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Electric breast pump purchase guide | What brand of breast pump is good, in fact, there is no standard answer

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LThis article has been sorted out for a long time, and it may take some time to read, but I still hope you can read it patiently, because after reading this article, basically most of your questions about breast pumps can be answered. Find out, for yourself or your wife, baby, it’s worth it. I also hope that you can remember our website. If you buy the wrong website, the URL is the wrong pinyin.

Regarding breast pumps, there are two simple and crude classifications, manual and electric. Today we mainly talk about electric breast pumps, but some of the purchasing principles also apply to manual breast pumps.

What brand of breast pump is good?

Many novice mothers start to feel anxious before the baby is born. Which brand of electric breast pump is the best? But there is actually no standard answer to this question, because from the perspective of user experience, there is no best breast pump, only the breast pump that suits you best. And if you haven’t tried it, who knows which one is best for you?

Of course, there are also enthusiastic people who have come here to give advice, and there are no more than two reasons. One is that she was satisfied with a certain electric breast pump, so she recommended it to you, but in fact she is just telling you which breast pump is the most effective for her. The second is that she sells breast pumps herself, and what she recommends to you is either the one with the highest profit or the best-selling one. This is often the case with so-called online reviews and experience sharing.

Electric breast pumps, which need to fit our body organs, are like prosthetics for the disabled. They are very personal life props and are not universal. Although they all look similar, the actual use experience But it’s very different. Even if it is the same breast pump, the effect will be different if you use it and your girlfriend uses it. Some people may use it very well, and the milk will spurt out sizzlingly, but there are also people who use the same one, but can’t express milk anyway, and another one may have a good effect.

In a lingerie store, experienced clerks might glance at our breasts and quickly tell what cup size we have, but breast pumps can’t tell which one is best for us just by looking at it.

Manual or electric breast pump?

The basic principle of breast pump operation is to pump out milk by forming a negative pressure space, and to form a negative pressure space, there are two types of power behind it: manual and electric.

For manual breast pumps, you need to constantly press the handle of the breast pump. It takes about 10-15 minutes to empty one side of the breast each time, and 20-30 minutes for both sides, and this operation needs to be repeated several times a day—too So tiring! Every time I pump it manually, I feel that my hands are so sore that I can’t feel myself anymore.

So as long as you need to use a breast pump, then I recommend you to choose an electric breast pump, no matter what your family situation is, the reason is simple: although the big-name electric breast pumps are expensive, there are tens of thousands of them, but domestic ones Breast pumps are not expensive, even 200 yuan can be done (although there are dozens of yuan, but I really don’t recommend it, after all, milk has to be fed to children).

However, one thing must be understood is that the effect of using a breast pump and breastfeeding by yourself is different. The process of breastfeeding the baby by the mother in person is conducive to the release of more oxytocin, which in turn affects the secretion of milk. Therefore, even if you want to use a breast pump, it is recommended to wait for the milk supply to stabilize before using a breast pump. In the process of using the breast pump, you should also pay attention to using some small tricks to stimulate the milk ejection reflex, such as looking at the baby’s photo, sniffing the baby’s clothes and so on.

How to choose an electric breast pump?

If you really need an electric breast pump for various reasons, the first thing you should look at is not the parameters of the breast pump, but your own needs.

Demand, for different people, the demand for electric breast pump is different, there is no need to blindly pursue the brand and effect, even though we often fall into the strange circle of brand, but I still have to say. Generally speaking, the analysis of the needs of breast pumps mainly starts from the following two aspects.

One is the duration of use. If you don’t have enough vacation time and need to go back to work shortly after giving birth, then this is sour for long-term use; but if you don’t plan to go back to work, just use it while your baby is in the hospital, or when you are not around your baby occasionally, then this Even for short-term use.

The second is the frequency of use. Whether it is short-term or long-term use, if you can’t breastfeed your baby most of the time, and need to rely on the breast pump to discharge milk several times a day, this is regular use; on the contrary, if you can breastfeed your baby most of the time , only occasionally need to use the breast pump, only once a day or even less, it is considered occasional use.

If you answer the above two questions, you can basically determine the scope of your purchase. If you use it for a long time and use it frequently, then choose some durable and well-known international brand breast pumps, but be aware that even international brand breast pumps will be divided into low-, medium- and high-end products. If you’re only using it for a short period of time, or occasionally, then choose an affordable, even a manual breast pump.

Budget, family background, and income are different. When choosing an electric breast pump, the budget must be different. Everyone has a budget limit for an electric breast pump. Figure out your budget first, and then choose within the budget.

It should be noted that no matter what your budget is, don’t just be greedy for cheap. Breast pumps also follow the principle that you get what you pay for. The cheapest one is definitely not easy to use, but the most expensive one is not necessarily suits you.

Try it yourself. There are many reviews about breast pumps on the Internet, but as we said at the beginning, the experience of using breast pumps is very different, so if possible, try it yourself as much as possible. If you try it, the most important thing is to pay attention to one indicator: it is comfortable to use, and the effect is also good.

