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Energy Bar Purchase Guide | There are so many energy bars on the market, but not all of them are healthy energy bars

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LThere has been a wave of energy bars in recent years. Energy bars, which were only seen in gyms in the past, have been mentioned in many weight loss secrets recently, and various energy bar recipes and energy bar practices are emerging in endlessly. Is a small energy bar really so magical? I believe that many people have this question in their hearts.

In addition, as energy bars become more and more popular, there are more and more places that sell energy bars. 7-11 has energy bars, supermarkets have energy bars, and professional fitness food stores also sell them. Where to buy energy bars? What about the best quality energy bars? Faced with so many energy bars with different packaging, different brands, and different flavors, how do you choose the most suitable and effective energy bar for you?

Below we will introduce you the most detailed knowledge of energy bars, and answer all the above questions one by one, so that you will no longer be troubled by energy bars, and you can safely add energy bars to your diet plan.

| What are energy bars?

Let’s start with the basics: What are energy bars anyway? As the name suggests, an energy bar is a bar-shaped food that provides a lot of energy. The energy bar came out in 1985. It was originally a product developed by the nutritionist wife of a marathon runner in the United States for her husband. It can give the body a lot of energy in a short period of time with the smallest volume.

energy bar

energy bar

Since the purpose is to provide energy, what is the difference between energy bars and ordinary chocolate bars? Of course, it is far from it. The calories contained in energy bars are strictly calculated, and the ingredients are mainly carbohydrates and proteins. The reason why chocolate bars are high in calories is because they contain a lot of fat. Compared with the two, energy bars are obviously a healthier choice.

In addition, after many years of evolution, it is now relatively healthy. The energy bar that is helpful for sports and fitness recommends protein energy bars (protein bars), which contain a lot of protein. In addition to being an essential nutrient for muscles, there are also protein bars that are the same as protein powder. effects, including increasing satiety, aiding in weight management, and more.

This is an important concept, because it will affect how you choose energy bars. What you must know is that the human body has three major sources of energy: protein, carbohydrates and fat. Among them, protein is the most effective energy source that the human body can use, and is an important nutrient for various sports and fitness, so it is also the best way for people to take in calories.

There are many types of energy bars on the market today, but not all of them have the same ingredients. Energy bars with higher protein content are, of course, the better choice. The energy bars we discuss below are all based on this type of protein bar with high protein content.

| Benefits of Energy Bars

Everyone is talking about energy bars, but what are the benefits of energy bars? Below we have sorted out the four major benefits of energy bars, so that you can understand the advantages of energy bars at once.

Energy bar benefit one: high-quality, easily absorbed source of nutrition

A high-quality energy bar, the calories and ingredients contained in it have been carefully calculated, no extra ingredients will be added, and you can enjoy it with complete confidence. In addition, for the most important protein in energy bars, some manufacturers will carefully prepare and add the protein with the highest human compatibility and the easiest absorption, so that the body can absorb nutrients completely and quickly.

The second benefit of energy bars: As a healthy snack, avoid eating too much snacks; it can also be used as a meal replacement

The biggest advantage of energy bars is that they provide a healthier snack option between meals. I believe that everyone has the experience of being suddenly hungry between two meals. After eating, they are afraid that they will not be able to eat the main meal, and if they don’t eat, they will feel dizzy. At this time, it is a good choice to eat some sweet snacks.

When it comes to snacks, delicious and fat foods such as chocolate, potato chips, pearl milk tea, peanut butter, and cream cakes will immediately appear in front of you. These snacks are delicious, but they contain a lot of fat, which will accumulate in the body and become fat. Let you look at the scale after a few days and regret it.

energy bar

energy bar

Of course, you still have to eat snacks. Prolonged hunger will not only make you unable to concentrate, but hypoglycemia may also cause dizziness. If you want to satisfy your hunger and at the same time take care of your health, energy bars have become the first choice. Not only are the calories properly controlled, but now there are various flavors of energy bars on the market that can also satisfy the stomach that wants to eat sweets.

