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Backpack Selection Guide | 10 minutes to let you know the types, purchase and maintenance of backpacks

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LA backpack is a general term for bags with straps that can be carried on both shoulders. There are various types of backpacks, and the suitable backpacks are also different depending on the occasion, purpose, and things placed inside. There are various types ranging from simple and light backpacks for mountain climbing, work and school, to stylish and designed backpacks for shopping. Today we talk about the types, purchase and maintenance of backpacks.

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| Know the types and functions of backpacks

what is a backpack

Backpack is a general term for backpacks carried on the shoulders. It is a variety of backpacks made of leather, nylon or canvas, which can be carried on the back or shoulders to hold items. Such as: “mountain backpack”, “leisure backpack”.

Now there are different backpack styles, such as side and back, and “backpack”, as the name implies, is a backpack that can be carried on the back.

Various backpacks with different capacities and functions

Because the backpack can be carried on the back, both hands can move freely, and there are few movement restrictions. It is a good bag for carrying your belongings. In addition, it can be used in various occasions, from lively to popular styles, and there are all kinds of designs. In addition, backpacks have various designs and functions. It is a backpack style that everyone loves regardless of gender.

#01 Large Capacity Backpack

Backpacks range from smaller daypacks to large hiking backpacks that can hold clothes or food inside.

A small size backpack like a day pack has a capacity of about 20 liters. If you want to carry more things on the street, you can also choose a backpack of about 30 liters. But be careful, when moving with a large backpack, you may bump into pedestrians or other objects.

#02 Lightweight Backpack

If you want to put heavy electronic products such as tablets, or put large and heavy things such as cameras or travel books during travel, you need a lighter backpack.

If you choose a light backpack, choose nylon material to carry heavy loads, which is difficult to break, just like a small storage bag, and a nylon backpack with a light appearance and many storage pockets is most suitable.

backpack purchase guide

backpack purchase guide

#03 Waterproof Backpack

When it is raining or snowing to go out with an umbrella, it is convenient to use a backpack that does not need to be carried, but it is also very tiring to worry about whether the contents of the backpack will get wet while walking. In this case, it is best to use a backpack with waterproof processing. The backpack with waterproof processing has a smooth appearance, and the rain and dirt will fall off as soon as you wipe it. It is also suitable for people who ride motorcycles or bicycles on rainy days.

#04 Hiking Backpack

There are big differences in shape, size, design and function between daily use and mountaineering backpacks. In order to allow users to carry heavy and large things for a long time without getting tired easily, mountaineering backpacks usually have a belt or pockets for easy access to drinks or towels. A 30-liter backpack is enough for a day trip or a one-night stay in a mountain hut. If you are used to mountaineering and expect to stay on the mountain for several nights, it is more appropriate to choose a backpack with a large capacity of more than 50 liters. The mountaineering bag can be discussed in another article. It is not recommended to use this article as a purchase guide for mountaineering bags.

backpack purchase guide

backpack purchase guide

#05 Backpack with zipper on small side pockets on the back

Although it is convenient to move with both hands with a backpack, there is also the inconvenience of not being able to take out the contents of the backpack immediately. It is necessary to use a backpack with a zipper on the side or back. This kind of backpack will have a small pocket on the side or back, as long as you put the commonly used wallet, keys or small things such as mobile phones in it, you can take it out and use it when you need it.

#06 Backpack for Laptop or Tablet

In the past, backpacks were mostly used by men when they went to work or school, but recently more women use backpacks to work or school. It may be because more women go to work or school by bicycle, or because it is safer to carry heavy objects such as laptops, so more women use backpacks.

Therefore, these computer backpacks that can accommodate laptops or tablets are usually put in the backpack to reduce the impact of the padded inside.

#07 Dual purpose backpack

A backpack that can be carried by hand or carried on the back is called a dual-purpose backpack. Since the carrying form can be easily changed, it is very convenient when you want to move your hands freely.