By the way, some mothers are very impatient and start buying breast pumps during pregnancy. Although you already have colostrum when you are pregnant, the colostrum itself is not easy to pump out, so you can’t really try the effect of the breast pump. Therefore, there is no need to buy a breast pump in advance.

How to buy electric breast pump online?
Although, according to the above method, if you can fully implement it, you can basically choose your own suitable electric breast pump. However, after all, online shopping is very convenient now. Many people hope to buy breast pumps online. First, it is convenient to compare prices, and second, there are too many routines in baby nursery stores. But I still want to say that if you can try it, you should give priority to the trial selection. If there is really no way, just follow the following ideas to buy electric breast pumps online.

#01 One-piece or two-piece speaker enclosure?

Although many places do not pay much attention to this factor when referring to breast pumps, they often mention it briefly, because even many internationally renowned brands have an integrated design for the horn cover and connector of breast pumps, so one point becomes many. Mother’s blind spot, and even sellers on Zhihu preach that the horn cover is not important.

In fact, the size of the horn cover is very important, because it is directly connected to the body, and a large part of the user experience of the breast pump is on the horn cover, and the split horn cover can be equipped with other sizes, which can improve Breast pump experience, so I put it first.

Most breast pump horns are a standard size, but this standard size is only suitable for about 45% of mothers, and for the remaining 55% of mothers, it is not too big or not too small. Whether the horn is too big or too small, it will affect the amount of milk expressed, and may also cause nipple injury.

The horn cover is too small. When using it, the inner edge of the horn cover will rub against the nipple, causing pain and even injury to the nipple. Moreover, this kind of pain will inhibit the milk formation, resulting in the inability to empty the milk, and the milk volume will decrease over time, and it may even lead to blockage of the mammary glands.

If the horn cover is too large, it will not be able to form an effective airtight space during use, which will affect the suction of the breast pump, which will also cause the phenomenon that the milk cannot be emptied, and may also cause excessive edema of the breast.

So, how to determine whether the size of the horn cover is appropriate? First of all, the size of the horn cover is not calculated by the cup, but when using a breast pump, the nipple will become larger and elongated due to the suction force. At this time, as long as there is space around the nipple, it will not Rubbing to the edge of the breast pump, then this horn cover is not small for you. At the same time, if there is not too much breast milk being sucked in, then this horn cover will not be too big for you. The horn cover that meets these two conditions at the same time is suitable for you.

However, what is mentioned above is to test whether the speaker cover is suitable for actual use. What should I do if online shopping does not have such conditions?

From the data point of view, a suitable horn cover means that the diameter of the tube mouth of the horn cover is slightly larger than the diameter of the nipple by 2~3mm. When in use, the nipple is slightly deformed due to suction and can move freely in the tube without rubbing against the edge, but at the same time Without too much areola being sucked in.

The standard size of the breast pump horn cover is generally 24 mm, and some will be larger, so if the diameter of the nipple is less than 20 mm, you must pay attention to the horn cover when purchasing a breast pump. Especially for mothers who are smaller than 20mm, try to choose a split horn cover, and at the same time choose a suitable horn cover according to the size of your nipple.

Again, no matter what your budget is on the breast pump, the horn cover is a key accessory that is directly related to your experience and even affects the amount of milk. You can ignore the other factors mentioned below, but you can’t ignore the effect of the speaker cover on you. Of course, if you have normal-sized nipples, you can save money and not have to buy splits.

#02 Unilateral or bilateral?

Single side or double side refers to the number of horn covers of the breast pump. In other words, a single side breast pump has only one horn cover, and after sucking one breast, the other side is sucked; for a double side breast pump, there are two horn covers. There are two horn shields, which can express milk to both breasts at the same time.

If both breasts are expressing at the same time, it usually takes 10 to 15 minutes, and it is important not to exceed the time limit when using it. If pumping on one side only, it will take 20 to 30 minutes. Bilateral breast pump not only saves time, but also makes it easier. Another advantage is that when both breasts are stimulated at the same time, more oxytocin will be produced, which is conducive to milk secretion.

If you simply ask whether the electric breast pump is better for one side or both sides, it must be better for both sides. However, in terms of price, with the same configuration, the two sides will be more expensive. If the budget is not enough, don’t pay too much attention to this factor. If the economy is sufficient, of course it’s better to start with the two sides. In addition, there are also tutorials on the Internet to change a single-sided breast pump to a double-sided breast pump, but I personally do not recommend this operation.

#03 Closed or open?

It is also a device that is easily overlooked and not mentioned much, but it is still very important for some babies. Most of the breast pumps will come into contact with the air when the milk flows through the pipe after sucking out the milk, and the dust, dander, and bacteria in the air may cause the milk to be polluted. At the same time, milk particles may also enter the tube of the breast pump due to the suction force, and even be sucked into some parts that cannot be cleaned, resulting in mold in the tube and interior of the breast pump.

