sliding on the screen, drawing circles, can evoke the ebb and flow in your body, he wrote for you to vibrate melody, like a shell hiding the secret language of the sea, gently to your ear.

Wednesday: Honey is tempting to the battle line, there are monsters haunting me

The week project is on, starting a night you don’t want to end. SISTALK is like the wild rebel in you who doesn’t want to be conquered easily, even when you’re in bed. Mr. Demon knows all about your mysterious “A” point, the small connection between the cervix and the depths of the vagina, which is the most difficult place to reach, where precise vibrations give you explosive pleasure.



Love can’t only have one game, but it can’t be a halftime break, and then Huang Xiaoji is a close friend to let you wave constantly. Although the body is small, but aftershocks are so long. The protruding crown rubbing dots, with the waist soft head big swing shock, to pry the girl’s G spot. The excellent mute effect means you can only hear each other’s breathing, and whether you do it yourself or let him do it, the rubbing experience is enough to last a whole night.

Love cannot be passively waiting to be inserted, nor can it be a prescriptive paradigm of fast food. Based on the usual poses, without the challenge of yoga-like difficulties, this night will let the little monster eat and drink, interweaving the ever-changing love, just a little thought, let the fire of love burning.

Saturday: Afterplay is important! The shock of dinosaur transit

When you are awakened by Godzilla in the morning, the essence of morning love needs no more words. Godzilla’s lumpy dorsal fin and powerful hook tail rub deep into your soft depths and enter your private garden alive and lively. The little dinosaur wriggles its chubby body and lets its dorsal fins flip the switch of your pleasure, tapping and swiping the screen to stir up the morning from afar to when you’re in bed together.



After a hot week, you’ll be able to check out your personal trainer’s private data from the Pressure/temperature sensor in the APP. Each little monster can be rubbed, twisted, stroked, picked, rubbed, kneaded, and lifted, a variety of touch to fit the girl’s greedy needs.


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