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Cat food selection guide | What is the difference between wet food and dry food, and how to choose

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LIn recent years, there are more and more cat slaves, and there are more and more types of cat food, but can you really tell the difference between them? Not every cat can eat the same feed. According to the cat’s age, physique, health status, etc., different cats should be fed with different feeds. Today we will spread the basic knowledge of cat food to you, for your beloved Master, study carefully.

| What is the difference between cat wet food and dry food?

Cat food can be divided into wet food and dry food according to the moisture content: the cat food with more moisture content is called wet food, and the cat food with almost no moisture is called dry food. In addition to the difference in moisture content, dry food and wet food have many other differences.

Wet food generally refers to cat food in cans or stand-up bags. The biggest feature of wet food is its sufficient moisture content. Cats are often prone to various diseases due to insufficient water intake. Giving wet food to cats allows them to easily replenish water, and the characteristics of high protein and high fat in wet food allow cats with poor appetite to quickly absorb the nutrients they need. Especially for cats with kidney disease and urinary system problems, it is recommended to use canned food Mainly wet food. On the contrary, if you give too much wet food to healthy cats, they are prone to obesity, so you should be very careful. In addition, you need to pay attention to the storage method of wet food.

Dry food is usually used as the staple food of cats, and it makes a rattling sound when eating, and is usually in the form of small particles. Due to the balanced nutrition of dry food, it is often used as the staple food of cats. For carnivorous cats, it contains high-protein meat, grains and fats. And the price is relatively cheap, so cat slaves often use dry food as cat staple food or cat snacks. However, dry food has low water content. If the cat does not drink enough water at the same time, it may cause dehydration symptoms. Moreover, the dry food is hard, which can exercise the cat’s jaw and also reduce the cat’s dental calculus.

Semi-moist cat food, as the name suggests, is a cat food with a moisture content between dry food and wet food. The moisture content is about 30%, and cats accept it very well. Because it is softer than dry food and digests quickly, it is very suitable for cats with weak teeth or elderly cats.

| What are the common forms of wet food?

One of the most basic criteria for purchasing wet food is form. Generally, wet food is divided into bags and cans. In fact, the contents are slightly different.

The wet food of flake cat food is probably similar to canned tuna. It usually uses fish as the raw material, and you can enjoy the taste of eating fish. For cats, it may be more chewy and has a strong aroma. For cats who use taste to judge whether to eat It is a good choice, and if it is used as a cat snack, it is also a relatively affordable choice in the wet food category.

Meat cat food is mainly paste or mousse food, most of which are packaged in aluminum cans, which are mixed with meat and fish, and are also very popular with cats. Compared with flake wet food, the taste is smoother and easier to stir. If you encounter cats with poor appetite, you can mix cat food with meat puree and dry food, and the effect will be better.

Liquid cat food is mainly made of soup after boiling larger ingredients. It is mostly vacuum-packed. It has the most water content in wet food. It is very suitable to help cats replenish water. It is also highly acceptable and has a variety of varieties. You can even soak dry food in it and feed it to senior cats with poor appetite and weak teeth to help them maintain a balanced nutrition.

| What are the common ingredients in cat food?

Cats are carnivorous animals, and canned food can allow cats to enjoy the original delicacy of ingredients, and cats generally can’t put it down. The ingredients in the cans are also very diverse.

Chicken: Cats naturally catch birds and other small animals as food sources, so wet food that uses chicken is actually very suitable for cats. For cats whose staple food is birds and other small animals, the animal protein needed by cats can be obtained directly from chicken, and at the same time, humans also eat chicken, so it is not difficult to obtain and it is convenient to process.

Duck meat: Cats also like duck meat very much. It is characterized by lower fat content and lower cholesterol than chicken. The characteristics of high protein and low fat are very suitable for cats suffering from obesity. Wet food is inherently higher in calories than dry food, so it is best to choose the type of content carefully.

Fish: Strictly speaking, cats are carnivores and don’t like fish very much. Therefore, the canned food of American, European and American brands is chicken or beef, but in Japan and Taiwan, cats seem to eat more fish than meat, and the local canned food mainly uses fish as an ingredient. Whether to choose fish or meat actually depends on the taste of each owner.

Mutton and beef: Relatively speaking, mutton and beef are closer to the original food habits of cats, so they are also very popular. Cats are not as developed as human taste. In order to supplement protein and fat for cats, it is also a good choice to eat high-protein meat such as canned beef and sheep. But the high-protein canned food that cats like is usually high in fat content. In the past, cats in the wild had to hunt by themselves, but now they stay indoors. It is best to calculate the amount of high-fat canned food by yourself, so as not to make the cat obese. The problem.

| What should be paid attention to when feeding canned cats?

For young cats or senior cats, it is recommended to feed canned cat food. Mixing wet food with hot water into mud is very suitable as weaning food for kittens, especially the high protein and high calorie content of wet food is of great help to the growth of kittens. It is also very suitable for elderly cats with weak teeth and jaws. They may not be able to eat by themselves. The muddy wet food is very suitable for supplementing nutrition for elderly cats.

Cats that are sick or have just recovered are suitable for feeding cat food made of meat. Cats generally do not like to take the initiative to drink water, so if they are only given dry food, it is likely to cause chronic dehydration. Too little water intake, urine toxins are easy to accumulate in the bladder, and diseases such as urinary stones and kidney stones are easy to find. In order to prevent these diseases, the most important thing is to get enough water. Mixing wet food into general cat food can also help cats replenish water. Cats who have just recovered from illness are relatively weak and may have little appetite. At this time, some wet food can be given to encourage the cat to eat, and at the same time, it can also replenish water. In particular, you can add medicine powder that the cat does not like to the favorite wet food. Not easy to spot either.

For cats with obesity problems, dry food is recommended. Cats with obesity problems are not suitable for wet food cat food. Wet food cat food is easy to eat too much, and high protein and high fat will only make the problem of obesity worse. Even healthy cats are not suitable for feeding too much canned food, and it is very likely that they will not eat dry food in the future. The best way is to use dry food as the main food, canned food as a reward or a way to replenish water, or mix it in the feed to feed the cat, and at the same time make the cat annoyed with dry food.

In addition, the price of canned food is about two to three times that of ordinary feed, because the cost of the ingredients themselves is relatively high, and once opened, they cannot be preserved as well as feed, and the cost of packaging is also a little more expensive than feed.

Both dry food and wet food have their own advantages and disadvantages. Although canned food is closer to the original food of cats, it is prone to obesity problems as cats get older or do not exercise as much as before. The biggest advantage of canned food is that it can help cats replenish water by the way. Young cats, newly recovered cats, and senior cats are all suitable for giving appropriate amount of canned food.

To choose whether to feed dry food or wet food, in fact, it depends on the different conditions of each cat. Cats cannot speak and cannot express their physical conditions. It is up to the owner to carefully observe, including age, health, nutrition, body shape, etc. , and then choose the most suitable diet for him. But the owner is not a professional after all, if you still have hesitation or worry, please seek professional medical advice.

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