#08 Three-purpose Backpack

In addition to being able to hold the heel on the back, the backpack that can also be carried on one shoulder is called a three-purpose backpack. Three-way backpacks are most convenient when you want free movement of your hands and easy access to your wallet or other items in the pack.

The difference between various backpacks

#01 Beam Backpack

A drawstring bag is a small bag-shaped backpack that can be tied up with a rope at the mouth of the bag.

#02 Canvas Backpack

A canvas backpack is a bag made of canvas material used when carrying things such as mountaineering.

#03 Casual Backpack

Casual backpacks are small backpacks that can hold a day’s worth of stuff. Because it is set to be used for a day trip, etc., it cannot put many things in it, but it is very light.

#04 Hiking Backpack

The mountaineering backpack has almost the same meaning as the rucksack, and it is a general term for bags used to carry food or equipment for mountaineering on the back.

#05 What is the “pig nose” like patch on the backpack?

There is a piece of decoration on the backpack that looks like a “pig nose” patch, which is not actually a brand logo, nor is it a general decoration.

It is a device originally attached to a hiking backpack. Because the ice-breaking ax used for mountaineering is too large to fit in the backpack, a thread is passed through this “pig nose” patch to fix it on the back of the backpack and take it away.

Although small backpacks or backpacks for shopping do not need this function, but since outdoor brand backpacks became popular, light backpacks have been decorated with pig noses as a popular element.

So the next time you go to exercise, you can hang the sneakers you don’t want to put in the backpack with a backpack with a pig nose patch on your back, which is convenient and fashionable.

| How to choose a backpack

Whether the backpack is suitable for ordinary clothing is very important. Although it is only carried on the back, it is still part of the overall clothing, so it is best to choose the appearance of the backpack according to the clothing that will be matched with the backpack. If elegant clothing is paired with a backpack for outdoor use, whether it is clothing or a backpack, it will create a sense of disobedience and become unsightly. Likewise, pairing vintage-inspired casual clothing with a flashy backpack can make the overall look look unbalanced. It should be considered strange to pair a suit with a manga-style backpack.

It is recommended to think carefully about the choice, because the backpack is also an important part of the overall collocation. Consider how it will go with your usual outfits, and then think about how it will look.

Choose a backpack according to the purpose

Backpacks will have different selection criteria depending on the way of use. The following will introduce suitable backpacks according to various occasions.

#01 Daily use

For backpacks used in daily life, in terms of size, you only need to choose a style that is large enough to hold the things you usually carry and easy to carry. Because of the more frequent use, it is necessary to consider the style of daily wear and choose a matching backpack.

#02 Sports Backpack

Sports backpacks are made of nylon, waterproof and lightweight, so that the replacement clothes in the backpack will not get wet when it rains suddenly.

#03 Backpack for outdoor activities

For backpacks dedicated to outdoor activities, it is recommended to choose a backpack with a large capacity and strong functionality. Things that need to be prepared in advance, such as drinks, food, and warm clothes for mountaineering, can be stored.

#04 school backpack

If the school does not specify the schoolbag style, you can choose a fashionable and convenient backpack when you go to school. Especially for students who commute to and from school by bicycle, it is easier to maintain balance with a backpack, which is a convenient and safe schoolbag.

Because the duty of the students is to read, it is recommended that a backpack with a size that can fit at least an A4 size notebook and have many inner pockets for easy organization should be a good choice.

#05 Backpack for commuting

The backpacks used by office workers should avoid too strange designs or colors, so it is safest to choose black, gray or dark blue backpacks. The appearance design should be as simple as possible. Messy backpack. In addition, leather backpacks are more formal with work clothes, and black leather backpacks are versatile.

It is also good to choose materials that are waterproof or can be matched with suits. If you want to bring a laptop or a tablet computer, choose a computer backpack with a computer storage function. The professional computer bag has compartments for laptop, tablet, and a bumper to protect the computer from everyday bumps.

