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Guide to Buying Dog Food | If you want to see a dog’s happy face, then you must choose it that likes dog food

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LSeeing the cute and happy expression of the dog at home is the greatest happiness for the owner. Now you can buy all kinds of dog food, feed and snacks on the Internet. It is best to choose food that is helpful to the health of dogs. The following will introduce the basic purchase methods.

01 Introduction to the basic situation of dog food

| Essential Nutrients for Dog

In order to maintain the vitality of dogs, what nutrients should be prepared for them? Some owners dote on their pet dogs excessively and feed them human food. However, the nutrients required by dogs and humans are not the same. Therefore, the following is a list of the nutrients that dogs must ingest, and several foods that should be careful not to eat by mistake!

puppies (about six months)

Puppies will grow into adult dogs about one year later. This period is the period when the body’s bones, internal organs, and immune functions are growing rapidly. They need sufficient nutrients, but it does not mean that they can take too much or have a partial eclipse, which will affect development and growth, and even cause disease. Special attention should be paid to the intake of calcium and phosphonium, the best ratio is phosphonium: calcium = 1:1.5.

adult dog

After becoming an adult dog, the most important thing is to maintain the body shape and weight. Therefore, the dog food for adult dogs must have a balanced intake of five major nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water, and at the same time adjust the feed according to the breed, weight, and exercise. serving size.

senior dog (old dog)
Although there are slight differences depending on the breed and body size, dogs are generally the same as humans. As they age, old dogs (old dogs) gradually slow down their metabolism, become fatter, their gastrointestinal digestion becomes weaker, and their vitality decreases. At this time, it is recommended to give dogs dog food for senior dogs, which is low in fat, high in protein, and contains many antioxidant substances, as well as glucosamine.

| Foods Dogs Can’t Eat

There are many foods that humans can eat, but are harmful to dogs, and we must pay special attention to them.

chocolate, cocoa

Usually people have no impression that dogs will take the initiative to eat chocolate, but once a dog accidentally eats it, it will lose its life. The cocoa component of chocolate contains theobromine, which cannot be broken down and digested by dogs, causing diarrhea or vomiting.

grapes, raisins

Be especially careful not to feed your dog bread with grapes or raisins, as it will cause kidney function problems, urination problems, and even vomiting, and in the worst case, death may occur.

cakes, biscuits

Cakes, biscuits and snacks that humans eat are high in sugar and fat, please do not feed them, as eating too much will cause tooth decay and other problems.


Shrimp, crab, squid, octopus, shellfish and other seafood, these foods are not easy for dogs to digest, please do not let them eat.

Bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, peanuts
Because it is not easy to digest, it is easy to cause physical burden, and cause symptoms such as indigestion, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

onions, shallots, leeks

The n-propyl disulfide contained in onions can destroy red blood cells, trigger oxidative hemolysis, lead to degenerative hemoglobinemia, and cause symptoms such as lack of food. It is better not to let dogs drink miso soup even with minced green onion; garlic, ginger, etc. also contain this substance, so be careful.

Food remanufacturing (ham, sausage, chikuwa, etc.)
This kind of food is too high in salt for dogs, which is a great burden on the kidneys or urinary system, and may also cause related diseases.

Basically, there should be no owners who feed their dogs alcohol on a regular basis, but please don’t let them drink even a drop. Humans and dogs have different body structures. A normal amount for us may already be harmful to dogs. It can even cause symptoms such as dyspnea and coma.

The milk that puppies drink is high in fat and relatively high in calories. In addition, some dogs do not have the enzymes that can decompose milk, so they will have diarrhea after drinking it. If you want to feed dairy products, please use milk specially designed for dogs.

There will be no major problems after heating, but the avidin in the raw egg white can cause dermatitis, please do not let the dog eat it by mistake.

02 Types of dog food and snacks

There are so many types of pet food. You can definitely find the right dog food for your dog at home, but you don’t know where to start. I believe many owners have such troubles. The following will introduce the dog food that can be used as snacks.

| Popular Snacks

As soon as the snacks are taken out, the dog will gallop over desperately. There are so many brands and types of snacks, which one is the most popular?

Teeth-cleaning gum, teeth-cleaning bone
Release the dog’s stress through chewing. Many owners will give their dogs special chewing gum or teeth cleaning bone, but pay special attention to the size and the frequency of giving. If it is too large, it may hurt the inside of the mouth and swallow it whole. It may even get stuck in the digestive tract and die. Try to choose chewing gum and teeth cleaning bone that are suitable for the size of the dog’s mouth.

Jerky is usually made of smoked beef, chicken or venison. Many dogs like it very much, but because it contains a lot of additives, salt and fat, eating too much will cause the burden on the liver and pancreas and get sick. It is recommended Buy homemade jerky with no additives, and limit it to your dog once a week.