Of course, energy bars can not only be used as snacks, energy bars with higher calories can also be used as healthy meal replacements to meet your different dietary needs.

The third benefit of energy bars: help exercise and fitness

This is by far the most commonly used occasion for energy bars. As mentioned earlier, the large amount of protein contained in energy bars can not only provide energy, but also an essential nutrient for various parts of the human body. For those who have regular exercise habits or are in fitness training, it is a good choice to add energy bars to their diet.

energy bar

energy bar

The timing of eating energy bars is not limited to pre-exercise or post-exercise. Eating a little energy bar before exercising can help you have enough energy during exercise and make your exercise more efficient; eating energy bar after exercising can provide the most needed nutrients such as protein and amino acids after exercising and fitness. The energy consumed in the exercise is replenished and the results of exercise are improved.

Four benefits of energy bars: Convenience

Compared to other types of meal replacements or protein foods, energy bars are the easiest option. Not only is it small in size and easy to carry, but it also does not require special brewing or stirring steps before consumption. As long as you calculate the required calories and unpack the energy bar, you can easily carry out the established diet plan.

In addition, for those who are repelled by the taste of milk, energy bars are also a good choice. The taste is similar to that of ordinary snacks, and it is much easier to eat.

| How to Choose an Energy Bar

After reading the benefits of energy bars, I can’t wait to go out and buy a few energy bars to try again? Don’t worry, the focus is still on the back. Although energy bars are simple and convenient, choosing an energy bar is a big question. If you eat energy bars of poor quality, you will gain weight if you eat too much, causing physical burden. Before starting to try energy bars, read the following reminders carefully and patiently, so as to avoid many unnecessary troubles.

Energy bar selection reminder 1: Pay attention to the calories

People who notice energy bars must be health enthusiasts who care about calories. Whether your goal is to develop a toned body or control your weight, counting calories is a must. Energy bars on the market not only have different tastes, but also have different calorie differences. Be careful to confirm before buying, so as not to eat more calories than expected and waste your time.

For example, if you want to eat an energy bar as a snack, the energy bar you choose should not exceed 220 calories; on the contrary, if you want to eat an energy bar as a meal replacement, then you can choose the energy bar Energy bars between 300-400 calories.

energy bar

energy bar

Energy bar selection reminder 2: Pay attention to the sugar content

Not every energy bar is healthy! Some energy bars claim to help you lose weight, but they contain a lot of sugar, even more sugar than a chocolate bar. No matter how healthy and rich the other ingredients are, excess sugar will just make you fat and not healthy at all. Before buying an energy bar, take a closer look at the sugar content on the energy bar. Generally speaking, 30 grams of sugar is already considered excessive. If you want to pursue health, then energy bars with less sugar are naturally the better choice.

Energy bar selection reminder 3: The protein content should be more than 20 grams

As mentioned earlier, a real energy bar should actually be a protein bar. Since it is a protein bar, the protein content in it must not be less, otherwise it will be no different from a normal cereal bar.

According to research, more than 20 grams of protein can significantly help the synthesis of various functions of the human body, and only have the effect of increasing satiety. Therefore, an energy bar containing more than 20 grams of protein is an ideal choice; if the protein content reaches more than half, it is the ultimate energy bar. Don’t just check out and pay for it just because it says “contains protein” on the package. If you want to see results, “having protein” is not enough, “enough protein” is the key!

Energy bar selection reminder four: pay attention to the composition of protein

If you are a more particular energy bar user, then “enough protein” is only an entry requirement, and “enough good protein” is a necessary condition for a perfect energy bar. What is a good protein? Just like protein powders, whey protein is the best choice, followed by blended whey and casein proteins. These good proteins can help the body fully absorb and break down the protein eaten, so that every gram of protein can achieve its effect.