Try to choose a shoulder bag that is not easy to collapse in shape and has a relatively stiff material, such as a quadrangular or rectangular backpack is more suitable, and a square backpack can also safely protect the computer and important information.

#06 Backpack for Mom

For mothers with small children who need to push a stroller and hold the child when going out, or carry the child to buy things, it is best to use a bag that can be hand-free. Large capacity, many pockets on the outside, and a backpack with zippers on the side, it is the best choice for mothers.

A well-designed mother’s bag not only has a large capacity, but also has a large number of compartments and pockets, so that mothers can put all the baby’s small things into it for easy access. The large-capacity design can put everything your baby needs when going out.

| Maintenance and Storage of Backpacks

Backpacks can get dirty from being left on the ground, food being tipped inside, or from being exposed to rain. In order to be able to use it cleanly for a long time, even if it is a little dirty, it is best to do cleaning and maintenance immediately.

The following will introduce the maintenance method of the backpack and the props that are convenient to use.

How to maintain your backpack

In order to use the backpack for a long time, daily maintenance is essential. If the backpack is often exposed to wind and rain, not only the dirt will become obvious, but also the smell will be produced. Backpacks are something you use every day, so make it a habit to maintain them so they always look clean.

#01 Canvas backpack maintenance method

The most important thing about a rucksack is to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance. If the dirt remains unclear, the product will deteriorate, become moldy, and smell bad, so be sure to clean and maintain it after use.

When cleaning, please remove all the detachable parts, wash the part with neutral detergent or put the whole in water for pressure washing, and dehydrate it. The rucksack must be dehydrated and placed in a ventilated and cool place to dry, and it should be stored in a well-ventilated place that will not be exposed to the sun.

#02 Maintenance method of fabric backpack

Fabric backpacks can be washed in the washing machine, but you need to pay attention to the following two points:

1. Operation mode: There are many cleaning modes that can be specified in fully automatic operation, try not to choose the direct dehydration mode after cleaning, otherwise it may cause the shape to collapse.

2. Metal accessories: Remember to turn the backpack over when washing the fabric backpack, otherwise the inside of the washing machine will be damaged by the metal accessories attached to the outside of the backpack.

Finally, put the fabric backpack in a well-shaded place to dry in the shade.

#03 Maintenance method of nylon backpack

When cleaning nylon or polyester fiber backpack, never put it in the washing machine, please wash it by hand.

Please put the nylon waterproof backpack in a bucket of warm water and soak it with a neutral detergent, and then wash it with clean water after the dirt is decomposed. It should be noted that when washing with detergent and water, it should be washed gently. If it is washed too hard, it will easily become wrinkled. After washing, put it in a cool place to dry.

#04 How to maintain your leather backpack

The leather backpack has a special warm texture of leather, which is a good choice for those who like to add accessories to their backpacks.

Leather products cannot be stained with water, so they cannot be washed in a washing machine or hand-washed. The dirt must be wiped off with a leather-specific decontamination lotion where the dirt is obvious.

The longer the natural leather is used, the tighter it will become and the leather’s own unique texture will become more “flavorful”, so there is no need to forcibly clean the leather.

Natural leather will become more tasteful due to long-term use. You can use leather maintenance oil to waterproof, stain-proof, and moisturize the leather backpack.

Storage method of backpack

Although most people store backpacks in the closet, if you use different backpacks every day, store them in a place where you can see them at a glance. You can hang the backpack on the hook on the wall for decoration like a specialty store, or hang it at the entrance and put it in the storage box to display it is also very fashionable! Or put the backpacks neatly in the storage box one by one, which can be seen at a glance and has a neat aesthetic feeling.

Use the storage bag to make the inside of the backpack tidy

In the bags used by women today, the bag-in-pocket has become the mainstream. If you store important items such as a wallet or a mobile phone in a bag that can be sorted, it is also convenient to carry the bag-in-bag storage bag when you want to go shopping temporarily.



Storage bags that can be placed in a backpack to separate small items and bag space, or can be carried directly, are becoming more and more popular among storage control.

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