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A must-have for raising a dog | A guide to pet dog appearance care and equipment, so that office workers can also raise dogs gracefully

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LFor the appearance and health of the dog, special attention should be paid to the usual care. Sending it to a pet dog grooming shop is also an option, but if you go too often, it will cost money and time. If you want to take care of the fur kids at home, you must first prepare various pet grooming supplies. Next, we will introduce various supplies and usage methods for daily care of dogs.

Chapter 1 Occasions and Purposes of Pet Grooming

Some people think that pet grooming should be done on a regular basis, while others think that it is not necessary, but it is more natural. If it is a semi-free range pet with a high degree of freedom, it may not need special treatment, but if it is a pet that lives indoors, because it is different from the original ecological environment, it needs some daily care for them.


Basically, it is not necessary to bathe the dog too often, although it is generally believed that if the dog goes out for a walk, if the body is dirty, it will also smell, so it should be washed every day like us. Dogs have a coat of hair, which can isolate dirt and damage, and can also regulate body temperature. If there is a moderate amount of oil on the coat, it can even prevent rain. If it is stained with mud, it will fall off naturally when it dries, so powerful After washing with water, the surfactant in the body wash or shampoo will wash it off, so you don’t need to bathe your dog too often!


Dogs will go through the so-called moulting period. Generally speaking, the hair will decrease before summer and increase around autumn. During this moulting period, especially long-haired breeds are prone to knotting and hairball problems. It is best to help furry children comb their hair every day, and about once a week for short-haired breeds. In addition to reducing the problem of hairballs, grooming a dog is also a way to maintain the coat. In addition to combing the fallen hair, it can also confirm the physical condition. Hair knots and hairballs are evidence that the area is dirty, which can further confirm the condition of the skin and maintain a good state of health.

brush teeth

Although some people say that dogs are less prone to tooth decay or periodontal disease, the main reason is their past eating habits, the need to peel off the skin of their prey in the wild, and tear the tendons of their prey with their teeth. An alternative to natural toothbrushing. But when they become pets, the food is only feed, and soft canned food, the teeth become not so strong, and they still need to brush their teeth. But fur kids hate humans putting objects other than food into their mouths, so it is recommended to train them when they are puppies to get used to them.

cut nails

Dogs have long nails just like us, but unlike us, they have little experience in clipping nails. In fact, their nails will be naturally worn out due to outdoor activities, walking, etc., but because many families keep them at home recently, and they seldom walk on cement or stones, their nails will be too long, and even the barbs will be inserted into the meat balls, or scraped. Broken carpets, clothes, etc., and even joint pain caused by too long nails, it is recommended to check the length of nails for your dog every month.

clear ears

Just like humans, dogs need to clean their ears. Recently, the most popular breeds with lop ears, because the holes in the ears are blocked, moisture cannot escape, and earwax is easy to accumulate, so they should be cleaned frequently. Check the ears of your dog every day. If you find black spots or abnormal lumps, you should take it to the doctor. In addition, once a week or two, use cotton to clean the ears, which will dissolve the earwax and wax. Wipe the ears gently Inside, the depth can be cleaned with pet cotton swabs. If you don’t know if it will be too deep, don’t force it. Take your dog to a pet grooming or hospital to ask a professional veterinarian for assistance.

clear eye area

Dogs will also have eye mucus, especially around the eyes, which is a very sensitive area. It is necessary to check it every day to prevent eye diseases, and early detection and early treatment. If the eye secretions are cloudy yellow-green, or the secretions suddenly increase, It is recommended to see a doctor. If the tearing problem intensifies, there may be dust or hair running into the eyes for a long time, and the dog should also be helped to improve the environment.

Chapter II Types and Applications of Pet Dog Grooming Products

There are pet grooming products for dogs that are suitable for different parts of the dog. Differences in breeds will also affect the size or strength of the equipment. Please choose products that are suitable for your furry children. Regular grooming and hair trimming for pets will make it easier to detect signs of illness. If you find any symptoms that are different from usual, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Next, we will introduce the uses and types of various supplies.

| pet comb

Smooth comb

The smooth needle comb is suitable for long-haired dogs. It is easy to comb the knotted hair, and even remove waste hair, dust, dander, etc. The longer round needle and rubber part have the effect of massaging the skin.

needle comb

A comb specially used to remove hair balls can be divided into hard type and soft type. Due to the high hardness of the hard type, the needle comb can comb to the bottom hair, while the soft type is almost universal.

