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Electric Shaver Buying Guide

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LMen are no better than women, especially straight men, who generally don’t groom themselves too delicately, but no matter how rough and busy a man is, he still has to spend a few minutes shaving his beard every day. However, there are also those who don’t shave. This kind of people either deliberately grow beards and have quite a personality, or they are single dogs, and they deserve to be single dogs. friend?

When it comes to shaving, some people like manual razors. After each hot compress, apply foam and shave it off with a unique sense of accomplishment. It is also a great feeling to enjoy the details of life from time to time and think about small things during the shaving process. Good choice. And the manual razor shaves more thoroughly and cleanly.

There is another category like me, who live a fast-paced life and like to use electric shavers, but the effect is not as good as manual shavers, just for convenience.

But there are many brands, models, and styles of electric shavers on the market, so how do you choose? Now let’s talk about the razor in detail.

| How a razor works

The cutter head of the electric shaver has two layers, the outer cutter head is called the moving cutter head, and the inner fixed cutter head. When working, the principle is similar to the comb and scissors in the hands of a barber. The function of the net-shaped moving cutter head is like a comb. When shaving, the beard will enter the moving cutter head, and then the motor will drive the moving cutter head and the fixed cutter head to make relative movements. With a click, the beard will be cut off.

However, electric razors have a very obvious shortcoming, which is not good for beards with a certain length, because too long beards are not easy to enter the knife net, so they cannot be shaved. Even if you insist, you can get shaved off, but it takes a lot of time. This is a probability.

There are also many brands on the market that have launched electric razors with blades for shaving long beards and sideburns, but it is more troublesome to use, so it is recommended to take care of the beard regularly, and do not wait until it is lush enough.

| Types of electric shavers

Although the principles of electric shavers are similar, the movement of the cutter head is different, which can be subdivided into two types: rotary type and reciprocating type.

rotary shaver

A rotary razor refers to a razor with a round head that is usually common. It uses several blades to perform circular motions to continuously cut and shave the beard in one direction. Since this kind of shaver does not have a high demand for motor power, it is quieter and more stable when shaving without too much vibration.

electric shavers

electric shavers

However, due to the limitation of the shape of the cutter head and the low speed of the cutter head, the treatment effect on some dead corners of the face and very thick and hard beards is poor, and it needs to be reciprocated many times to shave cleanly. Also, sometimes there is a painful feeling of pulling the beard.

When using a rotary shaver, try to shave in small circles against the direction of your beard.

reciprocating shaver

The reciprocating razor uses the knife net to fix the beard, and then uses the high-speed swing of the knife head to cut and shave the beard. Compared with rotary shavers, the motor power of reciprocating shavers is stronger, and the steel of the cutter head and knife net is more durable, so the price of reciprocating shavers of the same level is more expensive.

braun series

braun series

The advantage of a reciprocating razor is that it provides a more thorough shave, especially on tough, thick beards, without the painful tugging of beards.

But because the motor is more powerful, it is noisier, and the vibration in the hand is much louder than that of a rotary shaver. In addition, when using, if you use too much force or shave for too long, it is easy to cause excessive friction with the skin, resulting in sometimes white stubble.

When using a reciprocating razor, try to shave in reverse from top to bottom, because the cutter head reciprocates left and right, which is the most efficient.

| Electric shaver brand recommendation

The three brands recommended below are all first-line brands in the field of electric shavers. They are good choices regardless of product quality or comfort.

Braun (to buy), established in Frankfurt, Germany in 1921, has a history of nearly a hundred years and has a very remarkable history in the field of industrial design. However, it has been acquired by two companies, Geely and Procter & Gamble, and now it only retains the personal care product line, including electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, and professional hairdressing tools.

Braun’s razors are all reciprocating, with 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 series, ranging in price from low to high, as well as the entry-level cruZer series of razors. The larger the number, the more functions, such as trim system upgrade, wet and dry, power display and other functions. Among them, the latest 9-series razor has reached an abnormal 40,000 cross-cuts per second.

