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Air Conditioner Purchase Guide “Lazy Edition” | Tell you how to determine the brand and model of air conditioners from 8 key indicators

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LPurchasing an air conditioner can be a simple yet cumbersome task. To put it simply, it is because the production technology of air conditioners in China is very mature, and there are relatively few pitfalls. Therefore, if there is not much economic pressure, you can choose a machine of a well-known brand according to the main points of this article to save time.

Buy variable frequency or fixed frequency

From the perspective of power saving alone, if the air conditioner is used for more than 2 hours each time (such as used in the bedroom at night), it is wise to choose an inverter air conditioner. If the air conditioner is used for less than 2 hours each time, the difference in energy consumption between the inverter air conditioner and the fixed frequency air conditioner is not obvious.

In addition, if you are looking for comfort, you can also choose an inverter air conditioner. The temperature adjustment speed of the inverter air conditioner is faster and the mute effect is better. Even if it is turned on all night, it will not affect the normal rest.

In terms of price, inverter air conditioners are slightly more expensive than fixed frequency air conditioners.

Choose Wall or Stand

Usually, the cooling capacity of the vertical cabinet air conditioner can reach more than 2 hp, and at the same time, the air supply area is larger, and the applicable room area is also larger, but the vertical cabinet air conditioner takes up more space. The wall-mounted air conditioner is small in size and can be hung on the wall to save space. Compared with the cabinet air conditioner, its cooling capacity and air supply area will be relatively smaller, usually between one and two horses.

Ordinary families can place a 2-3 hp vertical air conditioner in a larger living room, while a relatively small bedroom or study room can choose a larger wall-mounted air conditioner.

Choose the right number

Our common air conditioner horses are small 1 horse, 1 horse, big 1 horse, 2 horses, big 2 horses, 3 horses, etc. You can refer to the table below to choose the appropriate number of horses.

air conditioning power

air conditioning power

Know the nomenclature of air conditioners

Many friends are confused when they see a series of letters and models when purchasing air conditioners. In fact, the naming of air conditioners also has rules. We list the meanings of some common letters on air conditioners as follows.

K: room air conditioner

Structural form: F-split room air conditioner

Function code (no such code for single cooling type): R-heat pump type (heating function); D-electric heating type; BD-heat pump auxiliary electric heating type

Nominal cooling capacity: expressed in Arabic numerals, the value takes the first two digits of the cooling capacity

Split type indoor unit structure code: W-outdoor unit

Improved code: divided into A, B, C, D, E, etc.

Special function: BP-frequency conversion

Other purchase considerations

Energy consumption index: Through the energy efficiency ratio on the energy efficiency label, we can also make a preliminary judgment on the quality of the air conditioner. The higher the energy efficiency ratio, the better the technical performance, and the more energy-saving the use. Level 1 consumes the most energy, followed by Level 2, and Level 3 consumes more power.

Refrigerant: The most common refrigerants used in air conditioner compressors are R22 and R410A. R22 will produce Freon during the refrigeration process, and what we call fluorine-free air conditioners refers to the use of new refrigerant R410A as the refrigerant. It is recommended that you choose fluorine-free air conditioners and contribute your own meager strength in environmental protection.

Featured technology: friends who like to turn on the air conditioner all night can choose the silent air conditioner with sleep mode; newly renovated rooms can choose the air conditioner with formaldehyde removal filter. Some manufacturers have their own characteristic technologies, and you can choose according to your actual usage. In the southern region, the summer is hot, and the cooling function of the air conditioner is mainly used. In winter, the climate is humid, and many people prefer the cooling-only air conditioner or the heating and cooling air conditioner with dehumidification function.

Installation and after-sales: The services mainly involved in the installation of air conditioners mainly include drilling, hanging the outdoor unit, and copper pipes connecting the outdoor unit and the compressor. Usually copper pipes are charged by the meter, and the length of copper pipes used under different installation conditions will also vary, and the installation fee may vary. Some large home appliance stores and e-commerce websites will promise free installation, but the consumables during the installation process , but also requires the user to bear some costs. At present, most brands have a six-year warranty, and an additional charge will be required to increase the warranty, but Haier promises to provide a ten-year warranty.

some good air conditioner brands

Haier: Haier has 28 years of product development history in the field of air conditioners (to buy), and has become one of the world’s most famous air conditioner brands. Strong research and development capabilities and brand awareness enable Haier to occupy an important position in the inverter air conditioner market.

Midea: Since 2004, Midea (go to buy) and Toshiba have jointly developed world-leading DC inverter technology and products, and have multiple air-conditioning production bases in China. Air-conditioning has also become the most important product line of Midea in the field of white goods.

Gree: Gree (go to buy), master the core technology. If you want to vote among air-conditioning brands, Gree air-conditioning will undoubtedly win the hearts of the people. It is no exaggeration to say that “Gree” has become synonymous with good air-conditioning. Click here to see the models of Haier air conditioners.

Hisense: Hisense (go to buy) was the first domestic air conditioner brand to introduce Japanese inverter air conditioner technology in 1996, and successfully launched the first domestic air conditioner with inverter technology in 1997. Now in the high-end market, Hisense has become a well-known high-end air-conditioning brand in China by combining Internet of Things technology and new air-cleaning technology.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (go to buy) began to set foot in the field of air conditioners in 2000. Its products inherit the solid and rigorous workmanship style of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ elevators and other industrial appliances. In the domestic market, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners have other brands in terms of product quality. Incomparable good word of mouth.

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