row comb

Row comb This comb is very similar to that used by humans. When you comb along the coat, you will find out whether there are any knotted hair balls. If you find hair balls, don’t comb hard. Most of them use row combs when shearing.

rubber brush

The short-haired dog can use a rubber brush when changing its hair. The hair will be attached to the rubber, which is easy to clean. Because it is waterproof, it can also help pets comb while bathing, which is very convenient.

mane comb

There are bunches of mane on the mane comb, which can carry away the fine hair that is more obedient. It is suitable for short-haired dogs and can increase the gloss of pet hair.

hair removal comb

The hair removal comb needs to comb the dog’s hair (deep hair loss and dead hair). The first recommendation is the FURminator hair removal comb (you can buy it by clicking here). The special structure of the blade can remove the hair with a light comb. The blades are divided into long-haired and short-haired ones, and there are also different sizes according to the breed, and the waste hair after combing can be cleaned with a single button. The design that does not hurt the skin allows the owner to use it with peace of mind.

| pet scissors

The scissors used to cut pet hair are divided into several categories according to their purposes.

nail scissors

Dog nail clippers are divided into guillotine-style nail clippers and scissor-style nail clippers. The scissor style is more in line with the general usage habits, but it is still a bit difficult to cut hard nails. If you want to cut frequently, it is recommended to use the guillotine nail clipper.

Hemostatic forceps / ear pliers

It looks like scissors with tweezers at the front. After wrapping the front end with cotton, help pets clean their ears. Ear cleaning is usually done at the same time as bathing, about once every 1 to 2 weeks.

tooth scissors

The front end of the scissors is like a comb, which is often used to thin the hair. It is easy to use, and every family should have one!

straight cut

It is often used for shearing. There are various shapes and lengths. You can choose according to the length of pet hair. First trim it to an appropriate length with straight shears, and then thin it with dental scissors to soften the overall line.

electric clipper

For pets with fast hair growth, they often need to be trimmed. It is not impossible to use scissors, because it takes more time and puts a lot of pressure on the dog. The electric shearer completely solves this problem, and it does not need to spend money on pet grooming , It can be done quickly at home. Maybe it will be a little clumsy at first. I feel that the electric shears are not in control, and I am worried that it will hurt the dog. But recently, there are even corresponding products for different breeds, which are very safe and completely unnecessary. Worry too much!

| Fur Conditioning Spray

Contains natural plant essential oils to help maintain pet hair and reduce the occurrence of knotted hair balls. Since most of the ingredients are natural herbs, there is no need to worry about pets licking them into their stomachs.

Chapter Three Brands of Pet Dog Grooming Products

More and more people regard pets as an important part of the family, so from feed, medical supplies, cleaning and beauty supplies, to daily necessities, major brands have launched various products, and even learned the professional technology of pet advanced countries in Europe, introduced For pet products in Germany and the UK, each brand has its own expertise and characteristics. Here are a few well-known brands.

Although there are various pet grooming products on the market, since you have to buy them all, you must use the brands that pet groomers love. In addition, there are also brands that can easily complete pet grooming at home, no matter the novice or the veteran. Convenience and professionalism, it depends on which one suits your needs better!

Doggy Man

Doggyman specializes in importing and manufacturing pet feed and grooming and cleaning related products. You can find almost all kinds of products. It is the pioneer of top pet food. Its tentacles have extended to China, Japan, etc. Doggyman’s grooming products are easy to use and full of design sense , While grooming pets, you are also being healed at the same time.


The concept of Petio (to buy) is “creating a beautiful environment for people and pets to live together”. In addition to comprehensive nutritional food, snacks, grooming supplies, pet grooming supplies, etc., it is not a problem for girls to operate. The design is light and cute. You can help pets shear at home, so that the furry children at home can maintain a lively and lovely appearance.


Supercat is a manufacturer of pet-related products. Originally, its main business was cat litter. Later, with the aim of creating “happy symbiosis and coexistence with pets”, it not only created cat supplies, but also created many products that make pets happy. For those who like to chew Dogs have made a scented chewing toy, which can massage the gums and eliminate bad breath. Not only fur kids love it, but it really works, and everyone is happy.


Petmate (go to buy) was founded in 1961. It is a popular pet product brand in the United States. It also has high-quality and top-notch design pet products. It has more than 20 popular pet product series including JW, FAT CAT and ASPEN. The product lines range from From toys to feeders, grooming and cleaning supplies, etc., it is very complete.

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