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Which TENGA Spinner is better? Ultra-detailed Spinner user experience records, and three horizontal comparisons

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LIf you asked me how to choose a masturbation cup a few months ago, maybe I would analyze the pros and cons of various brands and models of masturbation cups with you, but if you ask me now, no kidding, go buy a TENGA Spinner first Yes, give it a try and discuss later.

TENGA launched the 3D series in 2011, Flip ZERO in 2016, and Spinner last year. We have to admire its power! No matter in terms of concept, design or aesthetics, TENGA has done an impeccable job, and you can even see his evolution in design, so that we loyal single dogs can have new experiences.

This time there are three types of Spinner series (01 Keel, 02 Honeycomb, 03 Aegis), it is estimated that it is very likely to be the same as the Egg series, and then slowly develop various textures.

Anyone who has used a masturbation cup or something like this knows that it is very troublesome how to store it when not in use. The main reason is that it is afraid of being recognized by others, which is quite embarrassing. And the Spinner doesn’t need to be disguised at all, no matter from the appearance design or color matching, even if it is recognized by others, it is worth admitting, “Yes, I am using the Spinner!”, I even have super texture when masturbating, what!

In addition to the super textured appearance design, the biggest special feature of the Spinner is that it can rotate, and the force is really just right. When using it, it is not like the violent electric rotation, but a very soft and snug sucking. Of course, it mainly depends on how hard you use it.

The principle is that the Spinner has a set of revolving springs embedded in the transparent colloid. When using it, the revolving springs will be stretched after being pushed in, and it will return to its original shape after being pulled out, so it will produce the effect of rotating friction . In addition, the thickness of the Spinner is not too thick, and the convoluted spring is embedded in it, so the overall sense of wrapping is stronger, and there will be no feeling of being soft and flying out at any time.

Let’s talk about the experience of using the three models.

The keel has the softest inner texture and the largest inner diameter in the whole series. When using it, the continuous horizontal stripes bring a very dense covering feeling, and the soft diagonal and straight lines give the skin a very smooth friction feeling, which is the closest to the feeling of real people among the three models. In addition, due to the large inner diameter, if you are of the thicker type, this is relatively recommended.

The honeycomb is relatively moderate among the three types in terms of hardness, texture, and inner diameter. The texture is in the form of hexagonal rhombus, and each hexagonal rhombus is raised with soft convex corners. I especially like the design of its end. When you roll to the bottom, the protrusions of the hexagonal rhombus can just stimulate the penis. There is a feeling of nibbling tiger teeth, coupled with the built-in rotation skills, this kind of stimulation is particularly strong. If you hold it a little tighter, the stimulation of the midsection and head is also very comfortable.

Aegis has the smallest inner diameter, so the sense of encapsulation is the strongest among the three models. At the same time, the hardness of the flaky grain protrusions is the highest. When using it, there is a feeling of crackling for the first time, and the stimulation is very strong. In terms of experience, it is more suitable for boys with thin penises, and when using it, you need to put a little more lubricating fluid.

Finally, let’s talk about how to clean the Spinner.

Cleaning and draining the TENGA Spinner is super easy thanks to TENGA’s meticulous design.

cleaning. Because the inner diameter of the Spinner is larger than that of ordinary aircraft cups, it is easy to inject water into it for cleaning, and it can be cleaned more thoroughly with soap and shower gel! When cleaning, slightly turn the silicone body to the outside, and be careful not to turn the whole inside out, which will damage the rotary spring.

Drain. Different from the reusable masturbation cups of other brands on the market, the bottom cover of the lower part of the Spinner is designed with arc-shaped vents. After cleaning, put the silicone on the bottom cover, let it dry naturally and store it away! If the humidity is too high, wrap the toilet paper with chopsticks first, then absorb most of the water and then drain it.

Cleaning and drying are very important! Only in this way can the reusable masturbation cup last longer!

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