Panasonic electric shavers

Panasonic electric shavers


Philips is a brand that everyone is very familiar with. Its razors are all rotary, which is a tit-for-tat comparison with Braun.

There are many series of razors under Philips (to buy). The more high-end models have more functions. The core is that the degree of veneer is different, which makes the shaving effect and comfort different. In terms of price, there are products with various prices below 100 yuan, and there are also products at four to five thousand yuan. According to the series they belong to, they can be roughly divided into mid-to-high-end SensoTouch 3D and 2D series, mid-to-high-end Power Touch series, and mid-to-low-end 6000 series. For ordinary users, a Philips electric shaver worth around 500 yuan is recommended, which is quite cost-effective in terms of function and comfort.

philips electric shavers

philips electric shavers


Panasonic (to buy) is also a brand that everyone is familiar with, but in the field of shavers, it is less well-known than Braun and Philips. But its razor is also a good choice.

Panasonic razors follow the same route as Braun, insisting on producing only reciprocating shavers. Compared with Braun, it is lower-end, but the price of razors of the same level is also cheaper.



| Other questions about electric shavers

Are electric shavers cheaper to buy this way?

Electric shavers can be said to be the category with the most obvious price gap between overseas shopping and domestic prices. The price difference between domestic and foreign prices of the same razor may be more than double. Therefore, if you want to buy a high-end model of razor, If you are not in a hurry to use it, it is recommended to buy online.

Do the razor heads need to be replaced?

Regardless of the rotary or reciprocating razor, after long-term use, the efficiency of the cutter head will decrease due to wear, and the cutter head needs to be replaced at this time. The cutter net and cutter head of the reciprocating razor are separated, and the cutter head can be replaced separately. The cutter head and the cutter net of the rotary razor are generally integrated, and they can only be replaced together.

How long does it take to charge an electric shaver?

Different brands and models of razors have different charging times and usage times, so it is difficult to give a unified answer. Pay attention to the description when purchasing.

Do Electric Shavers Need Foam?

unnecessary. But if your razor is wet and dry, you can use it with shaving foam when shaving. It should be noted that washing with water does not mean that it can be used wet or dry. Generally, wet and dry razors will have the words WET/DRY printed on the machine.

What is the main difference between a good razor and a bad razor?

Some non-brand razors can shave cleanly after use, but due to the unreasonable design of the blades, it will damage the skin, and the skin will feel hot after shaving. Moreover, some non-brand razors can’t shave cleanly. Many people comment on electric shavers that they can’t shave cleanly because of the non-brand razors they use.

A good razor has a high precision cutting head, which is unmatched by other brands of razors. The curved surface design is very reasonable, and can be as close to the face as possible without leaving any dead ends, making the shave more thorough and clean.

The other is the difference between battery durability and charging time. No-name razor batteries take longer to charge, but their durability is not enough. They run out of power after 4 to 5 uses, and the longer the battery ages, the lower the durability. Also, the lower the battery, the lower the motor power, and the worse the shaving effect. A good shaver, as long as it has electricity, no matter how much power it has, the effect of each shave is the same, so when using a shaver without a power indicator, it may happen that it is completely unaware that it is running out of power before shaving. Half of the power suddenly runs out, but you can plug in the power and charge while shaving.

How to clean the electric shaver?

High-end electric shavers may have a cleanliness indicator function, as well as an automatic cleaning box, which can be cleaned once a week to keep the mechanical structure of the cutter head lubricated and smell fresh. But low-end electric razors don’t have these, they can only be disassembled and cleaned manually. If only water is used, sometimes it will produce an unpleasant smell. You can use some cleaning agents, such as shampoo, to avoid odor.

What should I do if the requirements for shaving effect are relatively high?

If the shaving effect is very demanding, you can configure a full-featured hair clipper and a finisher that can be used for finishing razors, manual horizontal shaver or electric shaver.

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