Some manufacturers will claim that they contain a lot of protein on the package, but they are actually using soy protein to make up the number. This is the time to carefully check the ingredient list to ensure the quality of the protein you are consuming.

energy bar

energy bar

Energy bar selection reminder five: Pay attention to the content of carbohydrates and fats

No matter how powerful the energy bar is, it is impossible for all of it to be composed of protein, otherwise not many people may be able to eat it. When choosing an energy bar, apart from the most important protein, other ingredients cannot be ignored.

Carbohydrates are the first essential, but in a qualified energy bar, carbohydrates should be less than protein. The ideal carbohydrate to protein ratio should be 1:2. Some manufacturers add cellulose such as inulin or galactooligosaccharides. These cellulose can help digestion and are not counted in the carbohydrate composition.

What about fat? Fat plays the role of increasing calories in energy bars. If you choose an energy bar with a meal replacement function, then the right amount of fat content is essential. Experiments in the United States have confirmed that medium chain triglycerides (medium chain triglycerides), coconut oil, coconut cream and other fats are more helpful for weight management than olive oil, and they are also more suitable sources of fat for intake. It should be noted that if you plan to eat energy bars after exercise, the fat content should be as low as possible, so that the body does not absorb a large amount of fat.

Energy bar selection reminder six: pay attention to whether there are sugar alcohols

In order to avoid increasing the carbohydrate content in energy bars, some manufacturers want to add sweetness to the product, so they add sugar alcohols (sugar alcohols). Although this ingredient will not make you fat, some people are more sensitive to sugar alcohols, and eating it may cause side effects such as diarrhea, cramps, and flatulence. If you have ever experienced the above symptoms, be careful when choosing energy bars.

Energy bar selection reminder seven: The simpler the ingredients, the better

This should be the simplest and most basic one. Although energy bars are concentrated products of nutrition, the simpler the ingredients, the more complete the body can absorb these nutrients. So, if you see a bunch of unfamiliar ingredients on the package, I suggest you choose another product with simple ingredients.

The above reminders seem simple, but to be honest, there are not many energy bars that meet these conditions on the market. The energy bars we recommend are mainly those that can pass these reminders. If the energy bar in your hand meets these conditions, then congratulations, you have found a good quality energy bar.

| Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Bars

Seeing this, you may think: “Yes, I now know what an energy bar is and how to choose it, but…” But still don’t know if energy bars are suitable for you? Don’t worry, we have compiled a few additional frequently asked questions below, hoping to solve the last remaining doubts in your mind.

Energy bar FAQ 1: Is it a misconception to use energy bars to lose weight?

This is probably the question that girls care about the most. Having said all that, can energy bars help with weight management? If your purpose of eating energy bars is to control calorie intake as a meal replacement, then energy bars are a healthy choice. After all, modern people are busy with work. Compared with fast food burgers or scallion pancakes, energy bars are still more nutritious.

However, while you are happy, don’t forget that diet-only weight loss cannot have long-term effects. It must be combined with exercise and diet plan to make the results last longer. It is also the only rule to help improve metabolism. In addition, although energy bars are very healthy meal replacements, you still have to remember to add some fresh fruits and vegetables to make your complexion better!

energy bar

energy bar

Energy bar FAQ 2: Can people who are engaged in jogging and cycling also eat energy bars?

Of course, energy bars are not only used in gyms. For people who engage in long-term sports such as jogging and cycling, energy bars are a very good choice for supplementing energy. In particular, the convenient portability of the energy bar is welcomed by many marathon runners and cyclists. It can replenish a large amount of calories in the shortest time, and there is no need to drink a bunch of soupy energy drinks, which will affect the exercise process.

For the knowledge about energy drinks, move on. Sports drinks can supplement energy, but not everyone can drink it casually.

Energy bar FAQ 3: When to eat energy bars

First you have to decide what you want to eat the energy bar for, as a snack? Or a meal replacement? As a snack energy bar, it is a good time to ingest after exercise, during exercise, or when you feel hungry. As a meal replacement energy bar, it is recommended to take it according to the normal meal time. Two hours before going to bed, try not to eat too many calories, so as not to cause a burden on the body, and the nutrients eaten cannot be fully absorbed.

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