Low-calorie, low-fat snacks
There are low-fat snacks and low-calorie biscuits on the market, which are very suitable for dogs with obesity problems. They have a bite and are easier to feel full. For dogs with wheat allergies, there are also biscuits made of rice flour, and there are even biscuits made of rice flour. For senior dogs, add cranberry or blueberry flavors. You can choose other products that can supplement vitamins or calcium according to the needs of dogs.

The jelly is very easy to eat, and it is very suitable for going out or for senior dogs with poor appetite. And the calories are low, and there are even jellies that can supplement nutrition.

Bones can help dogs grind their teeth, and are essential in almost every household. There are various sizes and shapes, you can choose according to your dog’s preference.

cheese (for dogs)
In addition, the cheese with chicken or tuna is very popular among dogs. It has high nutritional value and only needs a little bit to supplement nutrition. It is full of aroma and is highly recommended for dogs with poor appetite. There are also powdered cheeses, which are convenient for owners to mix into general feed, or chewy stick cheeses, which can be purchased according to the needs of dogs.

Pet snacks made of chicken come in many shapes, such as shaved thin slices, springy texture, or thin and long like noodles, etc. You can definitely find dog snacks that dogs like.

| Distinguished by taste

Dog food has a variety of tastes from hard to soft. The following is a brief introduction to various characteristics.

dry food
It is a common type of dog food. Meat and grains are evenly mixed, dried and molded to prolong the storage time.

wet food
Usually packaged in cans or stand-up bags, even some canned ingredients are as good as canned human food, most dogs love canned food more than feed, so if you give too much canned food, it may make the dog not eat the feed, it is not recommended It’s also good to just give it to the can, but mix it with the feed, or give it to the dog as a treat.

semi-soft feed
Between dry food with a crisp bite and wet food in cans, there is actually a kind of feed called “semi-soft”. For the owner, it is easier to preserve than canned food, but it also contains more additives, so be sure to check the outer packaging before purchasing. Do not feed your dogs semi-soft food too often, for fear that they will be picky eaters in the future.

raw meat
You may think that it’s okay to feed your dog raw meat, but in fact, it doesn’t matter as long as you pick the right kind. Because raw meat contains enzymes that cannot be obtained in processed dog food, please avoid beef and pork as much as possible, and use venison or horse meat specially for dogs.

| Choose dog food according to your needs

Dog food ranges from hard to soft, and has a variety of tastes. When choosing dog food, you can not only look at the taste, but also distinguish it by purpose. Choose a dog food that meets the needs of the dog and that the owner will not cry in his pocket.

organic dog food
Because it is organic, it is safe, and there is no content that poses a threat to the health of the dog. It can be safely eaten by dogs. The only thing to pay attention to is whether the dog itself is allergic to special foods. Please check the packaging instructions before purchasing.

low calorie dog food
Low-calorie feeds are suitable for dogs with obesity problems, or older dogs whose activity is weakened. The taste can be chosen to contain fish, which is more ideal than meat. You can also choose low-calorie feeds that can help dogs supplement essential nutrients.

Grain Free Recipe
The grain-free formula dog food has been highly praised all over the world, and it contains a high proportion of meat, and the quality is also good, so that dogs will fall in love with it as soon as they eat it. There is no need for grains, and it can be said that it is a dog food that is completely in line with the dog’s eating habits.

dog food for weight loss
For overweight dogs, it is recommended to give dog food with low fat and high nutritional value, or it is also suitable for old dogs who are about to enter their senior years.

03 Dog food brand recommendation

There are so many pet dog food brands at home and abroad that people don’t know where to start, and the snacks that reward dogs should not be sloppy. Here are a few good brands for your reference.


ACANA (to buy) is only made with fresh local ingredients, rich in meat and protein, free of grains and carefully calculated carbohydrate content, and the manufacturing process is carried out in award-winning kitchens. Never outsource, quality is guaranteed.

Hills has passed strict inspections in the United States. It is jointly researched and developed by Hills veterinarians and nutritionists. Hills’ feed contains scientifically proven antioxidant ingredients and high-quality raw materials, and has even passed the certification of AAFCO, the most stringent pet feed inspection agency in the United States. , is one of the safe and nutritious dog feed brands.

Royal Caninhttps://amzn.to/3ugxvTg

Considering the breed, age, growth environment and other factors of dogs and cats comprehensively, combined with about 50 kinds of comprehensive nutrients, it is a dog food made from a special point of view of animal nutrition.

At the same time, Royal Canin is also committed to researching the field of pet food therapy, and has introduced a unified raw material purchase process in the world. The origin is 100% transparent and verifiable, and the raw materials are introduced by suppliers jointly recognized by 640 companies. Compromise, the production process is also unified in the world, maintaining consistent high quality.


There should be different dog food for puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, and different breeds, such as small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs. As the body functions degenerate with age, more nutrition needs to be supplemented, or people want to maintain healthy skin and fur color, hope to strengthen immunity, prevent dental calculus, root bone strengthening, etc., in response to different needs, Eukanuba (go to buy) has launched various products. A variety of dog feeds are available for owners to choose from.

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