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Women T-shirt buying guide | although wear on a daily basis, but you don’t really understand it

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LAlmost everyone has several T-shirts in their wardrobe. As a representative of popular clothing, T-shirts come in a wide variety of designs and colors on the market. But how to choose the right T-shirt for you is a science.

Sort T-shirts by collar

According to the collar shape, women’s T-shirts can be divided into several different types, there are mainly these: round neck T-shirt, V neck T-shirt, U neck T-shirt, boat neck T-shirt, Henry neck T-shirt.

Crew-neck T-shirts, T-shirts with round necklines are called “crew-neck T-shirts”, and there are quite a variety of products. A women’s T-shirt with a crew neck works well with most fashion items. In addition, after unloading other fashion accessories and clothing, it can also be quickly transformed into leisure clothing for home use, which has a wide range of applications.

Round neck T shirt

Round neck T shirt

V-neck T-shirt, a T-shirt with a V-shaped collar position, similar to a U-neck T-shirt, which has the visual effect of making the neck look longer and the face look smaller. In addition, because of the unique shape of V-neck T-shirts, compared to ordinary T-shirts, can produce a more distinctive fashion sense.

V neck T shirt

V neck T shirt

V-neck T-shirts have the visual effect of making the neck look longer and the face look smaller

U-neck T-shirt, a T-shirt with a wider neckline than a round neck. And because it has a looser neckline, it can feel quite comfortable when wearing it.

U neck T shirt

U neck T shirt

U-neck T-shirts are more comfortable to wear

Boat neck T-shirt, due to the narrow neckline and neck easy to fit, more than the limit of products may make the face look large, this need special attention. Boat-neck T-shirts have a more formal impression and can also create a good chemistry when paired with various fashion accessories.

Boat collar T shirt

Boat collar T shirt

Boat neck T-shirts are easy to fit into the neck due to the narrow neckline, and products that exceed the limit may make the face look large
A Henley collar T-shirt is a collarless top with a row of two to six buttons on the front with a half-open design that creates a Y neckline and looks like a collarless Polo shirt. A type of T-shirt with a partially buttoned collar that can be worn with a full buttoned or partially buttoned to make the neck look longer.

Henry collar T shirt

Henry collar T shirt

Henry collar T-shirt half open design, can be more convenient to switch a variety of different styles

Sort T-shirts by material

Because of the difference in the material of T-shirts, the comfort and function of wearing them will have great differences.

Cotton T-shirts, not just T-shirts, cotton is the main material for many different types of clothing, its main advantages are: easy to deformation, wear, comfortable to wear. In addition, cotton T-shirt in the price is relatively simple, the types of products are also quite rich, you can easily find their own cotton T-shirt.

T/C mixed yarn T-shirt, a blend of cotton and polyester fiber material, has a unique touch. Because of its good air permeability, it is commonly used as raw material for summer clothing products. The main products are POLO shirts, sports T-shirts and so on.

Fast drying material T-shirt, polyester fiber alone, or the use of T/C yarn material made of the main advantages are: good air permeability, easy to air dry, this kind of material is mainly used as the raw material of sports T-shirts, jerseys, etc.

The three types of blended yarn T-shirts are made of polyester, mulch and cotton. Their main advantages are good to feel and comfortable to wear. T-shirts made of three kinds of mixed yarn look good texture and a sense of fashion.

T-shirts are classified by sleeve length

In addition to the collar, T-shirt design products in another position also has a lot of changes, that is the sleeve length, mainly half sleeve, seven-minute sleeve, long sleeve three kinds.

Half sleeve is a women’s T-shirt design with sleeves longer than the elbow; Long sleeves are women’s T-shirt designs with sleeves that reach the wrist; Seven-quarter sleeve is a women’s T-shirt design with sleeve length between half sleeve and long sleeve.

Sleeve length can not only create a different atmosphere in appearance, but also improve comfort by changing it according to different situations. For example, short sleeves are worn in summer, seven-minute sleeves are used in spring and autumn, and long sleeves are used in winter. T-shirts are recommended to adjust suitable clothing types according to different seasonal temperatures.

Round neck T shirt

Round neck T shirt

Points to note when choosing a T-shirt

There is a wide variety of T-shirt designs, which are very suitable for matching all kinds of popular clothing. However, this can also lead to the confusion of how to dress, after all, everyone wants to look perfect before leaving the house.

What’s your T-shirt size?

When choosing a T-shirt, the first thing to pay attention to is the size of the garment. In order to achieve a perfect outfit, wearing the right size of clothing is the most basic condition. There are two main ways to mark the size of T-shirts on the market.

English word: S number, M number, L number, etc

Numbers: Number 9, 11, 13, etc. (Some women’s T-shirts have this)

Although the specific note method and T-shirt size may be slightly different according to different T-shirt brands, it needs to be confirmed before purchase.

First of all, you must check your body shape (height, circumference, etc.), and then buy according to the effect you want to show after wearing it. For example, if you want longer sleeves and looser clothes, you can choose the next T-shirt size according to your preference. Most importantly, there is no way to achieve the desired effect.

There are three special elements to buying a T-shirt

The first is the T-shirt design color. T-shirt design and color matching are important factors that make it feel different. Since it will have a significant impact on the overall dress, the following three points must be confirmed before purchase: the pattern printed on the clothing, the color of the product itself, and the color added as an emphasis.

In addition, T-shirts with other popular accessories in the design, color collocation, is also a special need to pay attention to. Check the type of accessories on your hand first, and then choose the right products according to the color and design of skirts, pants and coats in your wardrobe. Or, according to the current season to buy T-shirts, is also a good way.

Second is the thickness of the T-shirt fabric. The thickness of the fabric is also a concern. Clothes that are too thin can make them look a little transparent, while clothes that are too thick can make them look stuffy. Especially for those who want to directly put on a T-shirt on the outside of their underwear, this point needs special attention.

Finally, there’s the touch of the T-shirt. T-shirts are one of the clothes that have the most contact with the body, and how comfortable they are is very important. After all, the general time of wearing clothes is quite long, if you feel uncomfortable, there is no way to wear them for a long time.

The material of a T-shirt is the main reason why it is comfortable or not. Clean texture, heavy wool and so on, there are many different tactile products to choose from. As long as it feels comfortable, it’s a good choice.

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