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Dumbbell Buying Guide | Unlock the first type of dumbbell exercise, how to choose a dumbbell that suits your weight

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LMany people want to exercise their bodies, but they don’t have time to go to the gym, so they want to do some simple fitness exercises at home. In addition to running, quite a few people choose dumbbells, but when it comes to dumbbells, the most common question people ask is Choose heavy dumbbells. Use something that is too light, for fear that you won’t feel it after practice, and use something that is too heavy, and worry that you will not be able to bear it after a few repetitions.

In fact, in terms of dumbbells, the weight that each person can bear is different, so the weight chosen for daily training is also different. If you want to find the weight that suits you best, you must first get a little knowledge of the concept of “maximum repetitions, RM” (Repetition Maximum). In the field of weight training, RM refers to the maximum number of repetitions that a single weight person can repeat. Although it is the number of times, it is actually a weight unit.

For example: little a can lift a 4kg dumbbell repeatedly 8 times, and has no strength at the 9th time, then little a’s 8RM is 4kg; but the same is lifted 8 times, but little b uses 6kg dumbbell, then for little b, his 8RM is 6kg.

When formulating a training plan, RM can be used to uniformly describe the weight required by each person, but it is converted into calculations to help different people choose the right weight for them in the same training plan.

After getting this knowledge point, let’s talk about how to find the right dumbbell weight for you.

Generally speaking, when beginners choose dumbbells, they first control the weight between 12~15RM. In the process, there are no more than 12 times at most. Of course, the weight of dumbbells for different movements is still different. Because before the movement is fully proficient, start with a lighter load to ensure that you can use the correct muscle groups while trying to avoid compensation. Of course, 12~15RM is just a theoretical value, and the specific value depends on the individual.

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The safest way to choose dumbbells is to start with light ones, such as 2kg dumbbells. If you can do this action more than 15 times, then 2kg is too light for you; conversely, if you can’t do it 12 times, then it is too heavy. Repeat this until you find the weight that suits you best. It is enough to lift 1kg each time, so as not to be too heavy at one time and too light at the other.

Remember to take sufficient rest before each test to avoid fatigue from the last test and affect the performance of the next test.

In addition, after a period of training, the stimulation that the same weight can bring to you will definitely decrease. At this time, you can slowly increase the weight of the dumbbells, and you can also try some other movements to stimulate other movements. muscle group.

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