The closed breast pump has an air barrier device. In the pipeline, a silicone air valve membrane is set between the milk and the air to prevent direct contact between the air and the milk.

Of course, for most healthy babies, as long as they usually pay attention to hygiene, even if the milk comes into contact with the air, there will be no major problems. Whose baby doesn’t eat fingers? Breast pumps are not cheap. But if it is a premature baby, or a baby with physical problems, you should pay special attention to this aspect. In terms of brands, only some breast pumps of Ameda (to buy), Ardo (to buy), and Hygeia (no flagship store) have this setting.

#04 Do you need frequency and suction adjustment?

Frequency adjustment means that the breast pump imitates the baby’s sucking mode during use. First, the fast and light sucking stimulates the milk array, and then the slow and deep sucking, which cooperates with the milk ejection reflex to absorb milk. In terms of suction, it is to adjust the negative pressure value of the breast pump.

Although most breast pumps currently have the function of adjusting frequency and suction, some combine frequency and suction into a mode, and a certain frequency corresponds to a certain amount of suction; some have frequency and suction that can be adjusted separately.

From the perspective of user experience, it is of course better to be able to adjust it individually, after all, it can meet the different needs of different people. However, in fact, it is not too important a factor, and the ones that can be adjusted alone are generally much more expensive, and the price/performance ratio is not high.

#05 Is it easy to disassemble and clean?

Some breast pumps are easily disassembled, making cleaning easier. However, it should be noted that not all accessories of the breast pump can be sterilized at high temperature, please refer to the manual for details.

#06 Which power supply to choose?

Generally speaking, the current new models can use batteries, but it is difficult to say for the old models. It is inevitable that sometimes it needs to be used in a place where it is not convenient to plug in, in case of a power outage, right?

#07 Weight problem?

The weight of the breast pump is not absolutely important. It mainly depends on whether the mother has to carry the breast pump around every day. If you need to use the breast pump in different places every day, then choose a lightweight breast pump It is very important.

#08 A problem with the amount of noise?

When the electric breast pump is in use, the noise varies from big to small. Some brands of electric breast pumps are notoriously loud, but some are very quiet. If you live in an environment where the noise is not small, the noise from the electric breast pump may not necessarily affect others, but if the living environment itself is very quiet, then you must consider the noise of the breast pump.

#08 Are accessories easy to buy?

In addition to the accessories mentioned above, it is also important to note that if the accessories of the breast pump are damaged or lost, can they be reissued? These are things that need to be considered first.

#09 Is it possible to rent or buy a used electric breast pump?

Electric breast pumps are not cheap, and some mothers may rent or buy second-hand breast pumps out of budgetary considerations. If it is rented, it is usually in a hospital, pharmacy or baby shop, but you must pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of the breast pump. If you are buying, pay attention to the service life of the motor. If you lend the breast pump to others, you should also pay attention to these.

#10 Need a breast massage feature?

In fact, this is a gimmick. The so-called massage is nothing more than violent suction. Don’t pay too much attention to this function. On the contrary, if it causes breast discomfort, you should stop using it in time.

What are the well-known brands?

As for the brand, by the way, there are three brands mentioned above. In addition, for international big names, there are Medela (to buy), speCtra (to buy), Lansinoh (to buy), Avent (to buy), but these Big names are not cheap, do what you can. Generally speaking, there are not many brands of breast pumps. We have concluded that there are only 14 most popular brands of breast pumps in China. Although it is difficult to say which brand is better for you, your choice must be in the end. Among these 14 brands.

What are some common misconceptions about using a breast pump?

After all, giving birth to a baby is something that most people will not experience several times in their lifetime. Even56 those who have given birth to a second child may not necessarily have rich and correct experience in this area. It is easy to cause some misunderstandings in the process of using it.

Colostrum is difficult to express. Because the colostrum is very little, only 5~7ml, and the viscosity is very high, it is normal that it cannot be sucked out with a breast pump. For colostrum, it is best to feed yourself. After enough stimulation, the milk volume stabilizes before using a breast pump.

The amount of milk expressed by the breast pump is not the actual milk production. Many times, this situation will be considered to be the cause of the mother itself. The milk is low, but it is more likely to be caused by the mismatch of the horn cover mentioned above. You can try to stop the breast pump and feed it yourself for a period of time. See if milk supply returns. If it recovers and you want to continue using the breast pump, you need to replace the horn cover.

Excessive breast pump use. When using an electric breast pump, because it is not as time-consuming and labor-intensive as a manual breast pump, many mothers habitually empty the milk completely without paying attention, and they have to drain the breasts until the breasts are soft every time. Long-term use in this way will lead to more and more milk, and the increase in milk will become more and more serious, and more milk is not a good thing. Therefore, when using a breast pump, try to produce as needed. Pump on one side within 15 minutes each time, control the number of pumping times, do not suck the breasts completely, just empty the breasts to a comfortable level.


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